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Deluxe Recliner Lounge $25 in-Store / C&C /+ Delivery ($0 with $65 Order) @ Kmart


Pretty Comfy camping recliner for the price. Was stoked to find the last two in Toowong. Stock seems to still be around in a few stores.

Main downsides are it's heavy and awkward to carry, but given the price and comfort I think it's worth $25.

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  • Not the same company I know, but just be aware of this issue…maybe?
    Supercheap Auto had a recall on a similar item.

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    No drink holder? This is not for camping.

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    The real question is does it have RGB?

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    Or the real question is does it have massage option

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    In the group we camp with at Easter there have been about 6 different versions of these. All broke after little use as the design places a lot of force on a pin through the plastic handle.
    They are quite comfortable, but junk.

    • Probably explains why the newer version that isn't on sale has locking teeth integral with the arm rests vs the friction tensioner on the slide on this model. Good thing I've kept my receipts, will probably try to find a way to up the friction on the bar beneath the arm rest

  • Love these recliner lounge, resting on them after cycle ride or workout is pleasure.

  • Damm.. Max weight is 100 KG ….

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      Buy 2

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