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½ Price Sale: Mens Sports Cotton Hoody $74.50, Unisex T-Shirt $44.98,Classic Polo $54.50 & More + $10 Delivery @ Lacoste Outlet


All outlet styles 50% off R.R.P. !!!
$10 Delivery or free with $150 order.

Use promo code LACOSTE15 for 15% off first order. It says it doesn’t work on sale items but it worked for me fine. You can also get cashback via shopback, my purchase seemed to track.

Dearest item:
Leather shoulder handbag WAS $470, now $235

Cheapest item:
Tennis socks WAS $39.95 now $19.98

About 150 items on sale. Men’s, women’s, kids, accessories…

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  • +17

    That is an expensive price to pay for a lil pic of a crocodile..

    • +12

      But it lacoste a lot and I want to show it off on instagram so people think I'm rich and not that I have self esteem issues

    • Same can be said about tommy hilifiger. Sad part of it, the logo is smaller than the little crocodile :\

    • +1

      I had ones with a little crocodile as a kid I like to wear so I feel like I'm a child again. Not sure why I was wearing Lacoste as a kid, we weren't rich, did it used to be cheaper? Or maybe was a knock off (I don't think there were knock offs going around in Perth in the 80s).

  • +4
    • Thanks for this mate. I couldn’t find this in their polo listing. Bought two 😊

  • +2

    too expensive

  • +6

    It is not even an attractive brand any more……Seems rather old and boring.

    Why pay the premium?

  • +7

    I grabbed a Lacoste hoodie on sale via David Jones for like $60-90 down from $200.
    The quality was actually amazing, and it felt really nice.

    I bought a Gstar, and Deus hoodie from the same sale and the Lacoste felt the best.

    I buy alot of Under Armour, plus cheaper quality H&M and it was worth the sale price.

    There's no why would someone pay that, I mean why do people spend $50 on wine vs $5 here? Everyone splurges on something that someone else would not.

    • +1

      There's no why would someone pay that, I mean why do people spend $50 on wine vs $5 here? Everyone splurges on something that someone else would not.

      Kinda like some Apple products!

      • -1

        Exactly, I'd never pay the premium for Apple personally.

    • +2

      That's a really good price. I never see a sale on them. I'm one of the stupid people that pay full price for this :(

      • +3

        I'm one of the stupid people that pay full price for this :(

        Gonna have to hand in your ozbargain badge I'm afraid.

  • Code didn’t work 🤷‍♂️

  • +2

    Code worked and the little croc is good quality.

  • Have their polos improved? Last one i bought wrinkled up immediately after wearing so the material was pretty bad. Luckily i didnt pay too much for it.

  • +4

    As Macklemore would say “I'm like, Yo that's fifty dollars for a T-shirt
    Limited edition, let's do some simple addition
    Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that's just some ignorant b….” ok he said $50 but that’s in USD so yeah.

  • Their shoes seem pretty popular. Are they particularly comfortable/durable?

    • +1

      I have two pairs. One pair is the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have owned, but they look nice. The other pair is the most comfortable pair I have owned.
      All my Lacoste shoes have been very durable

  • +1

    Man never realise how expensive this brand was!

    Thanks for the deal OP but it is out of my budget

    • +1

      Lacoste is the more classy but not as outrageously expensive version of supreme. Perfect for inner city man bun esque hipsters.

  • +1

    Lacoste's whole range of products are pleasing to be had and I got lotsa polo shirt and pairs of shoes. Might wander over and take a gander. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Sale prices bring some of these back down to earth, but honestly, lacoste has gotten much more expensive recently. I mean c'mon, $210 RRP for a (profanity) polo shirt? Theres some bs eshay tax on this shit now. (profanity) lacoste


  • -1
  • I found a more expensive item than your “dearest item”


    • They could have added something else to the outlet since my post 🤷‍♂️

  • lacoste outle…

    i see what you've done there.

  • Over-priced brand. $200 for a track pants?

  • +2

    $73 delivered with coupon, great price for these - https://lacoste.com.au/product/mens-ampthill-119-1-cma-sneak...

  • Worked for me, shipping was $10, discount was $10, so basically covered the shipping.

  • Outlet website is not loading for me, don't know if anyone else is facing the same issue.

  • code doesnt work for me

  • Not working for me either :(

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