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Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote (2021 Updated) US$35.49 (~A$49.45) + Delivery @ Amazon US


A possible replacement for the now defunct Harmony systems. Some positive feedback on various threads on whirlpool.

This will expire in about 3 hours and is already 80% claimed.

I saw it 5 minutes ago and I've grabbed it at this price. Hopefully, I will not be regretting it!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Sadly no free shipping.

    Hard pass

    • +1

      That $65 includes shipping and GST, and makes it $10 less than you can get from Amazon Australia with Prime.

      I mean fair enough on the hard pass, but this is still a good price.

      • Could you provide a break-down on how you received the final price?

        Items: USD 49.99
        Shipping & handling: USD 13.18
        Your Coupon Savings: -USD 2.50
        Lightning Deal: -USD 12.00
        Total before GST: USD 48.67
        Estimated GST to be collected: USD 4.87
        Order total: USD 53.54
        Payment Total: AUD 74.60 (72.54 using MC Rates)

        • Hmm - my shipping is way lower! So, it looks like mileage will vary with user. I've got absolutely no explanation for this, unless it is because I've done checkout in USD to avoid the conversion tax.

          Item(s) Subtotal: $49.99
          Shipping & Handling: $6.90
          Lightning Deal:-$12.00
          Your Coupon Savings: -$2.50
          Total before GST: $42.39
          Estimated GST to be collected: $4.24
          Grand Total:$46.63

          • @EthicsGradient: Thanks, I've updated the title as delivery appears to vary based on location.

            • @RichardL: Very odd - I'm in Hobart, which is not well known for postage discounts.

      • -1

        but this is still a good price.

        I can get a universal remote at Kmart for $12…

        • I've looked at that one, you need to check online to see if it will work with your appliance brands.
          Click on the instruction manual

          • @WatchNerd: If you scan through each code, you'll find one that works, even if not listed…

            • @jv: Awesome thanks! Do you own one? I need a remote for my Bauhn TV but it didn't list that brand so I haven't bought anything yet.

              • @WatchNerd:

                Awesome thanks! Do you own one?

                Got one for a family friend a couple of years back…

                It worked fine, but it took a while to find the right code manually…

                There's a key combination you press each time. When the TV turns on (or off), you most likely have a code that works. Just try most of the other buttons… eg. volume, channel changing… If they don't work, just move onto the next code. There are hundreds…

              • @WatchNerd: Yes it works great

                • @Vickey1987: Sorry just to clarify - do you own a Bauhn TV & the Kmart remote?

        • +1

          Well, go for it then!

          If it will make you happier, this is still a good price for the Sofabaton.

          • @EthicsGradient: Hopefully, you will not be regretting it!

            • +2

              @jv: Indeed!

              (But Gumtree always makes a good home for regrets)

        • A long wooden stick to press the buttons on your devices directly would be cheaper still…

  • i would have waited for the u2

    • +4

      It will be a beautiful day when that happens. Hopefully Sunday bloody Sunday.

      • It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

      • +1

        Then I will watch tv with or without you

  • There are two 2021 variants, ‘2021 updated’ and ‘2021 new’ which one is the best/newest?

    • +1

      I have no idea. And apparently neither do most of the Amazon reviewers, but the ones who have commented on have said that there isn't any difference. The most credible answer I've seen is that Sofabaton uses it to distinguish batches from different suppliers.

      But TBH, <shrug meme>?

  • +6

    Sofa baton LOL

    • +1

      Grab my sofa baton

      • +2

        Is that a sofa baton in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me

    • +2

      Better than sofa bat off :P

  • Reviews indicate that it's just a remote with no inbuilt "Macro" function like a Harmony.

    • +2

      Not sure that's true: https://www.amazon.com/vdp/32d499aeecae4f50adfcad80fb39eb53

      To be fair, given the language around, it is hard to tell if there is only one assignable macro key or a set, and also not clear if macros work across devices. I'm hoping that I can mix and match devices on a single screen, but I'll be finding out the hard way on this.

      What it will do though, is allow us to replace multiple remotes, and given it is still available and actively supported, that's a win over the Harmony.

  • Love my Logitech Harmony 350. Suggest going for one of those while you can.

  • There's less and less of a point for these in my opinion (obviously subjective) as more devices can be controlled by a mobile phone, even if it doesn't have an IR blaster. I haven't used my remote in quite some time.

    • +3

      Fair enough - we find phone remotes to be a painful faff, and both of our media players and our TV are IR based, so we are happy with the idea of doing away with a cluster of remotes.

  • i have been using this remote for last 2 months with my Sony X900H and Harman Kardon Sound system

    This remote in much better than the LG Harmony. Really easy to add new devices as it pairs with your mobile on bluetooth.

    If you can't find a device in the existing database just send them an email and they get it added in a day.

  • +1

    I can't believe they aren't turning a profit on these remotes, they have been the default standard for decades. I get they may not be as popular as they were, but surely there is a viable business still there. You would think they would at least spin it off

  • The Sofabaton U1 doesn't say urban freewheelers. It says … sofa masturbators.