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2021 Sony 65" 4K HDR UHD LED TV XR65X90J $1950.75, 75" XR90J $3140.75, 65A80J OLED $3395.75 C&C / + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, seems like the cheapest I have seen this TV so far. Currently on sale and stacks with 15% off.

Very rare recently to see any 2021 Sony TV's on sale.

Screen Technology: LED
Screen Type: QFHD
TV Processor: XR Cognitive Processor
Screen Size: 65"
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Display Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Additional Features: XR Motion Clarity, Dolby Vision
Colour Technology: XR TRILUMINOS PRO
Dimming: Local Dimming
Motion Rate: XR Motion Clarity
Smart TV: Yes
Smart TV Platform: Google TV
Compatible Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, Stan, Apple TV, Disney, Amazon Prime Video, BINGE, YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Foxtel, Kayo, Optus Sport, beIN Sports, AnimeLab, Garage Entertainment, ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7Plus, 9 Now, 10Play
Built-in Voice Assistant (Hands-free): Google Assistant
Compatible Smart Assistant (Works with): Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Apple Airplay
HDR Format: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
Sound: Acoustic Multi-Audio, 3D Surround Upscaling, Dolby Atmos

Other Sony TV's on sale:

Update: The cashback offer is only for orders where full-priced is paid.

Note: Potentially could price match at Sony and then click through from Cashrewards to get a further 8% cashback.

As always, enjoy :)


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • 75x900h for 2545, but none in Melbourne

  • +2

    Thanks OP, LG BX “55 $1695 if you can find stock and Sony A80J “55 for $2580…I’ll probably keep waiting on further price drop. 😃

    **A80J haven’t confirmed VRR update yet.

  • How does this compare to Hisense 65Q8? I know Q8 is much cheaper.

    • +5

      Sony make real TV's with real specifications.
      If you can afford a Sony, buy a Sony.
      Do not under any circumstance go below your budget.

  • Don't forget 3.5% cash back with CR and SB today (~$65).

  • Is there any reason why would you get something like the XR65X90J over a 65 BX OLED? Just curious.

    • It’s got a few nice features for gaming that I don’t think the BX has…

      • Like what? LG BX has it all

        • Oh crap my bad, thought it didn’t do 120 and VRR. Didn’t realise the BX and CX were specced so closely. BX probably still a good option then if you can find them in stock! I’m in a rural area and the nearest one they’ve got is 350km away.

    • Brightness, reflection handling and price. The BX series is a bit of a joke for an OLED because of how dim it, but the picture quality will still be better than the X90J. It's a matter if you have a theatre room.

      • +1

        Exactly, if you are sitting in front of your TV constantly judging the picture quality and you have a dark room, get an oled. My living room is very bright, I decided oled is not the best option for me. Also these oleds are super thin and flexible, they are more likely to get damaged by my son. Burn in issue is not a big deal in my opinion but there is that risk for some. Also oleds lose detail in the shadows. To be honest it's a matter of preference, I watched many comparison videos and decided not to get an oled.

        • I hear this all the time about how OLED isn't good for bright living rooms mainly by people who clearly haven't owned an OLED before. They might not get as bright as some premium LED televisions but they are plenty bright for a living room. I have an ancient B7 in my living room and it copes fine with sunlight beaming in during the day. I also have a CX for my dedicated media room. The difference in brightness is negligible

    • JB has the 65 BX OLED for $2995, so it's about 50% more expensive usually, or >$500 more expensive with this deal

    • Oled may equal Screen burn in. I'd love an oled TV but risk of burn too high.

  • I just paid $3800 thru JB and waiting for delivery by tomorrow.

    Should I still ask for a price match from JB or through Sony?

    • +2

      Ask JB Hi Fi to price match. If they say no, ask them to get a refund as you can get a refund for unopened/unused product; usually they will just price match and give you the refund as it is less of a hassle. JB has a 2 week price guarantee as well.

      • okay thanks mate, i'll give it a go

      • +1

        I recently got a Bose headset. The price dropped a month later after price match guarantee time, they still have me the difference. They are good.

        • yea Cheers, will give it a whirl first thing tomorrow morning.

      • they price match on published prices from bricks and mortar stores - online only - not so sure …

  • Any idea if the VRR has been patched into this model yet?

  • Purchase a selected Sony TV & Selected Sony Soundbar in the same transaction and receive $400 off – Offer ends 31/07/2021:

    Any good deals??

    • Doesnt stack. RIP

      • Get Sony to price match buy both and get CR cashback.
        I got Sony to price match the Cosco deal, bought soundbar at $400 discount and $140 cashback

        • Ok will give it a go. Already ordered from TGG so will need to cancel =/

        • Cheers for this mate. Did this today. Price matched by Sony. Soundbar thrown in with $400 discount. $180 cashback. BOOM!

  • Good price on the 55 too

  • Is there OLED better then LG?

    • -2


      And yes, the A90J is rated as better than the G1 in everything other than gaming

      • -1

        No, there.

      • Yes you are wrong that one is relating to ownership, as in their house.

  • can I listen to this with my wireless Bose QC35 headphones - I guess Bluetooth - I don't see listed in the above specs.

    if not, how would I be able to listen to it with wireless headphones, pray tell ?

  • another question for 4K enthusiasts

    my current TV (720HD plasma) tends to drop out glitchy on HD channel 7 - standard def has no problems

    so I'm wondering how much demand is on the signal - and if the signal strength shows as red/bad - does this mean 4K ain't gonna display properly ?

    I wouldn't want to pony up for a 4K TV only to find my TV antenna (shared - strata complex) doesn't provide enough signal strength.

    • @ hangryman.

      Im not sure on every TV but my 4K HDR TV does not like regular SD TV at all it looks okay but you can tell the difference shades on 720 or less res; 4K is 3840 so obviously 720 or 480p will be bad

      Anything 1080p HD TV or above looks great though that's for sure.

  • +1

    Can confrim that Sony has agreed to match the price and offered Sony 65" X90J for $1950.75 through their store with free delivery. That combined with 8% cashback will bring the price down to $1,808.88, happy days!

    • This is a killer deal!

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