Nintendo Switch Vs Other Consoles

Hi all, bit of a noob gamer. But lockdown has the Mrs & I looking for something to play with (apart from each other). I like the idea of motion games like the old Nintendo Wii, you know swing your arms to play golf, throw down the bowling ball etc. Seems like the only current gen console would be a Nintendo Switch? But I'm certain i would never use the handheld mode. Considering i would only ever use the console plugged into my TV is there another console i should be considering? Cheers in advance :)


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    Switch, if you play with your Mrs (if she's just a casual gamer)

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    Switch. You might not want to play hand-held now but that doesn't mean you won't change your mind in the future. You may find yourself in an aeroplane or waiting hours in the emergency room and the ability to grab it and take it with you will be awesome.

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    I invested heavily into the Nintendo Switch eco-system and have many games (about 30 or 40?).

    I also have PS4 and Xbox One S, Series S, Series X and my gaming PC rig. I'm a big gamer and my wife knows it.

    Nintendo games tend not to drop in price where Sony/Microsoft console games do come on sale or can be had at a bargain at times (probably more frequently than Nintendo).

    In terms of the gaming experience as a couple, I've found that we play either Nintendo or Xbox titles together, but each to their own.

    Xbox has lead the pack recently for me though with their Game Pass but also 'Remote play' function. I used to carry the Switch around for a quick game out and about, but remote play allows you to play your Xbox via your phone. Playstation has the same function too but the Xbox Game Pass allows far more titles to be played.

    Xbox does have Kinect does allow you to play some motion games too, but it's a few console-generations old now

    • Uh…you can play any PS4/PS5 game via remote play. You can even share play with a friend.

      OP get the switch if you really want to play Mario games or you want portability.

      Otherwise have a look at what games you would like to play and go from there.

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    Consider Xbox as there is a massive catalogue of games in game pass.

    • I'd go as far to say that XBox Series (X or S) WITH GAMEPASS should be the default choice for anyone wanting a casual gaming system for home.

      But if you want portability, motion controls etc then Switch is it.

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    I've got a PS4 pro and a switch. Since buying the switch, the PS4 hasn't been turned on.

    What I really like about the switch is the how quick it is to start playing, even when plugged into your TV. It's "instant on and play" in a similar way to picking up a phone or an iPad.

    Playstation takes forever to get going - loading the games, installing patches, waiting for annoying splash /legal screens, dealing with menus, etc.

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    Whenever I see someone create these posts and mention they're a 'noob', 'beginner', 'casual' gamer, my hands automatically type out get a Switch.

    So yes, once again, get a Switch and a second pair of Joy Cons.

    Alongside some of the following games: Arms, Ring Fit Adventure, Mario (any of them).


    • Alongside some of the following games: Arms, Ring Fit Adventure, Mario (any of them).

      My top 10 games, in no particular order, for Switch motion control:

      • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
      • Ring Fit Adventure
      • 1-2 Switch
      • Mario Golf: Super Rush <— Even if you don't like golf.
      • Instant Sports <— Surprisingly good for shovelware
      • Snipperclips
      • Arms
      • Super Mario Party
      • Mario Tennis Aces
      • Surgeon Simulator CPR <— eShop only. No physical.
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    You could get a Wii U. They're about a third of the price of the Switch and are backwards compatible with all Wii games. The combined libraries of Wii and Wii U games will definitely keep you entertained.
    Online is free too, though I don't know if many games have many active players other than Mario Kart 8 (played a few times last week, was always able to play with others)

  • I’m looking for a switch as well but they are overpriced right now is there going to be a price drop soon?

    • When the new switch is released, new prices won’t drop (according to the guy at EB I asked a few weeks ago) BUT 2nd hand prices will likely as people look to “upgrade” to the new one

  • Switch is pretty hard to beat for motion control gaming IMHO. There's a huge library of games and the accessible by newbies and seasoned gamers alike.

    That said, there are some options for PS3 and PS4 (using PS Move contollers and camera) and the XBox One (using Kinect) but you're getting into legacy territory and a smaller library of motion control titles than Switch.

    • I had a full set of PS Move controllers, cameras and accessories and the best games were all single player. On PS4 there was like one or two games that were multiplayer, it was extremely limited.

      Switch seems a no brainer.

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        Switch seems a no brainer

        True. I'm heavily invested in the Switch platform and there's nothing* like it for multiplayer motion control play.

        (*)Other than the original Wii, of course :-)

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    Look at the games, not the console.
    Purchase the console that has games you're interested in :)

  • We got into gaming first time during lock down last year. My son is only young so what appealed to him more were the Mario games. Managed to get a Wii U second hand locally. Got Mario kart as a starting point, which we still love. We also acquired a PS3 free locally and my son enjoys Need 4 speed games mostly on that but it seems very ancient compared to the Wii U in its technology. Then I fortunately got the Amazon Black Friday deal on the Switch last year and we are enjoying being able to grab & go on the run, at appointments etc So we love the portability of the Switch but realistically you could get the Wii U and get the same games for cheaper. I believe for motion games they are similar capability. We are yet to try the motion games though. Really depends on your budget.

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    Steam Deck from Valve coming out soon looks like a winner, more my sort of games on that.

    • Is AUS getting a retail release at not double the price though?

      • They're busy considering how much they can screw us for at the moment. ie: price and dates not yet available.

    • The controller looks to be the least comfortable of all major consoles in my opinion. I guess I shouldn't knock it until I've tried it.

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      OP is after a console with motion controls and not interested in handheld mode

  • These are systems to play games, so at the end of the day it is about:
    1- Can I afford it?
    2- Will it be the fun I'm looking for?
    3- What platform is my friends/family on?

    The stereotypes for the systems look like this:
    PC: cheapest games, free online, most games, expensive upfront costs. Exclusive titles are usually Indie-made. Most commonly used for MMO gaming.
    Xbox: most powerful, somewhat expensive, great online and services. Exclusive titles are non-existent. Most commonly used for FPS online gaming.
    PlayStation: decent power, lots of good quality titles, affordable, flaky online service. Exclusive titles are usually Adventure. Most commonly used for single-player third-person titles.
    Nintendo: very weak, fewest titles, flaky online services, cheap ownership. Exclusive titles are based on Nintendo's established iP. Most commonly used for nostalgic games.

    • Nintendo: fewest titles

      True. But some perspective…

      • PS4 released 15 Nov 2013 - 1,946 physical titles released (~4.8 games per week since launch)
      • Switch released 4 Mar 2017 - 1,483 physical titles released (~7.8 games per week since launch)

      I'm trying to collect a region-agnostic full set of Switch physical releases with English on the game card and it's wallet-destroying.

      • True, but I don't care about it from a "console war" viewpoint. It was just to show that Nintendo generally (since the GameCube) sucks at third-party game support. They do alright with region-specific (Japan) titles, also some budget indie titles, and mobile game ports. But what I stated there, as true as they may be, are generalisations after all and from the perspective of an Australian Consumer.

        As a whole, Nintendo doesn't compete well or directly with Apple/Google, nor with Sony/Xbox, neither with MS/Steam.

        • I don't care about it from a "console war" viewpoint.

          We're on the same page. I own a PS4, XBox Series X and Switch….they each have their place.

          Nintendo generally (since the GameCube) sucks at third-party game support.

          I know you said generally but I think Switch is the exception to this. I'm nudging 1,300 Switch physicals and Nintendo first-party titles account for <2% of the total. Third party developers and publishers are all over the Switch like the proverbial fat kid on cake.

          • @OzDJ_: .
            Not arguing with you, but most of those titles are B-list games or Indies. Nintendo is very far behind Sony/Xbox when it comes to third-party support.

            When I say that, I usually mean the titles that people fan about, ergo, the Big Expensive AAA-Titles such as RDR2, AC Valhalla, Metro Exodus, WD Legion, CP2077, SW Battlefront2, Far Cry 6, CoD Cold War, BF 2042, etc etc.

            I'm personally unimpressed with the Switch (great in theory, not best execution) but it does have a couple of "impossible ports" that deserve praise (mostly to the developers). Titles such as Mortal Kombat XI, DBfZ, Borderlands 2, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein II, Alien Isolation, Hellblade, Witcher 3, and The Outer Worlds.

  • If you want movement and have enough space you could get 2 oculus quest headsets to play together or take turns with one and chromecast to the TV to laugh at each other. This way the games are all movement. The games are cheaper than switch and the headset is around same price as the switch.

    That said the games can be quite different to what you've experienced but great for a causal gamer.

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    If you gets switch, try to find a v1 (hackable).

    I got lucky today and found a v1 at Ebgames in pristine condition. But the manager was helpful and allowed me to look at the switches he had and choose my preferred one.