Cheap Webhost around $10-$20/Year

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows a cheap webhost?
I snagged a deal 3 years ago with Zuver where they had $10.5 for 3 years shared CPanel hosting.
Now they're moving to VentraIP and the cheapest plan they have seems to be $50/year.
I barely get any visitors to my site, and just mostly use the email service for my microbusiness.


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    There's a reason Zuver and DownUnderHost etc end up closing shop. Those prices are just not sustainable.

    This was posted yesterday, basic plan $25/year which might suit:

    IONOS or Cloudflare for at-cost domains.


      Thanks! This will do.


    I came across these, but have not tried any. I have an accountant friend that just wants an online presence, even one single page. Email is already through Google.

    Free, no support:

    Super Cheap ($8US/year):

    Cheap Australian ($36/year):

    This is looking pretty good though:

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    Netlify is free so long as you want to host a static website and you don't expect much traffic. You can do your email free through Zoho.


      Oh that's interesting. So I have my own domain, and I can just get a [email protected] email address with Zoho?

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      Don't use Zoho, use Yandex.

      Zoho uses Yandex but has less features and much worse limits.

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    I'm using Hostinger Wordpress Hosting for around $2-$3 a month. It uses Litespeed engine so its pretty fast and has served me well. Domain is with Crazy Domains as we had old credit with them so decided to use it.