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1 Month Free Next-Gen VPN Including All Features @ Oeck


Hi everyone,

So it has hit the fan again and the majority of us are in lockdown. To help with the boredom we are giving away 1 month free service to all new users for the next 3 days. Our VPN works differently to others, so please read our features and FAQ to get an idea of how it works.

In order to get one month free service you will need to apply the code in your subscription page ( once logged in ). It can be found at https://www.oeck.com/account/upgrades

If you have any questions, please post them here and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Peter @ Oeck.

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    Hey Peter - you might wanna add the code…

    • Hi Zippy7,

      Sorry about that! Thanks for picking it up. I have now added the code :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • Is it true that you have to comply with US laws for servers in US? If yes, doesn't that mean you have to log?

    If you don't log and say your IP is flagged for something, what happens?

    • Hi NoGiveJustTake,

      For our servers in the US, if we are required by law to hand over the servers we will. However, we do not log and we have gone to great lengths to ensure nothing is kept on the servers ( including running them off RAM alone ). We will literally be handing over a box with some ram and two cpu's. There will not even be an operating system on it.

      When you say the IP is flagged, what do you mean exactly? If you are talking about streaming services, we have set up our network in such a way to allow streaming services to be hit with residential IP addresses only.

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • Say I do something questionable on a US website. Police sees it, not happy, they request details, and it comes up with your IP.

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          We can't give anything as there is nothing to give. The most we can do is hand over the physical server under court order, which firstly does not have any information regarding our users on it, and secondly is made up of ram only.

          Having said that, our service should be used for lawful purposes only.

          Peter @ Oeck.

          • @Oeck: Is it possible for someone to forge the warrant canary seeing as you don't have a signature?

            • @NoGiveJustTake: Technically, sure. But that would mean access to our web server will need to given. Our network also has certain things built into it which will ensure the privacy of our users. The canary is mainly there for people who like warrant canaries, but it is by no means the only defence we have.

              Peter @ Oeck.

      • I've noticed a lot of companies saying "oh look no HDDs, so no logging!"

        But I'm assuming you do a network pxe boot (otherwise you boot off a usb and remove it every time haha)? In which case you're running some form of SAN somewhere, which you could easily log to!

        You seem quite switched on Peter, so I thought I'd ask =)

        • Hi incipient,

          Any VPN provider can log if they choose to screw their customers. You can even get a VPN provider to hire a third party company to audit their systems, put a nice shiny badge on their website saying how they don't log and then BAM! Logging.

          The problem with VPN providers is gaining user trust. We are new to the game and it is very hard for us to develop trust. That is why we are as transparent as possible and we enjoy interacting with our customers and communities. You can see our very active Whirlpool thread at https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9p8qxvl9

          In saying that, we actually, really do not log. We spent two years building the service to work exactly as we wanted it to. None of our servers log. We own our own servers and routers, etc. There is no possible way to show you we don't log, but we have now been running for around 12 months ( including our beta ) and there is quite a bit of community interaction on the Whirlpool thread. Feel free to give us a shot and see what you think.

          P.S - Thanks for the nice comment about me being switched on. Please tell my wife :P

          Peter @ Oeck.

      • Do you have a warrant canary page setup on your website? Or something similar?

  • I guess there is no app for an Android TV? Would the APK sideload help in this case?

    • Hi vivmahi,

      You can sideload our APK if you wish. However, you are free to use any OpenVPN client you wish. Whatever you're most comfortable with will work. All of our magic is done on our network and not on the app, so feel free to use whatever you like :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • Hey Peter, I sideloaded the app on Google TV however no app icon was created. I'd to launch the app from Settings>Apps and got connected with pretty impressive speed. Cheers
        Problem: The profile I created was for Netflix US however while playing the US restricted content, I'm getting proxy detected error. The same content plays fine while I'm using Windscribe. Any thoughts?

        • Hi vivmahi,

          It should be working. I suggest opening a support ticket so we can take a look :) We are not familiar with Google TV however, it may be a case of Android doing something odd. But open a ticket anyway so we can look.

          Peter @ Oeck.

        • Hi, I have a media player running Android TV myself, and was just wondering, if you sideload the app, did you need a keyboard or mouse to use it? I suppose it wouldn't work with my Android TV media player's remote control? I am assuming you're sideloading the regular mobile phone android app?

          • @Ice009: I'm using Google TV and I'd no problem using the keyboard app driven by the remote control. Yes, I used the same APK published on the portal.

  • As far as I can see, your "next-gen-ness" is mostly a load balancer that directs connections to the least loaded server in the region? (which doesn't work/apply to any openvpn connections).

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      Hi incipient,

      We have a fair few unique features ( as far as I am aware ). Take a look at these -

      Streaming Automation - Connect to the VPN region nearest to your location and still access content from overseas streaming services. We take away the need for you to jump around VPN regions. You can also set regions for specific streaming services. For example you can set your Netflix region independently - similar to how a smartDNS service works. This means no more searching for the "right" server to connect to. Just connect to the VPN and we take care of the rest.

      Device Profiles - You can have up to 100. Each profile allows you to have unique settings for when you log in. For example, you can have one for your computer, another for your iPad, another for your partner, another for your child, etc.

      Advanced Port Forwarding - You no longer need to keep track of IP addresses or configure your software to work with the VPN ports you are given. Just tell us which port to forward to and which device profile and it's done.

      For example, if you set up a web server on your computer and enable port forwarding, regardless of which VPN server you ever connect to ( any server, any region ), to access your web server you would go to username-mydevice.oeck.me:portNumber - It stays the same :)

      Also great for torrenting.

      Ad, Malware, Social Network and Adult blocker - You can pick and choose which ( if any ) of the blockers you want enabled for each device profile. This allows you to turn on Adult blocking for children's devices but keep yours open. It is also very extensive and does a good job of blocking most ad, tracker and malware domains.

      Custom filter - You can take the blockers even further by adding your own domain block-list on a per-device level. This gives you complete control over each and every device. This is very powerful and is easily built on.

      Custom DNS - You can set your DNS on a per-device level. You can choose for the VPN to give you complete control to your DNS, or set your DNS and still allow the VPN to take control over certain domains in order for the channels and blocking to still work. This means you can even use your own DNS if you wanted to.

      Automated server selection - When a user connects to a region they will always connect to a server with the most resources available. This completely removes the need to server-surf on the users end. They just connect to a region and they will be sure to jump on the server within that region that has the most resources available at that point in time. ( But as you said, only via our app - however the network will balance in any regard as the users using our apps will still connect to the least loaded server, meaning the manual connections will also balance out ).

      Please feel free to try them out though, so you can see exactly how they work. Cerberus is a really handy feature :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • Is this VPN fine for watching US Netflix?

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      Hi Oxygenzero,

      Yep! Just connect to any VPN region and you will be able to watch Netflix. You can actually set your Netflix region and regardless of the VPN region you connect to, you will get Netflix from the country you select. For example, you can get UK Netflix when connected to Melbourne. Or USA Netflix when connected to Melbourne, etc.

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • What regions are available? I want to watch Filipino Netflix

        • Thanks for reply to every comment except mine.

          • @Plankton: Hi Plankton,

            Sorry about that. For some reason I was not alerted. The regions for Netflix that are available are;

            Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Philipines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

            Peter @ Oeck.

  • Hmmm… why can't I connect anything, I press the connect button I only get disconnected (error).

    • Hi tlai,

      Please open a support ticket so we can take a look.

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • Can I use this service to watch https://kijk.nl?

    I dont see it in your channels or autochannels

    • Hi rumham25,

      At the moment it will not work automatically as we do not support that service. We will add it for you this weekend and then it will become part of the autochannels. For the time being, please connect your VPN to the "Torrent" region as that is Amsterdam. The service should work as a temporary bypass. We will automate it this Sunday :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • Tried to register for an account.
    Have not received email confirmation (multiple tries). Nothing in junk mail.
    This is not looking good, to be honest.

    • Finally got the confirmation emails, took hours to receive…
      Tried the app. It would connect but I'm not getting any internet connection.
      Tried using your .ovpn config file but getting "sorry, 'fragment' directive is not supported" error (I probably need to downgrade my OpenVPN client to v2).

      Sorry guys. I'm sure you have high quality connection and most your clients would spend the time to troubleshoot/raise support tickets, but this is time-wasting and I'm already using another VPN provider (not even a good one) that doesn't give me these sort of technical issues.

      • Hi CoinPouch,

        Sorry to see it didn't work right off the bat for you.

        Peter @ Oeck.

  • code doesnt work

    • Hi Doge420,

      Please open up a ticket. We will manually upgrade your account for now.

      Peter @ Oeck.

  • Code worked for me this morning.

    Been using today and its met my expectations.

    Been looking to change to something with my 3 year PIA membership ending very soon.

    The only issue I ran into is the Netflix routing to US Netflix, works perfectly when using the OECK windows app but when I run openvpn on my RT-AX86 running Merlin - doesn't seem to route to US netflix on either the windows machine or my mobile phone. It might be my fault with something I've done in settings who knows.

    Obviously because they haven't been around for 10 years I can't just go reddit or their forums, look up the issue and bam there is the answer like something like a PIA. Haven't tried support yet but will get to it if the above bothers me enough.

    Looks like a keeper if it stays like this for the month my intention is to sign up, happy to pay for quality over looking for dirt cheap nowdays.

    • Hi Eyepeex,

      Good to hear you're liking the service thus far. As far as the Netflix issue on your router goes, it is most likely an incorrect setting. Please have a read of https://www.oeck.com/manual/guides/asuswrt/

      If that does not help, please open a support ticket.

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • That's cool though, I managed to fix it myself just playing around with it.

        I did DNS lookup and it was still using Cloudflare which is the one I set as default on router instead of your DNS .

        Changed DNS setting in VPN client from relaxed to strict and it is now properly forcing your DNS for the clients I've assigned under the policy rules.

        So far so good with everything.

        • Good to hear :)

          Have a play around with our features and see what you think.

          Peter @ Oeck.

  • I created an account 2 days ago using the promo code and now I got a message that the free trial expires in less than 24 hours. :-( . I guess the code was not considered

    • Hi edforums,

      Please feel free to ignore the email. Since we offer a 3 day trial, we send out an email letting our customers on trial know it is expiring. Since you used the code, you will still have a month left :)

      Peter @ Oeck.

      • Thanks Peter!