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[PS5] Metro Exodus $13.73 / Dirt 5 $29.98 @ PlayStation Store (PlayStation Plus Required)


Cheap digital PS5 games. PS+ required for Metro, not required for Dirt 5. Both also available for PS4 for same price.

Dirt 5 link.

Dirt 5 Year One Edition $40.78

Judgment $35.71

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    Bloody good post mate! Been meaning get Dirt 5. The new dualsense update is out as well.

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      An extra $10 for the Year One Edition if that interests you, mate.

      • I have the Year One Edition, be aware that the additional content is only available to the purchasing account, not all accounts on system
        My son plays too and he cannot access extras on his account.
        If it's just you, then go for it!

  • Dirt 5 is dirt cheap

  • What's Metro Exodus like?

    • Worth every cent at this price. Ray traced global illumination on the recent PS5 update is cutting edge in terms of scene lighting on consoles. Game plays like a more linear, survival based and more seriously themed Fallout 4.

      • I spose it's cheap, might be worth it.

        I really need a spare HD because 1TB doesn't get you far especially when Warzone is 160GB.

        • It doesn't help that the PS5 only comes with 825GB, not 1TB

          • @Xenocaust: Need a percentage of that for system storage and drives advertised as 1TB are actually only 931GB

  • Great price for Exodus, especially considering the next gen upgrade.

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    Kind of expensive considering the Xbox and PC prices for dirt 5

  • Tempted by Metro to check out the upgrade but it's screaming PS Plus to me.

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    Is the gold edition of Metro worth getting for $24, over the standard?

    • What I want to know as well. And if we get the Gold Edition, can we update to the Complete PS5 edition (DLC and all) for free?

  • Yes bloody good price for Metro Exodus