This was posted 1 year 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Burritos & Burrito Bowls $9.90 Each @ Guzman Y Gomez



Australia! We’ve got your back ®️ and we are sending out the love the GYG way, with the announcement that from Tuesday 20 July we will be offering $9.90 Burritos and Bowls not only on the GYG app but for pick up and take away from all GYG restaurants across the country from the 20th of July until the 2nd of August 2021!

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  • +4

    Yay! Love their burrito bowls

  • +24

    Burritos are normally $9.90 on the app.

    • +1

      Not just on the app but online through the website too!

  • +8

    Still $15 on delivery platforms I'm assuming?

    • +4

      Just had a look, and yep, $14.90 from my local GYG on deliveroo.

      • on my deliveroo it says 25% off $20 spend + Free delivery (Melbourne)

        • +1

          Only 20% off in my Deliveroo but 25% off in my Doordash.

      • +4

        Makes sense. The delivery platforms take 30% or similar from the vendor, so harder to do sales on these platforms.

  • What is the normal price?

    • +2

      $9.90 each !!!

    • +12

      9.90 on app for a while

    • +3

      $11.90 in-store and they've had a long ongoing 'temporary' price through the app of $9.90

  • +2

    I think this will mark the end of $9.90 app price by 2nd August then :(

  • +28

    How is this a deal if they are $10 normally?

    • You dont need to use the app.

    • +1

      Yep it is. 5c discount!

    • They were $15 eatin now they are $10 thats the deal

      • They were $15 eatin now they are $10 thats the deal

        They are only $15 through third party food delivery apps. In store was $11.90 and App/website was $9.90.
        So if you normally order through the app like me, it's no saving.

    • +3

      The $9.90 price was originally app only, you can now order it over the counter too. There is also an end date on this deal - 2nd of August 2021 - so prices will likely go up post that.

  • +4

    Agree with all the comments I've been paying $9.90 on the app for pick up for over 6 months.

    • +1

      Did you even read the description?

  • +1

    I don't see what the deal is? Isn't this normal price?

    • Yes, but you can delete the app now

      • Delete it for a few weeks…then see if it stays at $9.90 on the app or not.

      • Yes, but you can delete the app now

        Why though? It has my regular order on it and I can order in advance so it's ready by the time I get to the store. It also makes payment and Guzman points easier to manage…

    • +1

      Its like saying coles 5% off store wide isnt a deal cos you can get gift cards at 5% off.

      You save the effort of not using app.

  • +2

    Make enchiladas $9.90 then we have a deal.

  • Burritos are so mint

  • +1

    Not a deal, this is normal price with app.
    Reasonable value though.

  • This is definitely an excuse to increase their price back to "normal" as 9.90 has been the standard for over a year I'm pretty sure.

  • -3

    Is it normal to poop yellow after eating this?

    • Yes

  • Last time I was going to order food from Guzman y Gomez the girl cooking the food wasnt wearing a facemask during an outbreak. Pretty disappointing as I like the food, but standards need to be higher.

  • If you order this deal through the app they don't charge extra for Beef/Pork. I wonder if this will apply in store now too?

    • They do charge extra 0.50 cents for the pulled beef so its $10.40. I just ordered one now through the app and picked up.

      • Oh damn they’d must have updated it. I’ve been ordering beef burritos for $9.90 for a soy a year lol.

  • +2

    Anyone find their burritos are very light on the salad? Love the protein but wish it had more salsa. Probably prefer Zambrero for this reason.

    • +1

      It's pretty much beans meat and rice with condiments. Quite tasty. But lacking more salad like Zambrero/Mad Mex.

    • Anyone find their burritos are very light on the salad?

      Guzman is the closer to real Mexican which don't have salad. If you want more salad get a kebab.

  • Be careful if you will be needing to drug tests anytime soon

  • +1

    Its $9.90 now cause the burrito bowls are much smaller compared to pre-covid, i get hungry again not long after.

    Also they got rid of Fajita bowls

  • +3

    Many of the stores serve ration sizes. Worth $6 at best.

  • +3

    do yourself a favour and got to Zambrero and pay $12 for a much better burrito

  • Includes the Cali Burrito?

  • Door dash has it at 25% off for GyG

  • +2

    Been paying 9.90 for over a year now and they are not worth a cent more.

    • +5

      They aren't even worth $9.90. In food business, 30% is spent on ingredients. GYG's ingredients are hardly worth $2 even at Coles prices. The food weights 400g, 2/3 of which is just rice and black beans which is worthless carb.

      • Savage.

      • Stick with Maccas bruh, that sounds like your level…

      • +1

        100% on the massive proportion of the burrito that is rice. It’s pretty heavy. That wouldn’t be so much if an issue but they normally charge the same as say kebab or wrap places that have far more non-carb filling eg Zeus St Greek, Fire and Food, most kebab shops

  • +1

    $5 on their opening was even too much for GyG burrito.

  • +3

    Guzzy went downhill sadly. Some stores are serving 9.90 bowls that resemble a mini meal. Literally laughable serving sizes that I've had to ask for a top up because that does not resemble a fulfilling meal.

    Other stores come through with the goods though.

  • +4

    The only deal here is for GYG, by securing free marketing. There is a recent trend on ozbargain of it being used and abused like this. It has been pointed out why this is no big deal. Make ozbargain great again!

  • +3

    Seems like a rip tbh

  • what about delivery ? can't go to GYG during lockdown

  • +1

    $10.40 in the app for beef or pork

  • +2

    We need to discourage such "deals". They charge extra for people who don't look for value or are not good with technology or their phones.

    • -1

      This deal was originally app only but is now available in store for pick up/take away without the app. Is that not what you are saying should be encouraged?

    • They might’ve just been trying to incentivise using the app to reduce counter staff costs

  • I thought it was 9.90 for Burritos AND Bowls, but it is Burritos OR Bowls

    • $9.90 each

      • Bit misleading

        • It's Burritos AMPERSAND Burrito Bowls

  • Is it just me, or are all the GYGs above the latte line in Sydney? (Minus the two that are in the shire).

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