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Samsung 48.9" Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor $1198 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


first post, please be gentle,

pretty decent price to pair up with AMD gpus - free-sync capable

enjoy :D

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    first post, please be gentle,

    Was it as good as you thought it would be? My first time was disappointing

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      it was over too fast…

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        Take comfort at least it is 48.9" and curved.

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          And Korean too :)

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    Shocked by the price, then realise it's 1080, still not a bad deal, fits for office use.

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      Actually really bad for office use, it's basically 2 x 27" 1080p panels side by side. Really need 2 x 1440p side by side to be useful. At this price, there's so many better options for office use, even a standard 34" 3440x1440 is better (and more pixels), or 2 x 27" 1440p side by side, or even 2 x 4K side by side are all better options.

      This is probably good for sim rig or something.

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        Good luck getting your office computer to drive [email protected]

        I'm just happy mine has the appropriate version HDMI port, and it's a brand newey!

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          Mine drives 1x UW 1440p 34" pretty easy and its does it via USB C I think.

        • My 2018 work XPS does a 32" [email protected] and 27"1440p @144hz

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          Your bog-standard Dell/HP/Lenovo box with Intel integrated graphics can drive 2 x 4K60 just fine…

          • @p1 ama: Seems to chug a lug when you’ve got teams running and a bunch of other junk.

            • @Manny Calavera: I think Teams itself is the bigger hog of resources. Especially if you share your screen. Everything grinds to a halt if you haven’t rebooted recently.

        • 2 4k at 60 isnt demanding if all your doing is email and browser activities.

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            @Zondor: Fiddling with tableau while on a videoconference seems to sink it.

      • is there a good office use monitor you can recommend? ideally 38"

        • At that size, look towards the cheaper LG OLED monitors or some Samsung TVs that support freesync. I find that some TVs like the LG OLED CX end up cheap compared to some similar sized monitors/gaming monitors and the input lag is similar.

          • @DangerNoodle: Yeah really going to blast through those spreadsheets with that …

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        Really bad is a bit of an exaggeration. I've used this monitor for 2 years as work display and it's been great. Sure I'd prefer 1440p but 1080p is fine and I find it super useful being able to put 3 windows side-by-side. I paid $1299 so held its value pretty well.

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      Better still get two of them, lean them against each other in an A shape and use it as an actual office

    • I think 34 or 38 at 1440p would be a better fit for office use. 49 (2*27 side by side) is way too wide and I have to turn my head around very often.

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    Waiting for "don't support Gerry!" comments with pitchforks!

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      Would that be Hardly Normal

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      Don’t support Gerry with pitchforks

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        Nek minute; new tax on pitchforks.

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    This price for the Samsung G9 and ill buy 😭😆

    • In 2-3 years time? yeh good luck w/ that one

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    1080p is horrible, please avoid this monitor. 1440p is bare minimum, I have a 1600p panel and can't go back.

    The AW3821DW was only $1299 a few weeks ago, wait for that one again.

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      That isn't true. 1080p on this monitor works quite well (I am using it right now). Honestly if you have both the 1440 version next to this at comparable DPI settings, you can't tell much the difference.

      Furthermore, your "recommendation" is only 38" whereas this is a 49".. different market segments.

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        Mate you justify your choices to yourself however you need to, but don't go telling people that 1080p vs 1440p on a 27" equiv. is indiscernible.

        • Difference is with the distance you use the monitor holistically. A 27" you can sit closer to get more into your field of vision. a 49" is basically two 27" together, which will require you to sit further back from the monitor to get a wider aspect into your field of view.

          I have actually had both sitting side by side and compared it at the distance of about 1m to get optimal view of the width and of course, the 1440p is slightly sharper. But the difference isn't as much as what most people would see or care about when they are using it.

          Have you tried to use an Ultrawide 32:9 monitor yourself?

          • @bchliu: Currently typing this on a CRG9. Have used a CHG9, and plenty of 34" 1080p and 1440p. Which are the same height vertically.

            1080p is god awful at that size, anything past 24" and that's pushing it.

      • The AW3821DW has 50% more pixels than this potato.

        This thing is 4.1 megapixels

        The Alienware is 6.1 mp

        They are indeed different market segments. The AW is towards the top. This is at the bottom.

    • Yeah I agree 1080 is horrible for work.

  • I love how its called a "gaming monitor" but in the ad they are showing spreadsheets

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      That is actually a screenshot of "Spreadsheet simulator 2021"

      • I'm waiting for the 2030 version when Macs get macros.

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        So, EVE Online?

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      “See, Mr. Taxman, it’s a work expense.”

      • apparently I can claim my g7 and 6800 xt on tax since I need it to work from home

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          Imagine if your job title was "Bitcoin miner" what you could claim.

          • @turtlesinmypants: If your mining operation is run like a business I think the idea is you can treat it as such (not financial advice).

          • @turtlesinmypants: I use to work for a music/entertainment internet company. I use to pretty much claim everything I bought with my discretionary income back in those days…

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          I'm using my new LG 65CX for wfh so it's going to be claimed.

          • @Mechz: Make sure you are not claiming 7xc per hour. The simple method already factored in equipment.

            I am not surprise more people will get audited on wfh, given everyone will be claiming some pretty high end stuff for depreciation.

            By the way, record keeping requirement is 5 years.

  • Wait for the G9 to drop. Has nvidia g-sync.
    LC49G95TSSEXXY and 1ms.

    If you want/need this.

    I've been waiting for around 6 months. It's got to happen sometime soon… surly!

    • i dont know how ppl can use 49 inch, its way too big 4 me,I struggle on 32 :(

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        split screen!

      • Window grid is your friend!

      • 49 is smaller in some ways than 32. It's the same size as 2x 27" side by side.

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      The price will drop and please - don't call me Shirley

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    I am waiting for a monitor that goes all the way around you

    why stop at 120° if you can have all 360° for full immersion

    are you taking this down Samsung

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      May be you need a VR

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      Just buy more monitors

    • you should talk to Snoop Dawg

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    @OP - Freesync works with NVidia GPUs too. I've connected to my RTX 2080 fine with it enabled.


    • not all/ not 100%
      The screen will work with all (or should) GPU's in some form or another.
      likely that not all 100% of G-Sync features will work with a non-G-Sync cert screen.

      The panel will work fine.

      • Mine works fine as I said out of my desktop's 2080 and my laptop's 2070. Detected and tested with no tearing.

  • I had this for about a year then upgraded to the 1440 version. Its not bad and works well with the split screen option. But i do prefer the 1440. Only otger downside is you can't change screen settings through an interface which would have made it a lot easier to enable dual screen and set size of the screen

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    don't support Gerry!

  • Need CRG9

  • +3


    is it just me or is Samsung playing tricks on us for real with those model names

    sexxy mexxy

  • Wouldn't such a wide panel cause horrible distortion at the edges of the camera view in games?

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      Most recent games support the super ultra wide resolution and looks great. No disturbing distortion or no distortion at all.

  • have to move my head a lot when looking at this screen hahaahahahaha

  • Get a CRG9 which is 2 x 1440p resolution. 1080p is not that bad but not good for the 1000 price.

    Crg9 is great for gaming, watching movie and video editing and awesome for multi tasking.

  • Had one of these for productivity sake ages ago. Tried it for gaming and honestly it sucked, resolution aside, the backlight was weird.
    Have a samsung G9 after waiting ages for stock and pulling the trigger. It's worth the price difference @ rrp and I got a disgusting good deal at Harvey Norman when they were the only retailer who even had stock the other year.

    I no longer game now though lol

    • tldr you can get 2x 27inch very nice monitors constantly on sale for cheaper than the chg9. Deal is an ok price for an ultrawide but not good price for what you get from this particular model.

  • What's this use for? Flight Sims ? For me even 32" too big and less productive than two screens lol

  • got the 34" QLED which was on sale @ow which has thunderbolt to power laptop. has to return my Dell 34 due to display issue

  • cool been looking for a larger screen to replace my 34" 4k. its great but doesn't do 3 screens properly for work

    • When you say doesn’t do 3 screens properly can you please elaborate? Thanks

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    a mate of mine has this
    i have the 1440 equivalent
    definitely don't get this one, it's horrible to browse / word documents / PDFs etc
    massive downgrade

    (assuming your GPU is good enough that is)

    • I can understand 1080 being horrible for gaming but why for browsing documents? Would you explain? Thanks.

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        I dunno what he's on about. I've been using this to look at spreadsheets and documents for last 2 years without issue.

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          Yeah I too just need it for multiple screens and seriously don’t care about resolution. Just basic office screens emails, documents, spreadsheets and the occasional content work.

          I just have one mega concern. I have a windows and Mac and need to connect them simultaneously. Since you are using it, can you please tell me if I can use both at the same time? Like out of 3 screen, 2 running for windows and 1 for Mac? I have asked Samsung support and they confirmed 2 windows laptop can work but Mac needs to support PBP/PIP to work. I just haven’t got a definitive answer.

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            @CricNix: He was saying FRIEND got one and he don't have one.

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            @CricNix: I use Windows PowerToys to manage 3x33% zones so don't use hardware PIP. In saying that the manual says PBP only supports Windows:

            The PBP (Picture by Picture) function separates the screen into two parts displaying output from two different sources simultaneously on the left and right sides of the screen. ― PBP mode is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

      • Ignore mate. Ppl don't know how to use adjectives properly and many don't understand the concept of fit for purpose. It's like TVs or sound electronics that may be fine for 90% of the population but the internet experts will tell you it's horrible

  • isn't this almost perfect for an office/Console setup? PS5 doesn't use 1440 and only 1080p?, even with those new monitors they don't upscale as it is, I could be completely wrong but been doing a little research and it seems though this may not be for the absolute high end gamer with 3080 or future proofing, but its a pretty good deal

  • Just following up my previous comment about 1600p vs 1080p - I'm watching three channels of the Olympics at the moment on my 38", and if I had 1080p, the HTML video players would resize the video content differently, and I would have to scroll more to change sports, etc, see here: https://imgur.com/a/6zj6KQY

    • Thanks for following up