This was posted 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Large Pizza 4pm-6pm Daily (5000 on 23rd July & 8th August, 1000 Each Day 24th July - 7th August) @ Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is giving away up to 285,000 large pizzas - according to their Insta

From 4pm to 6pm AEST Daily

  • 23rd July / 8th August - 5000 Free Pizzas
  • 24th July - 7th August - 1000 Free Pizzas Each Day
  • 23rd July / 8th August - Pizzas for Podium - Whenever Australia steps onto the Podium, we'll release extra pizzas the next day. Check our socials for today's giveaway!


  • 23/7 — 5000 All out for today
  • 24/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 25/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 26/7 — 2700 All out for today
  • 27/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 28/7 — 2400 All out for today
  • 29/7 — 4800 All out for today
  • 30/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 31/7 — 3700 All out for today
  • 01/8 — 3100 All out for today
  • 02/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 03/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 04/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 05/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 06/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 07/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 08/8 — 5000 Thanks for playing. All codes have been given away.


Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please click here for Full T&Cs and click here to see our Privacy Policy. A surcharge of 10% Applies on Sundays & 15% on Public Holidays.

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closed Comments

  • +3

    Less then 1 second and all gone. Fraud

  • whoa, that was instant

  • Only one free pizza per person sorry?

  • +1

    Lol less than a minute. My phone clock is still 4:00

  • +4

    What a load of crap. Error'd immediately 1st second. Pizza hut you are a joke.

  • +2

    Gone in 30 secs

  • +2

    Literally all gone instantly. I clicked on it within the 1st second will all the fields pre filled.

  • Got one! Took me like 5 secs to enter the autofill and submit it

    • Lol quick

    • How do you set up autofill beforehand?

      • If you use Chrome, go to this:


        and fill in your details, that way you'll be able to use autofill on the form.

  • +2

    Nothing but errors this time. Still didn't even get the email from the one yesterday.

    • Likewise.

  • -3

    2 from 2

  • Lol 16 seconds????

  • Didn't see a phone number section

  • i type 100 wpm, no way i wouldn't have gotten one. FRAUD, now i know why all the complaints of pizza hut.

    • i type 100 wpm

      Too slow

      • -1

        nah get on my level, 150wpm

        • i should've used more then 1 finger. ;)

    • Why are you typing?

      This is all auto-fill stuff.

      • -2

        we all can't be zillionaires from the future like you buddy.

  • All gone in literally 20 seconds, I missed out

  • Day 2 = ZERO

    Note to self: Slam on that submit button over and over until it goes through.

    • nope mate I did it and it just showed "an error submitting the form" massage

  • +1

    I filled in manually, and got my first one in this promo. Yay! Thanks OP.

  • That was disappointing - 1 second

    • that's what she said
      - Michael Scott

  • 30 seconds and gone, had to spam submit 10 times because of errors

  • +1

    Literally less than 5 seconds and they were gone. I pressed is the first second of 4pm and got an error. Then pressed again and it said they were gone.

  • Gone within literally 3 seconds

    • 3? how did it last so long.

  • Autofilled and submitted 5 seconds in, that wasn't enough to get one.

  • Quick to go today

  • Lol

  • do they release more at 6pm? haven't gotten anything yet thanks to bots

    • -2

      Yea, wait another couple of hours for another go.

      • wait they do? I thought its only at 4pm???

      • +2

        No, it's between 4pm and 6pm not at 4pm and 6pm.

        Notice the 2 hour countdown clock for the event period? It's only once per day.

  • All gone in 10secs :-(

  • No, same time tomorrow

  • hutpodium2002d
    for today's 20% code. I didn't get one, but you already know that, haha! :) next time.

    • Is that 20% off the entire order? I used this one 30% off pizza HUT5130

  • Got one today.
    Got an error on first click, but second time was the charm.

  • Got one finally, Just had to keep spamming

  • Yahoooo got one 😷

  • Anyone here running a bot that snagged them all, hook me up please.

  • +2

    People aren't exaggerating when they say all out in less than 1 second. The clocks are clearly not in sync nation wide or some BS is going on.

  • +1

    Had my fields all prefilled - hit submit and error with form. Then when I refresh it was out!

    I will never buy from Pizza hut - Dominos you have my order tonight!

  • +1

    I got one but haven't received anything in my email account, brother won yesterday and hasnt seen his either

  • yo guys confirm with me if they give out more free pizzas at 6pm

    • +1

      Don't think so.

    • -1

      Yes it seems to be counting down to 6pm

      • That's just the claim time slot 4-6pm the codes disappear within seconds.

  • 1000 pizzas gone under 10secs,, is it a joke

    • It's a big country, and everyone likes free pizza. So it's not too surprising.

    • Apparently it was all gone within 2 seconds.

    • 10 seconds?

      Try less than 1. Got the all out message as soon as it started. Managed to grab the screenshot within the 2nd second of this event

  • So is the next one tomorrow or at 6pm tonight?

  • No only give out once a day at 4pm

  • i went it so early, and it keeps saying error and error, then all gone,
    i don't think its right, they probally only have 100 to give away

  • Defo the countdown timers are not in sync mine was like a minute off. Weird haven't encountered that before.

  • +1

    Easy free pizza, thanks!

  • No code what the heck?

  • +3

    I still don't have the code from yesterday, is anyone else in the same boat?

    • +2

      Yup. Tried contacting them too, but no results there either.

      • How did you get in contact with them? I need to do the same.

    • +1

      Maybe it's blocked by your spam protection? My code today came through instantly.

      • +1

        I've checked spam, not there and no way it would have been blocked as I get heaps of spam.

    • +1

      Yup me too. Won yesterday and today still don't have either email. Not in spam. Contacted them they are "looking into it"

  • It said I won one but no email. I’ve messaged them on Facebook. I was so excited now I just have to wait, I suppose!

  • Seems to be delayed releasing the pizzas, I wonder what time they run on at pizza hut.

  • +1

    Last year was a picnic compared to this year

    • Yep at least it lasted around 2-3 mins compared to about 5-10 secs especially today.

      • +2

        Nearly everyone in NSW and Vic are locked down this year

  • Robarts got all the pittus today fellas

  • day 1 - all pizza has been given away - about 30 secs. top

    day 2 - 'something is wrong' error message - about 8 secs. top

    day 3 - ….. what's going to happen ?

    day 4 - nadda

    day 5 - …….

    life just wasted on day 1 day 2 so far

    • -2

      The actual limit are 500, 100, 100…

      ACCC needs to be called for this dodgy practice.

      I still remember the old days (bf 2014) that I could have the time to login FB 3 times to claim one of 300/500 wings or nuggets.

      • That's because the facebook wall pretty much reduces bots to 0, this is a zero security form and I'm pretty sure it was smashed with people running scripts and filling it with new emails every millisecond

  • -3

    can someone with bot/script help me with data/headers?

  • franchise using bots or who?

  • Will there be extra free pizzas today as Australia has won gold?

    • -2

      No, tomorrow. If you'd bother reading it properly, it clearly says they'll release extra pizzas the NEXT day, whenever Aus steps on the podium. Based on today's swimming results alone, they'll be an extra 1700 pizzas tomorrow - 1000 for gold, 500 for silver and 200 for bronze. Plus more if we medal in other events today.

  • +3

    Pizza hut Mill park , Melbourne- free pizza today
    I can't go . So, If anyone wants it - please let me know.

    • I'll take it thanks, i cant msg u

    • Yes, please!

    • +1

      Sorry. The pick was at 5 pm. I waited for response.