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Energizer 250 Lumen and Headlight 350 Lumen Combo Vision Torch $19 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Very good deals for both, selling on eBay around $37, BigW for $21(only headlight).

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    FYI, looks like both units take AAA batteries.

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    The photos on the listing are hilarious. I love to use the whipper snipper in the dark…

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      Maybe he's just stealing it

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      Agree. Why install a coat rack in the dark?

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        He broke into a house and wanted to install the coat rack before you took all ya stuff. Classic pun.

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        Maybe he’s taking it down?

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    Good post mate. How did you stumble onto this one?

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      It was dark and they didn't have a torch

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      Dining at the wrong hole make you wanna look for a head torch.

  • not enough lumens, i need closer to 1000

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    3x AAA is bad - it means the cheapest, nastiest circuit design.

    And those specs are fishy. 350 lumen x 4 hrs!?

    Those batteries will only do around 200mA for that time, according to the spec sheet: https://data.energizer.com/pdfs/e92.pdf

    So less than 1W, but 350 lumen?! Must be Chinese lumens. Or the instantaneous brightness in strobe mode?
    As Scotty says, "Ye cannae change laws of physics, Jim."

    • Any tips for a good value headlight?

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        The $5 Arlec is OK, but broad beam, not focussed.

        I suppose this is good value if you use rechargables. <100 lumens is enough for camping, fishing. I have one similar.
        I just hate the dishonesty in the torch business.

        Generally, small torches that use 2xAA instead of 3xAAA are brighter, run longer and more convenient.
        If you actually want closer to a 350 lumen headlamp, get one that runs off 18650 Li-Ion cells, with a genuine Cree XR-E or better.

        You can find them cheap on ebay etc, but quality varies, and the lumen claims are even more wildly exaggerated.

      • The $5 Arlec one is pretty good value.
        Still the usual 3x AAA annoying 3 function design, but it's cheap.

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        Something that looks like these:


        I can't vouch for the quality, but they will be decent brightness. Check the reviews. $20 delivered with prime for a full kit is great!
        The included batteries are probably low capacity.

    • LOL, looks like its straight out of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell

  • This would be good for night running

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      I got this one and use it for running. Have to hold it in my hand though… The lack of a strap over the head makes it constantly slide down when running. Just FYI

      • I don't have this one but is the same thing however I don't experience the sliding. Even when you adjust it?

      • if you have a cap with one of those velcro adjusters at the back, try wearing it backwards and position the strap over that velcro bit. helps keep it in place.

  • $18.05 for Power Pass Holders.

  • Very good for EDC.

  • i've got the 200 lumen version (blue strap) which is $4 less. used it heaps when washing the car in the afternoon turns to evening, also pruning the garden at night during summer. i put rechargeable batteries in this of course. i've had it for a few years now so the switch is getting a little glitchy but light output still good for the price i paid.

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    Just picked up a head torch at Aldi for $4.99 if anyone is looking

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