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[Prime] 8 Free Monthly Prime Gaming Bundles for Genshin Impact @ Amazon Prime Gaming


From now to December there is a total of 8 Prime Gaming bundles for Genshin Impact, one release a month. You can get the 1st one for free by taking up an Amazon Prime Trial (if not already a Prime member). The others you need to have Prime subscription.

The 3rd Bundle (Sept) includes

  • 60 Primogems
  • 8 Hero's Wits
  • 5 Calla Lily Seafood Soup

Previous bundle:

  • 60 Primogems
  • 8 Hero's Wits
  • 5 Mushroom Pizza

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android and iOS.

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  • Which platform is the best?

    • +3

      Ps5. No loading when you teleport.

      • And its getting Aloy

        • Pc will get her and the bow too. Just a little later.

          • -3

            @Sammyboy: It's already out on pc mate

            • @Dealzallday: As in the free Aloy character and bow…. I'm AR56 on Genshin PC

          • @Sammyboy: Predator Bow is PlayStation exclusive

            • @dione: It can be used as a cosmetic bow on pc I think. Have Amos so really doesn't worry me and the new craftable inazuma bow is even better than the predator

  • thanks friend

  • -1

    What is this game

  • +3

    Don't play it, might get addicted

    • It's ok to get addicted, just DON'T PULL!

      • +2

        don't pull what

    • +1

      Honestly I can't get addicted to it, the game is such a slog after you reach around AR 30+

      • +1

        Have you seen inazuma? They made genshin great again.

        • Yeah I saw the update (they emailed me after all)

          Is it really that much better though? I remember beating anything in the world takes forever since I levelled up the world, and running around spending resin and doing daily missions takes quite some time too…

          I think part of my problem also is that I get too spoiled with other gacha games that gives you skip tickets and auto farm. And even with honkai, it feels like doing dailies doesn't take too long (iirc, I haven't played that in long time either)

          • @lesher: Seems like the grind isnt for you. So just do the inazuma story and explore. The exploration is what makes this game great, whenever you doing something, theres always something else to you in a distance or if you spin your camera around.

            Grind is only if you wana get strong and pull new characters which isnt essential.

            You can turn down your world level if things have too much hp.

  • why does the link have an ozba0e-20 tag?

    • I didn't see a tag, links directly to the prime page.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I was not aware Prime Gaming was included with Amazon Prime.

    For others who are checking, it's under "Twitch" in the Explore your Benefits section of Prime membership.

  • Genshin players.. Quick question:
    Got two kids that play this game - can I link them both to my Amazon Prime account?


    • +1

      Do you mean so they can both get the codes?

      • Yeah.. Only have one Prime account

        • +11

          I'll PM you my code mate. I'm not going to use it

          • +1

            @InsertCrow: Thank you..

            • +1

              @bchliu: damn was going to suggest a battleroyale for the favourite kid that gets the code but his way is better

              • @furythree: Lol. Damn.. Why didn't I think of that earlier? haha

    • No, one code per prime.

      • OK. thanks..

  • +5

    In case any one wants it:

    • Taken

  • +3

    Another code for anyone interested. Replace the ? with the first letter of my user name. Hopefully that's enough to trick the bots.


  • +1

    Anyone with the code they don't use please PM me.
    Thank you :)

    • +2

      Balanced out your downvote. I don't get why people hate other people asking for stuff. Just ignore it if you don't like it.

      • thank you kind sir :D

      • -2

        Do you like your local homeless bum sitting outside 7/11 asking you for change and/or a ciggie?

        • Not particularly. I should care more though. In any case, I ask for things from people now and again, just like how people ask me for things. Ask and you shall receive, and all that stuff.

  • Are these due at the beginning of the month (i.e. later today - allowing for time differences)?

    • No

  • Anyone got a spare code?

  • +2

    Not sure if this needs a new post, but Bundle #2 is out https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/genshinimpact

  • 8APVCKJJUQNR where 8 is 7 and Y is Q

    • +1

      Thx so much! Redeemed.

  • Merged from [Prime] Free Genshin Impact Bundle #3 @ Prime Gaming

    The 3rd Genshin Impact bundle on Prime Gaming is available for claiming now until September 23.

    The 3rd Bundle includes:

    • 60 Primogems
    • 8 Hero's Wits
    • 5 Calla Lily Seafood Soup

    Claim it before the offer expires. And good luck on your Baal pulls. She's OP. :)

    • +6


      I don't play. Enjoy!

    • +2

      DS6VS9U832HD Here is mine

    • +3

      Here you go:

      • Aww you guys are fast ahah

    • 3SPVCB8SLZ7Z

    • RA7DUJX28PV9

    • I don’t have prime :( anyone willing to part with the code via DM? Thanks a million

    • Can someone please DM me their code? I believe bots are about :(

    • My DMs are always open for codes ahah

    • I'm also open to being DM'd a code 😅

      • Don't worry, turns out you can only use one code.

    • I too would like a code
      Please and thank you :D

      • SENT (:

        • +1

          Thanks muchly!

    • Me also would like a code, thank u~

    • Also open to getting dm'd a code =D ty!

    • Maybe comment under the name of those you give a code? Spread the love? Idk haha

      Here is mine.

    • I would love a code if anyone is generous or bothered enough to DM!

      • +1


        Edit: Ah, you're set to not accept DMs, DM me and I'll reply

    • If anyone got a spare code, would really appreciate it!

    • DM please ! anyone with a spare code.



      if you want codes via DM, turn it on in your settings

      • Oh… I didn't even know it was disabled by default 🙃

      • claimed

    • XBPCDG9NR22Z

    • First PM gets mine

      Gone very fast

    • DM please anyone with a spare code! Thanks!

    • I played this a few weeks ago. How do you find people to play with?
      I think I got to level 10 or something. Strong BotW feels when doing quests and exploring, so it's not a bad solo experience either.

      • https://discord.gg/genshin

        theres 100k people in here, always groups of people chatting in coop voice channels and people looking for people to play with

    • Thanks OP - would appreciate a code though!

    • Here's mine LSPVCMUUE4UD.

      FYI there's apparently more bundles coming out:
      * September 2021
      * October 2021
      * November 2021 x2
      * December 2021

      First come first serve if anyone wants to DM me.

    • 3S6DA9C8HBA5

      aaaaaaand, here's last months too - YB6T3PLE79AZ

      • It says that the code for last month has expired :(

    • NT7UDBD6U4FR

    • +1



    • Guys please DM, don't post the code. Otherwise bots will take it

    • yes! DM me please, tried one after 7 seconds and it was gone :(

      • Sent. Enjoy

    • can someone dm me with a spare code pls, thanks!! :)

    • If anyone had a spare code, would really appreciate a DM

    • PLease DM me if you have spare code! Thanks:)

    • Happy to be DMd codes… Need Baal 😂

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