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SoundPEATS H1 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2 $90.94, Truengine 3 SE $54.39 Delivered @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


My TrueAir2 battery couldn't last for more than 2 hrs now on PC Zoom meeting, looking for one have better battery life. Not sure SE 3 or this but H1 almost double the price.

Also SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE $54.39

Seamless Wireless Connection: Adopt Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 and Built-in High-tech QCC 3040 chipset, SoundPEATS H1 are compatible with all the Bluetooth devices enable with bluetooth 4.0 or above and provides you truly wireless enjoyment with seamless connection and lower consumption. AptX Adaptive and true wireless Mirroring technologies also help to increase the connection stability by 75% and the transmission rate by 125%. Single/ twin mode supported for convenient usage.

Professional Sound Quality: The magic formula of SoundPEATS H1 is its unique driver system - a combination of a Knowles balanced armature driver, a customized dynamic driver, and a patented crossover, which strikes a delicate balance between the resonant depth in the bass and rich details in the mids. Also, H1 is tuned by award-winning sound engineers to make sure the quality of audio.

Crystal Clear Calls: The combination of Qualcomm cVc 8.0 call noise cancellation and dual microphones on both earbuds ensure the high-definition of phone calls. 3 sizes of Comply memory foam eartips in the pakage ensuring the comfort of wearing, strengthen the seals and insulate external noise.

40H Ultra Long Playtime: Type-C charging and wireless charging surported, LEDs outside and inside charging case let you know the status of charging in a second. Outstanding 40 hours of battery life in total. 10 hours playtime on a single full charge and pocket sized charging case supports up to 3 full charges for the earbuds.

Easy to use: Smart touch control on earbuds let you skip songs, adjust volume, answer/reject calls and activate siri etc without picking up your phone. The earbuds automatically pair to each other after being taken out from the charging case for easy usage.

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  • These look good but don't rate highly for Zoom meetings:


  • Wow soundpeats have come a long way, and it shows in their pricing.

    To the OP, word of warning for this style of earphone - I've got the Truengine SE and they fall out even when I'm sitting at my desk. Move around, and they will 100% fall out sooner or later. Bending down is a no-no, as is chewing food.

    Of course your ears are different from mine so YMMV.

    On the plus side, they sound great.

    • +1

      Try the comply foam eartips. Not the silicon ones.

      • Included or have to buy for SE 3?

        • Included on the H1. Not on the SE3

          • @donkeyrollers: Just read the review people said include a pair of comfly eartips, reviewed in Australia

            "TrueEngine III SE takes everything TrueEngine SE does well and makes it better. Sound quality sounds just as good and if not even better than the TrueEngine SE, retaining that strong bass that the SE was known for. The design has been improved to be slightly thinner and sleeker-looking, so it doesn't protrude out of your ears as much as the SE did. The controls are fully touch, doing away with the old buttons that the SE had. And they are now much more responsive without having to constantly press the earphone into your ear to change tracks or play/pause. The charging case also looks sleeker in my opinion, finally utilising USB-C instead of the old micro USB. In addition, they even include a pair of COMPLY premium ear tips out of the box! Which come with memory foam and noise isolation features. If you liked the SE you will love this, it is truly an upgraded and improved version. And if you've never owned the SE series or are just looking for a solid pair of in-ear earphones from Soundpeats, look no further!"

            • @superforever: Yes I get a better seal with the foam tips. I own high end Shure IEMs as well which I use with the foam tips. My Soundpeats H1 came with it but didn't get one with SE3. It was a free unit from Soundpeats though.

      • i made some enquiries some time ago. Couldn't confirm which comply tips would fit properly in the truengine SE case

  • $90.94 for Soundpeats ! wow ! Someone should recommend their case study to Harvard

    • Yeah $90 for soundpeats seems too much.

      • But that is the same for Xiaomi and OnePlus as well. They started cheap, under 200$, and their flagships are close to or over 1000$.

      • Will eat every other $90 -$200 TWS earbuds for breakfast lunch and dinner.

      • -1

        Try and buy. I would buy them for $150

    • -1

      Their R&D and product quality on offer should get a Harvard case study. You are right.

  • You link to SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE but the description is for H1. Quite confusing.

    • The one in the description is SE 3 and photo link to H1

      • I know now, but when I first read it, I thought it was for SE3.

  • Don't like touch control, always register more click when I double click

  • If you're looking for better battery life get the Soundpeats Sonic. Best single charge battery life. They say 15 hours but i usually get more like 10 hours (my connection is Bluetooth 4.2, which isn't as energy efficient as BT5)

    • If you're looking for better battery life get the Soundpeats Sonic.

      How is it with calling and music for Sonic? Also QC3040

      • I've had no issues with calls or music but I'm not an audiophile.
        What withered said about volume seems to be true, it is quieter than another pair of bluetooth earphones that I have. But I never use them at 100 volume. Usually 40% (for my other earphones I would be at about 30%). I turn them up to 70% when I'm in the shower.

        For noisy environments I personally think the best upgrade you can do is a good pair of memory foam ear tips. Better to block out the noise than pump the volume and damage your ears long term. Changing the tips for BT earbuds can get fiddly though - often makes it hard for them to fit in the charging case.

      • The Sonic's got such a tinfoil sound so I don't recommend you buy for that. I use it only for Teams calls and meetings.

        • I am thinking to try Truengine 3 SE, I don't really need 10 hrs playtime, if 3 SE can really do 6.5 hrs already good for me.

          I tested my TrueAir2 last night to continue to play music it can only do 3.5 hrs now after 9 months but on PC (BT4 dongle) with Zoom can only do less than 2 hrs, is it because of BT4 or because of using mic?

    • I went for the Sonic when i lost one of my SE 3's. The Sonic is good, but they are considerably quieter than the SE 3's or basically any other bluetooth in ears I have used. I honestly thought they were faulty, but Soundpeats assured me that no, they are just not particularly loud. If you have good hearing it will probably be fine, if you have poor hearing and typically need to run things at higher volumes to actually hear them, then be careful. I find that i can't use them in any environments here there is much noise around me (which is the only times i use wireless IEM's) as they just aren't loud enough.

  • Got mine for $110. Once you listen to the sound quality the price will be justified. Have got the SE3 as well but volume and overall sound quality of H1 is awesome. Not recommended for calls or zoom meeting. Battery life is good and better than SE3 but not as good as Sonics. But the sound quality makes up for it. It's in Amazon so try it and if you don't like it, send it back. Love mine.

    • Not recommended for calls or zoom meeting.

      H1 Calling not good?

    • Sonic is only $50 price point. This is $100. How this compare to Jarba?

  • I believe there is a new version of the True Engine 3SE with the QC3040 chip - however this is not the version on amazon au

    • This is what I got from Amazon Technical Details

      ‎Dual Dynamic Drivers, QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.0 Chip, Qualcomm aptX Audio, 4 Mic, Qualcomm cVc Noise Cancellation, in-Ear Earphone , 30 Hours Playtime, IPX6, Smart Touch, USB-C Charge, Crossovers

      • I thought QCC3040 is meant to be Bluetooth 5.2??

  • True engine 3 mic quality I’ve had issues on issues

  • +1

    These are marginally better than the Truengine 3SE. Mic quality still isn't the best. I don't think CVC 8.0 is very good in any of these "chi-fi" buds. Does make people think you are speaking in the bathroom. Sometimes its quite bad, sometimes okay. Friends still think I sound better using the old Jabra 65T which doesn't have all the bells and whistles these do. The sound quality for music is better than the Jabra though. I'ved ordered the Edifier Neobuds Pro. Will be interesting to see how they compare

    • +1

      look forward to your edifier review!

    • Also ordered the neobuds pro which have shipped out. Currently have the TWS NB2 Pro's which have been fantastic - well and truly on par with the Jabra Elite 75t's that I have. Feedback I've received from my call receivers prefer the Edifier call quality over the Jabra's. I also owned the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds (gen 1) and I still was reaching for the TWS NB2's.

  • Love the value of Truengine 3SE but every pair I've had, the battery charging case has died in a few months. And all the cheaper models I've tried have had sound glitching issues.

    Anyone else had this issue with Truengine 3SE? Should I give them a third chance?

    • I haven't had your issues with the case dying on my truengine, but I did have the glitching issue about a month ago. I did a reset and now they're good again.

  • Bought a pair of soundpeats. Mic died two months later. Can't use for zoom any more. You get what you pay for.

    • +1

      So far non I owned have this problem.

      Just return it back to Amazon, they accepted my return after 9 months, chat with Amazon support online.

    • If you bought them from AMR on Amazon, they're great with warranty issues. contact them.

  • The H1 are "Currently unavailable"

  • Been using the H1s for 5 days now (Amazon) and, while they're fully hi-fi and loud, IMHO they've totally lost the warmth and character of the TE SE3 and the bass is just ridiculously overwhelming. Really, way too much. Tried EQ, but when you start playing with software EQ, it seems to just wreck the whole sound (re-sampling, anti-aliasing etc..). I'm still using the original TE SE3s and they're still super - with either large rubber tips or the Complys. I bought some Galaxy Buds Pro for the bells and whistles, but the TE SE3s utterly destroy them for sound and musicality. However, I want call quality as well, so, new Sonys next (new firmware apparently fixed call issues), when Amazon finally get them in.

    • I'm still using the original TE SE3s and they're still super - with either large rubber tips or the Complys.

      I bought SE 3 with the included complys, it is very good with my Hi-Res music but my TCL Plex aptX Adaptive audio but didn't work, I have to manually switch to aptX audio only under developer options.

      Calls seem OK no complain but in-ear call a bit not comfortable can hear myself.

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