Freeview Issues - Not Popping up?

Has anyone had issues where Freeview doesn’t show up?? Noticing it lately on both my LG and TCL. Internet connection at home is solid so I’m thinking there must be something else??


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    I wish. I am finding Freeview more and more intrusive and hate it.
    I’ll keep watch this to see how to get rid of it..


    I never use it. What purpose does it actually serve?
    Always thought it was only for catch up of FTA channels? In which case I just go thru the channel's respective app


    I can't get FTA TV where I live and I just stream the little that I want from the FTA channels. I used to depend on the Freeview app to do it and once upon a time it was flawless. I was literally like having a TV with a built in TV guide and you'd select a channel and it would just start streaming.

    The last year or so, it's all gone to the dogs. Every clickable link just opens the respective channel's app and asks you to log-in to view the content. In our case, that was the final nail in the coffin. We pretty much stopped watching FTA. Good riddance.


    Freeview changed on my LG after I updated the TV's firmware. Is your LG on the latest firmware?


    I'm having the same issue on my C7 OLED, haven't been getting the Freeview popup for a couple weeks now. Internet is fine, no idea what's happening.