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Free Large Pizza 4pm-6pm Daily (5000 on 23rd July & 8th August, 1000 Each Day 24th July - 7th August) @ Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is giving away up to 285,000 large pizzas - according to their Insta

From 4pm to 6pm AEST Daily

  • 23rd July / 8th August - 5000 Free Pizzas
  • 24th July - 7th August - 1000 Free Pizzas Each Day
  • 23rd July / 8th August - Pizzas for Podium - Whenever Australia steps onto the Podium, we'll release extra pizzas the next day. Check our socials for today's giveaway!


  • 23/7 — 5000 All out for today
  • 24/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 25/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 26/7 — 2700 All out for today
  • 27/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 28/7 — 2400 All out for today
  • 29/7 — 4800 All out for today
  • 30/7 — 1000 All out for today
  • 31/7 — 3700 All out for today
  • 01/8 — 3100 All out for today
  • 02/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 03/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 04/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 05/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 06/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 07/8 — 1000 All out for today
  • 08/8 — 5000 Thanks for playing. All codes have been given away.


Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please click here for Full T&Cs and click here to see our Privacy Policy. A surcharge of 10% Applies on Sundays & 15% on Public Holidays.

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closed Comments

    • Yus

    • Can I have a pitu?

  • got one for free but…Minimum pickup order is $3.00. :S LOL

    • +1

      Not when I got mine the other day? Wish Pizza Hut would make a system where they bring it to the door so you don't have to enter shop and use QR code. I don't want to risk getting told to isolate for 7-14 days.

  • +3

    Pick up only??? At a time like this?

    • +2

      Don't mind pickup but they need a system where you can collect from outside the shop, hand over at door, boot delivery (like Woolies do, used it the other day and it was great although I did help to pack the groceries into my car) or something.

  • These codes can't be reapplied after emptying cart. wtf

    • Happened to me as well. Try open the email link from a different device and that normally fixes things. If that doesn't work out forward it to a mate or family and they should be able to get it working. Just a bug doesn't mean its gone for ever.

      • The server interprets the code to be used but reinstates it after an our. Weird config.

  • I've tried almost every day at 4:00 but all I get is errors or sold out.
    A waste of time.

  • How many will be available 4pm today?

    • +2

      Whether it's 1,000 or 10,000, it'll be about 4 seconds worth.

      • Still waiting for my code from yesterday. I messaged them on Facebook this morning and got a reply a couple of hours later saying they are looking into it. Still nothing… seems on Facebook lots of people are in the same boat. Some waiting days and still nothing

        • Got it !!!!

  • +3

    Recd a reminder - 'Don't forget to use your FREE PIZZA coupon!' mail from Dominos today, probably automated but has an extra code I assume from the day that I won but didn't receive the mail.
    For those still waiting for your codes, keep an eye on your mails

    • can also try searching your mails with - [email protected]

    • I got that email too. 3 codes

    • Yep got mine too, nice surprise

    • Just noticed I had that email as well, with a code I didn't already have. Must have been the missing one from the first day. Nice.

  • I always plan to try but it tends to hit 4:20 before it starts.

  • I smell free pizza… how many available today?

    • +2


      • -4

        how do we get it? is there a code,
        link doesnt provide info :(

        • +1

          is it really that hard to read? jeez.

          • @theebargainer: i guess i have to wait till 4 then click, thats all it says, we will see then

            Missedout: adblock didnt let me load!!

  • +2

    Error again

    • +3

      Just keep smashing the submit button.

      ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, ERROR. You're a Winner!

      • same thing happened for me..

  • +4

    Winner winner pizza dinner..number 3 …

    • +1

      …that's a medal worthy performance

      • +1

        Going to get iso fat now.,,

  • Error then all gone :(

  • +1

    Tried incognito and all out of pizza

  • What a joke , pizzas gone within a second

    • -2

      Has been gone in a second every single day.

  • +2

    I got one finally. It kept saying error but I kept clicking submit and it worked. Code was sent instantly by email.

  • 4pm.
    10-seconds later.
    All gone.

    Today was my 2nd time trying, after about a week,
    where I manually filled out the form,
    because I thought I typed pretty fast (90+ words per minute).

    • It's more like 3 secs though

  • +1

    Nice. Got another one today. If it says "there was an error submitting the form" then you just have to spam click the button again and it will work (unless they've ran out by then)

  • +3

    thank you Pizza Hut

  • +1

    You mess with Time, It tends to mess back

    • -1

      Oh, messing with time is the way to win….

      • What did it cost?

        • -1

          Nothing, got me 2 free pizzas. The first one I didn’t mess. So 3 wins and counting…tick tock.

  • +1

    Anyone know if you can redeem two free pizzas in the one order? Haven't tried yet but worried about invaliding the code if I put it in and don't order it like some have experienced

    • +1

      place 2 orders back to back

  • +1

    Ahh crap forgot about the free pizza

  • +4

    Scored one on 3 consecutive days! Dont think it is hard since one verification step was added.

  • +1

    Got the error message 10 times and gave up, wish I pushed on

  • +1

    Finally got one but has anyone received their email?

    • Yep this time like my first one straight away. Yesterday no, had to message them on Facebook this morning. They emailed it to me a few hours later

    • Hi there. I won one today too, but no email. Maybe their email server has given up (too busy sending out "don't forget your free pizza" emails)?

      • +1

        If you haven’t got it tomorrow, go to their Facebook and message them. They will reply a bit later saying they are looking into it, then a couple of hours later you should get the email with the code.

        • +1

          No worries, my email just came through. Patience is a virtual I need to learn! Thanks team and thanks O.P.

  • +7


  • got mine but it says voucher not found when I entered it

    • +1

      says the same but its just temp lock try back after one hour

      • i clicked the link twice, how long is the lock?

        • i did the same mistake but it was written on top that voucher will be locked if you don't complete the transaction and check back after one hour

  • How much pizza have you eaten this week?

    • Voucher is valid till 31st Aug.

      • +2

        That wasn't the question.

      • So i can use the voucher tomorrow?

        • +3

          Anytime between the moment you get it to Aug 31.

    • +3

      3 days straight … Regretting big time …

  • just curious for people successfully won one or more pizza, what device and browser you are using?

    I am using microsoft edge and firefox, and have never got one since day 1. is the browser in incognito mode also matter?

    • +1

      I have chrome with autofill from previous activities. I click on first name, write first letter and autofill appears, confirm that, and email, surname is filled in auto, then tick 2 boxes and hit submit, repeat submit if error comes up. I have an older acer laptop

    • Chrome on a phone, and a time machine.

  • You could fill the form in now to trigger autofill later, form there until 6

  • I submitted 10 seconds before it hit 0 and all were redeemed…..

    • +1

      How would that work seeing as the boxes to fill in don't show up until AFTER it hits zero ?

      • Because the form doesn't show up until the time on YOUR device hits zero. Doesn't matter if you've got the correct time set or not. Although I didn't think you'd be able to submit until it hit zero for real.

    • There's obviously lag between all the timezones and poor website coding

  • +1

    heres some tips if you dont have autofill. Copy your email address, ready to paste. Use a very short first and last name

  • +1

    Used code from first day today .. worked fine . Nice pizza thanks OP and Pizza Hut

  • +3

    got 3 pizzas by luck since this competition started and who knew the stores themselves would be a**holes about it. Redeemed 3 of them for pick up same time under one name for family consumption. Got told off because it's not right….huh??? Threatened that if I did it again the next time they will not provide the pizzas. The competition itself even allows a person to try for a pizza each day.

    anyone else experienced shitty behaviour like this from their stores?

    • +6

      Make a complaint to Pizza Hut on Facebook via messenger. These behaviour should not be tolerated. Head office should send an email to all the stores about this.

      • +1

        I've already written a lengthy feedback on the survey emails they send after completing orders with a request to be contacted. Hopefully they do.

    • +2

      No problem here, though I've only redeemed two on two separate days.

    • +3

      Last night I ordered two, one after the other. Picked up both, no problem. Maybe 3 was pushing it? But either way poor form from PH. What does it matter if you order 3 in one night instead of one over the next three nights?

      • Cashier was comparing me to a supposed 'what if' where someone came in and collected 15 pizzas, all under one name at the same time and that ain't right. Silly, angry person.

  • -1

    Can you order the free pizza thru third party delivery service? I’m in a hard lockdown area

  • Who can smell free peeeez aaaaah

    • +1

      I smell bots.

  • +1

    Good luck boys and girls

  • yay got 1.

  • +2

    Got one. Took 3 clicks of the submission button so don't panic if you get an error the first time.

    • On my first submission I got an "Whoops! There is an error submitting the form!" error.

      Then I kept submitting the form, and kept getting the "The request is invalid!" error.

      Should I ignore the "The request is invalid!" error, or refresh the page first and then re-submit the form?

      • +1

        I didn't refresh it, I just spam clicked the submission button in 1-2 second intervals.

  • -1

    Missed out. All gone.

  • -1

    Nice bots again

  • -2

    7 so far

  • +2

    Submission error for 30secs even with refresh on the page then all of a sudden we are out

  • +5

    Captcha screwed me over, went through 3 pages

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