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Opolar Fan Sale: Misting 10000mAh US$15.50 (~A$21.05), Foldaway 10000mAh US$14.50 (~A$19.70) Delivered @ Opolar


Further 50% off (shows in cart) on top of already discounted fans.

Ex: 10000mah misting clip on fan USD $15.50



Looks like most desk fans are not available to be shipped to Australia. For me the below models worked fine:

Misting Fan:

Foldaway Fan:

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  • Ordered from the previous deal over 2 weeks ago and still not dispatched.

    They don't half spam you with fake "$1 flash sale" e-mails that are BS.

    • Yeah it has slow shipping but I personally like their fans, great for camping and caravans. This deal shows 3-4 week shipping time

    • +1

      Same. I got the duster but the fans remain unfulfilled.

    • +7

      What's wrong with using Shopify as their platform? Have you seen / used their products before calling them generic overpriced?

  • Have one of the handheld fans bought couple years ago, fantastic for when out and about. Ordered another couple in the last sale and they shipped within 3-4 days of ordering.
    Not in any rush for it to arrive since we are in the middle of winter.

  • +1

    doesn't ship to Qld, wth

    • I noticed that with some product like neck fan. Others were OK to ship

      • Does it allow to ship to Australia? I tried to order but it rejected.

        • Yes I've ordered the misting fan and foldaway fan this time. Last year ordered the 10000mah clip on fan. All with shipping address in Sydney. I only faced issue ordering the neck fan.

          • @zerocritical: Did you order for the flash sale? I tried to order the 4.5usd fan, it seems the special does not apply if I live in Australia, I did order a vacuum from opolar afew weeks ago, still hasn't received.

            • @htc: Yes, from flash sale. After you said I tried to add other desk fans and had that issue. Very strange. Looks like the only ones working are the ones I wanted and ordered. LOL.

              I ordered misting clip on and foldaway fan today.

    • Won't let me get a desk fan. Amazing price but won't ship to QLD. Very annoying.

      • Same issue

  • +2

    I’m still waiting for items to ship from the 8th of July… sent several emails but haven’t received any response so be warned.
    Having said that I’ve got one of their fans previously and it is decent but I didn’t buy it directly from their website. Just surprised at such bad customer service.

    • Same here. No dispatch email after few weeks, chased up but no replies.

    • also same situation

    • Was this from the electric duster sale?

      My order came within a week from them, weirdly came in an Amazon box even though I ordered from their website.

    • Just responded…

      Hope you are doing well.
      I am so sorry to inform you that this order has been cancelled and refunded for you because the product is currently out of stock.
      I have finished the full refund for you.
      The refund will arrive your account in 3-5 working days if you pay through credit card.
      The refund will arrive your account immediately if you pay with paypal account balance.
      Warm regards,

      • Did they refund even if you were sent a tracking number or you didn't receive a tracking number?

        • They never sent anything. Took them 14 days to tell me this information… and that’s only after I emailed them.

    • the 2 in 1 duster/vacuum that i ordered on 9th of July arrived today.
      having fun vacuuming all my keyboards and screens at the moment. heading outside soon to blow some leaves out of door jams.

  • Op were you actually able to order one? Appears orders are not shipping to Australia

    • when the 50% off sale went up they disabled shipping to Australia at the start, but enabled it again a couple of hours later.

  • Yes, as mentioned above I ordered misting fan and foldaway fan. Looks like other models are not available to be shipped to Australia.

    Screenshot of my order.


  • Updated the title, thanks for highlighting desk fans can't be shipped

  • Tried checking out but says they don't ship here, they also auto signed me up to spam, received 5 emails already.

  • My last order was cancelled because OOS and I had to chase for update
    They said they issued refund last week but still nothing until now
    So I'm opening Paypal case

    • It will be good if they refund, you may get more if AUD exchange rate is lower if you bought the item in USD. Not sure if bank will charge extra for USD conversion.

  • +1

    Still haven't got my order from last time but
    tempted to buy another one. For those after 18650 batteries, this looks a bargain.
    1x fan, 2x 18650 for approx 6.50 USD.

    • Anyone had any luck ordering these? Getting this following message when trying to order.

      This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information.

  • Add this beauty to the list as it ships to AU for AU $22


  • My previous orders have been cancelled due to "Out of stock".
    I suspect Opolar never had any stock to begin with.
    Do not buy from Opolar (direct). Your orders will not be fulfilled.

  • -1

    Dear customers
    We are very sorry for the bad shopping experience. However, due to regional restrictions, we cannot ship to you. We have sent a refund request to our finance, and the money will be refunded to your account.
    I'm very sorry, I wish you a happy life!

    [email protected]

  • Opolar should be banned on OZBargain!

    All orders from this deal have been cancelled. The order from early July have not been fulfilled. I contacted their support channel, no response. I opened a PayPal dispute, they asked me for the order number just to delay processing the refund. The PayPal transaction is linked to the order in their records, why did they have to ask for the order number? After providing the order number, they did not reply at all since even though it was a PayPal dispute. They are just holding on to your money without any products in stock. We as OZBargainers should not be taken for a ride by this mob ever again.