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$3 Movie Streaming Rentals @ Palace Home Cinema (Free Membership Required)


For Place Cinema members
"We might be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on exquisite cinema, so we’re offering $3 rentals on our Palace Home Cinema streaming service until July 28!"

How to Access Palace Home Cinema (With Discount Code):

1. Visit www.palacehomecinema.com.au and sign in using your Palace Movie Club account details.

2. Click RENT on the desired title

3. A prompt for a credit card will appear, select I HAVE A PROMO CODE and insert the code XN5QT8Y00TC9

4. Complete the purchase with your credit card details

5. More details for system requirements and lengths of rentals can be found HERE

Not a member? You can now join our FREE or PAID tiers instantly!_ Full details here

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  • +4

    Aren't all these free on SBS ?

    • +3

      Literally the first one I looked up was not available on SBS

      • Try the second…

        • +9

          You said all

          • @Stingiest: This should have been said with an insanity wolf meme.

  • +1

    Never heard of any of these movies

    • -1

      Do you watch SBS on Demand ?

  • -3

    They should be free and they would get some data for these rubbish films .

    • SBS films are very popular, especially the French ones

  • Cold War is great but it's free on SBS on Demand.

  • +2

    It's true there a many that are available on SBS and elsewhere, but the new releases aren't, and there's some goodies there if that's your bag.

  • +1

    SBS On Demand has a great range of these types of movies. But their video player keeps serving up the same ad 3 times in a row for me every 20mins, and occasionally breaks my stream, requiring me to re-watch those same 3 ads to get it playing again. I've even tried an ad blocker to stop the ad-serve insanity, but it just stops the video from playing at all.

    Maybe the $3 is worth it for no ads?

    • +3

      Thanks Scumbag Liberals for cutting SBS funding despite your pre election promises.