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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 256GB (Gold and Red Hinge) $1049 Delivered (after $50 Signup & $150 Coupon) @ Samsung Education Store


Saw it couple of minutes ago on my education page $1249 for gold hinge and red hinge galaxy z fold 2 256 gb
Using the 50$ voucher plus SAVE150 come down to $1049 not bad price

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  • +1

    How much are the s21 ultras on there with that code?

    • +2

      S21 ultra not worth buying from education store you will end up paying around $1200 better to buy it from the original online store following this great deal.

      • -4

        I don't want to trade my phone in though and give my card details to someone

  • +7

    What a deal! Thanks bought one

  • Is there a limit of someone to buy stiffs from Samsung education store? Like 2 items per year maybe?

  • +2

    Thats a really good deal, I'm going to hold tight for the 3, for IP67 and S pen support, but this is very tempting.

  • +17
    • +1

      Note to self:
      Replace "XXX" with company name.


  • +2

    Amazing deal and amazing phone for the price if you can make full use of it.

    • What do you think is full use ?

      • +1

        I think he meant using 100% battery energy charge 😂

      • +2

        I mean the apps. Some apps don't work natively on the wide screen. Been using one since April. Hopefully apps get fold phone updates.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Just bought one, crazy price. Last cheapest was about $1600 ish

  • Is this 5G?

    • yes

    • Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (Metallic Gold Hinge)
      Metallic Gold, 256 GB

  • +1

    great deal

  • +3

    Couldn't resist the price. ordered 😭

  • What is the 50$ deal .. can u let me know

  • Is Samsung education store worth shopping at for all other products?

    • Only the clearance sale items

  • Got this.
    Lucky I passed on the JB Hifi Note 20 Ultra $1K

  • Would love it if someone can help me purchase this?

    • I can pm me

  • Gold OOS

  • Any review about durability after 10 months? No cracked screen, or the fold part become more obvious for example?

    • +1

      Mines been fine. The factory screen protector is peeling though when half opened

    • +2

      Had mine for about 7 months and it's just like when I first got it. I don't baby it but am cautious around water and it holds up very well durability wise. Seen some posts about the screen cracking but I haven't had any screen issues and the crease isn't any more noticeable than before :)

      • Do you use any screen protector?
        Which one?

        • +1

          Only replaced the small front screen protector with one from eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373232332997
          It's unbranded but I think it's the same as an Orzero branded one with the hydrogel material and I highly recommend it. It came with an inner screen protector but I haven't needed to replace mine

    • +1

      My screen cracked all of sudden in the middle but Samsung covered it. Since then going strong for last 8 months

      • Did you buy samsung care +?

        • I did because it was half price , but didn’t use it , they fixed it under warranty

  • Does it support sd card?

  • can anyone recommend a cover for it?

  • That newslater sign up $50, is that tied to an account? Can i sign up with new email and then ask my friend to buy this and use that $50 voucher?? (He has edu account)

    • no, not tied

    • Sign up with any new email no need to be an .edu account

  • New one is being announced really soon, it's been leaked. But itll be $2.7k if rumours are to be believed.

    This is such a good price. I'm tempted.

  • anyone buying samsung care+ ? this is a delicate phone, so feeling its worth but its $400

    • +4

      Honestly knowing that a new one can be had for this price, I fail to see the benefits of the $400 Care+ if you then have to pay another $300 to swap the device (ie total outlay $700).

      My original justification of buying the Care+ was when the phone was $2.5k and $700 seemed like a bargain to replace it if I smash the screen.

      • +1

        thanks, forgot abt the excess $300 (think this is where insurance companies make money).

    • +1

      I put it on my home insurance for $3k -$8 a month with a $50 excess

      • +1

        nice idea, will do the same.

      • Who is your home insurance with?

    • Not delicate at all. My kids have stepped on the open screen multiple times, I have no case, no screen protector since day 1 (Sept 20) and the only issue was some scratches on the outside spine of the phone because I put the phone and my keys in the same pocket.

      I bought Care+ on purchase just incase and I swapped my phone about 3 weeks ago because I wanted a fresh looking one lol

  • +1

    That would of been tempting, Fold 2 seemed to have good reviews

  • Is the code invalid for anyone else?

    • -1

      I got the same when i tried to purchase tv.

    • +3

      It is UTG - Ultra Thin Glass

      • -2

        Oh.. okay.. didnt know. But glass can fold?

        • +1

          In your first comment you seemed to be outraged because you assumed it was plastic without evening knowing a folding glass alternative was possible?? What do you want? Lol

          • +4

            @MrSaveDave: he's a tyre kicker, asks a bunch of stupid questions, doesn't buy anyway

            • +1

              @payton: Lol… Learned a new word today

  • Does anyone have $50 voucher which they are not using?

  • anyone know is it the snapdragon version or Samsung Exynos?

    • +1

      The fold2 only has one version - snapdragon

    • snapdragon

  • Anyone having troubles with checkout?

  • I cannot combine $50 newsletter and SAVE150

    • How old is your code and which portal are you using?

  • Still $2500 unfortunately at the Samsung website for those of us not able to take advantage.

  • But for what ?
    Definitely not sure about taking photo with this "phablet"

  • Out of stock for both colours

    • Which portal?

      • Student portal also Australian government portal

        • Thanks. Confirm sold out for Westpac portal too

  • what's the status of your orders?

    Mine is waiting for approval

  • Darn. Just signed up but no stock?

    • same

      • Same

  • 30 day trial

  • Does anyone have problems getting into this store on a mobile? I tried to sign up with an education.vic.gov.au email but it doesn't let me get into the store even after enabling the 2 security email/mobile confirmation… it keeps on referring me back to another email they send.

  • -1

    Isn't its better to just buy a tab, if you need that screen size ?

    • +1

      But can't carry a tablet around in your pocket lol

      • -3

        yeah but it's fit for purpose, unlike this foldable brick thing that kinda does everything, but it's a square opened up and doesn't work like a tablet and it kinda looks ugly because it doesn't close properly

  • Lol missed it cos I have just changed employers and was awaiting the Samsung confirmation email

    Damn thing went to my spam and I only just thought to check it :(

  • +2

    feel sorry to those still resisting.

    • +1

      Golden rule: purchase and decide

      • +1

        exactly. It was such a great deal which we won’t see it again in a long long long time.

        “You snooze, you lose”

  • May be the original colors might be even cheaper in few weeks.

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