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Up to 60% off: SUPERDRY Men's Fleece, Sweats and Hoodies from $49 + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Order) @ Superdry


New and further markdowns on Superdry winter products.

Fleece from $49 https://superdry.com.au/outlet/mens/hoodies-sweats/
Jackets from $49 https://superdry.com.au/outlet/mens/jackets/

Cashrewards Cashback of 4.9%

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    Interesting, most things were cheaper in recent sale but a few things cheaper now



    Took a look through and this is the only one that stood out for me a a good deal on a nice style


      But no sizes for me… 😒


    was cheaper when they had 20% off


      Yes looks more like marketing

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    The % discount is meaning less and these days.
    They simply jack up the RRP to absurd levels, that no one in their right mind would ever contemplate paying.
    $49 for a cotton hoodie is hardly anything profound in terms of value. And $69 and $89? LOL

    Hoodies sell for $10-$25 at Big W. Sure they might not be of the same quality, but its a starting point
    So Superdry should have RRP prices of $50-100 so 50% off actually means something.
    Same logic applies to all manufacturers/retailers.

    Eventually ( if it isn't already) it will all backfire on the sellers. I think they are finding they have to have these ridiculous big % off sales more and more often, and it in essencebecomes the NORMAL price.

    They are actually training us to wait for the big discounts.

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      Spot on. I’ve always preferred Every Day Low Price approach rather than the High/Low, creates a lot more brand value imo.

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        You'll note that Apple NEVER enters such destructive pricing patterns.

        There's also the concept that the constant price changes caues a complete waste and mis-direction of consumers and retailers time. Which is a cost in itself. Imagine how much time and effort Woolworths and Coles must waste and spend, changing the prices on the same goods every week.

        How much time do people here waste when scouring for value priced items?
        When instead it would be better spent actually doing some work and earning $$/hr.


          Spot on, but Apple is an outlier. On another note, other companies that don't discount somtimes have end of season sales to manage their aged inventory.

          I believe Woolworths used to earn a profit or gross profit off their promotional activity as suppliers would be forced to shoulder the discount and pay for the advertising in their weekly specials magazine/emails…



    This Superdry made me Supercold - the zipped part separated (after zipping) the first time I wore it. Jacket is loose on me, so it's not cos the jacket is tight.