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[eBay Plus] Set of 6 Victorinox Steak Knives $26.50 ($4.41ea), Set of 5 $24.95, Set of 4 $19.95 Delivered @ Knives and More eBay


Greetings everyone, killer price on these knives, cheaper than the recent Amazon deal :)

Plenty of listings for different colours here.

  • 4 Pack for $19.95 Here.

Set of 6 black, back in stock.

As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

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    Got it, thanks!

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    What is so special with this knives? :O

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      They are sharp

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        Cutting comment

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        Can confirm. I accidentally cut my finger every time I use mine.

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          Everytime ? How many fingers you left now ?

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          Pro says sharper knives are more safer to use.

        • I've had a couple of good cuts from these.

          Most recently when I tried to scrape a bit of food off the blade with my finger.

          Also almost cut the top of my finger off once, luckily the nail stopped it from going all the way through.

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            @lysp: Sounds like you're almost ready for a mandolin slicer :P
            Put that back in the cupboard pretty quickly lol

      • I sliced off the end of my thumb cutting onions, good knives.

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      Great serrated knives for steak and cutting vegetables. Solidly built and seem to hold their sharpness - we've had our 6-pack of red ones for over 10y and they're still sharp, despite being our "daily driver" or "go-to" knives in the kitchen. As others have said, not for young kids as they bite, but they're a little safer than edged knives due to the sawing motion involved - just touching it is unlikely to cause trouble.

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        The great thing about giving kids sharp knives is they learn pretty quickly not to mess around with it.

        Or for getting rid of the weak.

        • Sparta law.

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    This is turning into the must have ozbargain knife

    • Always has been

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    Sharp deal

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    ty op , got 1

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    Great price. Come loose so less desirable as a gift but perfect if you haven't taken the plunge yourself yet.

    • Ouch. Don't say 'plunge'.

      • Oh dear, are you thinking of Eglon? :o this probably would have done the trick.

        • I was thinking Brutus could've done a cleaner job with these knives.

          But yeah just looked it up, Ehud could've used these too.

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    These knives are fantastic!

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  • Awesome, thanks!

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    Bloody good knives, I've still got some from >20 years ago still good as new. IIRC they were $6 from Peter's all those years ago so effectively they've becoming cheaper over time.

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    OOS :(

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      Have updated the link, plenty of other colours in stock at that price, only black is gone.

  • Really good knives

  • Thanks OP, got 1

  • Awesome - bought! have been waiting for a good deal on these!

  • I swear to god my father almost lost a finger because of this knife, he had to stay in the hospital for two days.

    Be careful and NEVER give this knife to your kids.

  • Any 6 pack black ?

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    I've never heard of a 'set of 5'.
    Surely if you have 5 you have lost one.

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    this knife can cut anything. really…. i use it like semi saw.

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    Are there bigger knives any good? Looking for a chef's knife

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    Looks like the 6 set in black is back in stock here although 88% sold.

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      Well that's a shame, already bought the 5 set.

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      Thanks, looks like they have added more than 3500 sets..

  • Pink! easy choice… only because they didn't have a multicoloured 6 pack.

  • Since I bought it, I had hardly used other knives.
    I like this.

  • Damn it. I didn't need this but could use it…


  • Awesome thanks OP. Definately didnt need more victorinox, but here they come.

  • Grabbed some, should be a good upgrade from my Kmart knives 😅 thanks op

  • Great for general chopping, got 4 of this brand from years ago (slightly pointier end)
    Another 4 may do the trick, and get rid of these (newish) Wilshire ones (bit annoying but they were ~$1 each from Spotlight)

  • Are these the new eneloops now?

    How much steak do you guys eat?

    • The best thing about these knives is that they're all-purpose. There isn't a meal or prep task you couldn't do comfortably with this knife.

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        Yeah I find super handy and a lot of times can't be bothered reaching for the knife block. Easy to throw in dishwasher too

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    Anyone buying 6 is wasting their money, only need one and then pass it around. The true ozbargain way. Thank me later.

    • I bought at different colours just for different purposes. So one is not enough

      • Is one a poop knife?

    • with covid around, I won't be sharing the Victorinox :)

  • Just for eBay plus?

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    Got four of these a couple of weeks ago, they’re terrifying. I’m getting more now so I can chuck out all my other steak knives.

    I recommend red handles, to remind you how easy it is to cut yourself. Get some band aids too

    • Lol

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    Cheers doweyy. Gr8 find as always. Got a black x 6 set.

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    But wait! There's more!

  • code not working :(

    • Still working fine here? What error are you getting?

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    How about these scanpans 6 for $18.5: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Scanpan-Soft-Touch-Spectrum-6-pi...
    Anyone know how they compare?
    Edit: looks like it's no longer $20 off…

  • Bought 4 pack thanks

  • Damn! Just missed this. I'll be scouring for another deal.

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    Anybody's knives already shipped?
    Only got tracking on Friday evening, but still not picked up by sendle … Is that express shipping worth $14.9?

    • +1

      Same here still waiting for Sendle to pick up.

    • I'm in the same boat, waiting for pick-up since 20/07

    • Yeah they're scammers. Fake posted on Friday so as not to look bad for Ebay, but as of Monday still not sent anything
      Selling stock they do not own, THEN ordered it, i'm guessing

    • To send signaling to ebay about this company report the product as not recieved (assuming delivery date for you also was meant to be 26th) also include they sent by sendle instead of express post (if you are ebay plus) if you still want knives choose that option or ask for refund. It looks like they were taking orders even though they had no stock to sell

      • Sendle just picked up my parcel this morning with ETA July 30.

        • same, mine was only picked up yesterday, but I did receive it today stuffed in my mail box

          They also did the whole investigate with shipping company line as well, but the tracking shows clearly when it was done. Not sendle's fault

      • @bobvegas Is yours shipped/delivered in the meantime?
        Still nothing here. It's now a week after the indicated delivery date.

        • +1

          Mine never arrived. I did cancel though, but supposedly they sent it anyway, but it's now Friday, did not get a refund, did not get knives, if it was coming today probably should have got the 'out for delivery' message early in the morning

          • +1

            @bobvegas: Thanks. I'll definitely be leaving negative feedback about shipping.

      • I have also not received mine despite an ETA of 23rd July. The tracking details via Sendle state "Parcel is unable to be delivered - held at depot" - has anyone else received this message?

    • Mine's saying delivered… nah mate, definitely hasn't been…
      Edit: delivered to the wrong unit….

    • Mine was apparently picked up yesterday afternoon - no updates since.
      ETA ebay still 23 July, sendle Delivery estimate 29 Jul 2021 - 03 Aug 2021 …
      ebay plus is not for service nor for free express shipping (nothing express about it for certain sellers)

  • Thank you for your message. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. The order was dispatched from our warehouse on 21/7/2021 We have lodged an investigation with the shipping company. Please note, it may take up to 5-7 working days to receive their findings. Please let us know if you receive the parcel within that timeframe, otherwise, we will reply at the soonest possible time with the outcome. It would be appreciated if you could please confirm the delivery address listed below is …

    Liars, it was only shipped on the 26th in the late afternoon.
    Trying to cover their ass with ebay.
    "Lodged an investigation with the shipping company" ?

    • have you received it yet? probably take an extra day for Melb, mine was picked up yesterday afternoon around 4pm, delivered today (not sure when was it was stuffed in my mail box)

      • Nothing yet.

  • How are they sending these? They haven't uploaded any sort of tracking number.

    • +1

      Mine was sendle.
      They created a shipping reference without shipping it yet to avoid issues with eBay.
      If it's not added in eBay, then open an item not received ticket.

  • Received mine (4 black) yesterday via Sendle. Ordered 20th, dispatched 22nd, delivered 28th

    Not that quick but item as described and good for $20 off.
    None of this stuff is urgent or necessary lol.

    • The point isn't whether it's urgent or not for each buyer. It's a part of a mutual contract around delivery expectations which they failed, and appear to have lied when queried on shipping date.

      We can see messages saying they sent on 21st or 22nd, but in reality the items were not picked up until the 27th

      I don't understand why they would do this. Just say it's going to arrive on 28th rather than go through all the trouble of answering postage queries. I really don't think it would have affected their sales much.

      • Agree that's a bit crook, ebay plus is usually extremely fast, sometimes the next day or two.
        Given the current climate what is acceptable, 4 days?
        May as well complain,. ebay usually send a $5 (no min spend) anyway when they think something is taking too long to deliver.

      • Most people wouldn't buy at least half the stuff normally if they weren't hanging out on Ozbargain, so didn't think it i was urgent.

        Still waiting on a case of wine from Dan's, 4-10 business days from supplier, no updates Or replies since the dispatched status (10 business days ago). Should try and cancel and hope it turns up

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