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Plantronics Backbeat Go 600 Wireless Overear Headphones $39.95 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU

  • This nice cheap headphone actually has multipoint connectivity which sony also did not have till recently
  • Multi-point 2 devices connected simultaneously
  • Upto 18 hours of listening and talktime on a single charge
  • Plantronics signature audio delivers rich,balanced sound whether you’re listening to music, watching movies or taking a call
  • Comfortable memory-foam earcups fits nu go overtheears to help isolate sound
  • EQ setting features bassboost mode and balancedmode
  • Stream upto 33ft/10m from Bluetooth®-compatibledevices
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Yeah that could be a deal breaker for some, seeing as USB-C is the current standard.
      I do have the Bakcbaeat Fit 550s from the same series.
      Can attest to their quality though, they have lasted 4 years now and still feel solid.
      I do wish the ear cups were bigger like the 600 model though.

  • may be my ear are big, I feel unfordable after 30 mins with this one, my kids is ok for an hour

  • I find these super light and comfortable. Even my waaaay more expensive Sennheisers can't be worn for as long comfortably.

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    Happy with them from the last time they showed up.

    the 'bass boost' function is more of a 'scoop mids, add 3dB volume' rather than a true bass-boost.

    edit to say the killer feature I didnt even know these had was the 2 devices paired at once. perfect for teams/phone calls.

    • Problem though, if you're in a teams meeting and you're phone rings do you lose teams audio?

      • on the same device i dont see how it would be any different than when a call comes in.

        across devices i am now going to test it

        EDIT: I connected to my PC and my phone. started a teams call on my PC, then dialled a number on my phone. it cut off the microphone to the teams call but left the call active.

        pretty much what i expected.

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      I'd rather give Jeff the 95c.

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        Would be interesting to see who is disliked more: Jeff Bezos, Ruslan Kogan or Gerry Harvey

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          Call me a traditionalist, but Gerry Harvey has been a retail dick since before Ruslan was even born. He takes the prize every time from me.

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          If the yardstick for being a dick is how you treat your employees, multiplied by the number of employees you have, then Jeff wins by a country mile.

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    Showing up as $55 for me.

  • Looks like price has gone up… cheapest now is the black one for $48.49

    • yeah. else hit kogan before they run out as well

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    It's been as low as $27.41 for the black

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    Got one (maybe the last one) Thanks OP

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  • btw the first photo on amazon makes these look green - the other photos are a much closer match to the actual khaki colour.

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