Bootcamp - University of Sydney Any past Experiences

Hello Ozbargainers,

I saw a Facebook ad for a bootcamp course in cyber security by University of Sydney. Trilogy Education is providing the course. Certificate to be issued by Uni of Sydney after 6 months. The course fee is $13200.

Any one has reviews for this. Are there any job prospects. Any pointers please.



    after 6 months. The course fee is $13200

    Seem like a lot of money for a 6 months course.

    Are there any job prospects

    From just attending the course without any experience, I doubt it. ( but stand to be corrected).


    I was previously looking at this too. Interested to hear what others have to say.

    To get working experience you would require some basic knowledge to commence, which this may or may not provide. Price is too much though, I paid $20k for my 3 year bachelor degree, so this price is very nauseating considering it’s all online.


    it will get you the education, but won't guarantee you a job. my friend did a bootcamp course and it was the worst experience of his life. it's a lot to take on and you can fall behind very quickly. just plan on not having any kind of life for the next 6 months. your only break you get is when you fall asleep doing your work, lol. good luck though.