ANZ Black Credit Card: 150k Qantas Points or 200k Rewards Points?

We have seen an offer for ANZ black credit card, you can get either 150k Qantas points if you get a Qantas card, or 200k if you get their rewards card. Which one is of better value?

I should add that we are not in a hurry to use the points and I am sure one day we can travel again but I am just not sure which one to choose that is better. Thanks.

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    Bank rewards points are generally transferable to airline points at 2:1 ratio.

    This means 200k rewards points is worth around 100k qantas. Thus this makes the 150k qantas a better deal.

    That said when I go to ANZ website they offer 120k/180k points not 150k/200k like you say. Where did you see the 150k/200k points deals?

    • however link doesnt work now not sure why…. In real life, do you know how much 150k Qantas point would worth/or get to what destination?

        • Thanks for this. Based on the website, SYD-HKG return is 150k points for business class, and normally they go for 3-4k. SYD-LAX return is $210k for business class and they normally sell for at least $7-10k, yikes, I will get QF points then.

          • @easoweno: Good luck being able to use them.

            Not just now, but ever. My wife and I have well over a million QFF points, but opportunities to use them without bending over backwards are seemingly very difficult.

            • @Seraphin7: @seraphin7 can you explain more in details? What did you need to do out of line to use the points? I used points before (pre covid) and had no issues.

              • @easoweno: Maybe it's our travel preferences, but in the vast majority of cases when we've needed to go somewhere, any flights that are available (if any) are at obscure/inconvenient times or require taking strange routes or way points.

                For example … you can either get to the airport for a 6am flight, or it gets you in at the other end at midnight.

                Alternatively … you can go Sydney to Perth (via Darwin) … or if you want to go to Europe/UK you've either got to cop an 18 hour layover somewhere, or you get to a waypoint in Asia somewhere, but then have to pay full freight for the second leg that is basically the same as just paying for the whole thing without the 18 hour layover.

          • @easoweno: *Plus taxes fees surcharges etc

      • Depends what you're after. With flights the most important thing is taxes can still cost a lot even if the flight is "free" with points.

        Melbourne to Sydney one way = 8000 points + $39 taxes
        Sydney to LA return = 90,000 points + ~$500 taxes

        Theres a guide here:

        Personally I save my points up for a "One World Award" in business class. Gives you a round the world ticket with 5 stopovers (and up to 16 flights) for 318,000 points plus around $1000 in taxes.

        • Totally up for that if I have no young kids…. and I am no where that "point rich" to afford 4 x round the world business class :(

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            @easoweno: An underrated use of points IMO is just for last minute flights for emergencies. Unless its a super popular date or super expensive time of the year you'll normally find Classic Reward seats available domestically at the last minute and they keep their fixed price.

            Normally it isn't competitive with Jetstar and other budget airlines if booked in advance but for last minute when airlines want hundreds of dollars for a ticket it's a blessing to be able to pay in points plus a bit of taxes. We've used it when Tiger cancelled our flights because of Sydney weather, for a family funeral and for other emergencies. Really takes the stress out of it to know you can get there without bankrupting yourself.

        • This is actually sick, ty ! wasn't aware of that, and just have 320k points so could be done, need to figure out how to book properly etc! eg, aus > jp > kr > vegas > au would work? and how long can you stay in each city etc? tyty

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            @blinkybro: Yeah I think it would work. You'll probably need to transit LA and Hong Kong though as you are limited to One World alliance airlines so the Korea to USA flight would probably need to go via Hong Kong (on cathy pacific) or Japan (via JAL).

            You can stay as long as you like in each city but you can only stay in each city a maximum of 1 time plus up to 2 trips though that cities airport (less than 24 hours).

            Biggest issue will be getting availability on the Vegas - Aus section. It's a very popular route and award seats are quite rare.

            • @stirlo: Thanks king, will have to do some proper research now! since we aren't getting out of lockdown anytime soon… appreciate the quick response and agreed vegas was an example, would probs have to change

      • I can only see 120k qantas points at that link - where is the 150k

          I can't even access that link anymore for some reason, I saw it 2 days ago. The flyer did say to call if you get stuck.

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          I believe it works through this link. Fixed up the link from the OP and it come out with that.

          Just scroll down and you should be able to see the 150k offer.

          @easoweno You should post this as a deal, it's a great offer and can't believe I missed it by a few days on the 120k version.

          • @doweyy: oh…. I wasn't aware. But you know what I realised? With rewards card you get 200k points and $375 back, Qantas card you get 150k points and only $225 back… guess it's worth that $150 to go with Qantas points?

            • @easoweno: Yeah there's a bit of a difference between them and it comes down to personal preference. It depends how you value Qantas points against gift cards.

              The 200k Rewards Points will get you $1k in gift cards with $2k spend and no annual fee.

              Whereas the Qantas card gets you 150,000 Qantas Points which could get you a one-way business class flight to Europe when borders open again, but you need to pay an extra $225 and $1000 min spend.

              I personally value Qantas points more, so I chose that one.

              • @doweyy: Strangely, with your link, I only see 120k Qantas Points / 180k Reward points!

                • @OpenHand: Sorry I forgot to preface, you may need to open up in incognito / private browser as the page could be impacted by cookies. Hopefully that works :)

                  • @doweyy: Funny again, I tried that and no joy - maybe they have other trackers?

                    However, opened up good ole Microsoft Edge and it showed up. Thanks!

              • @doweyy: Thanks I am leaning towards a QF card as well. Just no use for that twice a year lounge access lol

          • @doweyy: in linux, vivaldi,firefox and chromium all show 120k, but I managed to get 150k in a windows vm using explorer heh

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        Hey mate, tried signing up for this but the link doesn't work…

        I called ANZ and they asking for the 4 letter promo code (e.g. ABCD) on the letter/email that you received.

        Do you have that? Thanks heaps mate.

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    why not get both?

    • Better off standardising on one airlines points rather than splitting them up. Bank rewards points cannot be converted to Qantas, only to Virgin/Singapore/Cathay points.

      IMO a better strategy would be to get a St George or Citibank Qantas card after getting the ANZ qantas one here.

      Theres also the need for an additional credit check, holding an additional $16k of credit card limit, and spending enough to meet the minimum spend on both cards.

  • i'd go 150k Qantas Points any day
    Although the churner would do both.

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    Unpopular opinion: Get the 200k rewards points.

    Reason being far too many peeps have been hoarding up Qantas points. This means you will almost never be able to redeem a biz/first class flight at the lowest reward rate. Plus, if you don't have Gold status or above, your access to dates in advance is delayed.

    Other airlines have much less local competition so your reward availability is more.

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      I ended up going for the regular points, ANZ has good retailers and we can use them immediately.

      Could also use the QPs - but who knows when we can travel again and the difference is probably a couple of hundred bucks on the routes we want - which the fee difference kind of covers anyway!

  • link to the 150k seems to be gone

  • Anyone got a working link for the 200k Rewards Points card? Above links seem to have gone.

    • Maybe someone can post a screenshot of both 150k & 200k offer

  • Don't forget needs a minimum $2000 spend first 3 months and $375 annual card fee with $15000 credit minimum. Certainly not a card for the average punter.

  • How much is the annual fee?

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    Can someone share pdf of 200k reward points offer?

  • 150k Qantas bonus points still being offered?