Cheapest Way to Post an Xbox Series X Interstate

Hey guys, does anyone know the best way to send an Xbox series X interstate?

I have the original box and packaging, but I suspect Australia Post will be way too expensive e.g. north of $50.

Are there any other career companies that would be better?


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    • Measure the dimensions.
    • Weigh the package.
    • Visit postage calculators on shipping websites.
    • Choose one.
    • Done.
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      He is the postal Messiah

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        I'm not the Messiah. I'm a very naughty boy.


          A like for the Life of Brian ref lol.

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    Sendle price is appx. $17.

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    This is one thing surely you wouldn't want to skimp on quality on.

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    are you selling it? Should we expect another post you've been scammed out of an xbox?

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      No, it’s from ‘locked down state‘ to ‘stuck in state’

      Self (families house) to self (travelling)


    This guy can get it to your destination. All you've got to do is send it.

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    Put it in a blender and then into a medium flat rate box… $12.50 plus the box price.

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    gumtree porting to ebay for free listing
    get first shipping label for free via ebay sendle (targeted and ending 29th July)
    so cheapest should be FREE


    I just sent a ps5 7 hours around qld, cost $48 with insurance via auspost, had no issues.