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½ Price KB's Prawn/Hargow Gyoza 1 kg $11.35, Palmolive Foam Handwash 1L $4.25, Hinata Shortgrain Rice 5 kg $10 @ Woolworths


Some other half priced products…

  • Half price on Dove products
  • Half price all Sistema
Item Price
Nescafe coffee sachets $3.25
Continental cup a soup $1.05
Campbell's real stock $2
Suimin Cup noodles $0.75
White Crow Tomato or Fountain BBQ sauce 2L $3
Primrose Leg Ham 450g $5.25
Twisties, Cheetos, Burger Rings 80-90g $1
Smith's or Doritos 60g $1
Grain Waves 170g or Smith's Poppables 90g $1.75
Vege Deli Crisps 100g $2.75
Sunbites Crackers 105-110g $1.50
Natural Cracker Company Crackers 160g $1.75
Arnott's Tee Vee Snacks 165-175g $2
Golden Crumpets 6 Pk $1.85
Might Soft Raisin Toast 600g $2.75
Streets Cornetto Mini $4.50
Sara Lee Danish or Apple Pie $3.12
Danone yoPRO pouches 150g $1.20
Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 495mL $2.50
Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tabs 28 Pk $15.50
Smith's Crinkle Cut Chips 150-175g $1.75
Mars M&M's, Maltesers or Pods 130-180g $2.25
Twinings Tea Bags 80-100 Pk $5.60

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    *Typo in the title. 'Har-gow' not 'Hargrow'

    • Corrected

  • +3

    Yes! Been waiting for 1/2 price Gyozas

  • +3

    I find that the KB's Hargow has a very thick wrapper. Mr Chen's is thinner, but still a bit thick imo. KB's gyoza is one of the best frozen ones though.

    • Agreed. KB's gyoza is very tasty.
      I also found KB's hargow skin to be way too thick, didn't enjoy them. I normally buy Mr Chen's hargow 300g and found the skin to be better i.e. thinner than KB's. Not sure what Mr Chen's hargow 1kg to be like, but I assume similar to ones in their 300g version?

      • +1

        I got to the point of just eating the filling and throwing the skin away. Not ideal, but it's really hard to eat it.

        I haven't tried the 300g vs the 1kg, but hopefully, they are the same. Another one I recommend is the Xiao Long Bao from Aldi as suggested by another Ozbargainer. The same ones are sold by Coles for $15 but $8-9 in Aldi, but just different packaging. 70-80% taste like DTF's lol and you get like 20 pieces.

        • mr chen hargow from china or vietnam?

          aldi xiaolongbao made in vietnam iirc ?

  • is this national wide?

  • +1

    Some great half price specials. I'm actually excited about the catalogue this week!

  • +1

    I miss the other more extensive format by category :(

  • I had only ever eater frozen basic dim sims prior to seeing the posts here and I will never buy those dim sims again. These gyoza are damn nice. Seeing my history I understand this is not a great reference.

  • Somehow in my mind the half price kb dumplings are $8.x ? Did they go up that much?

  • +2

    Hopefully Mr Chen's 1kg hargow is in the half price pipeline, I prefer them to KB's

  • Mmm my favourite kinda deal

  • showing temp. unavilable online nooooooooooooooo

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