How Is Your Kogan nbn Experience?

I just saw the email ad for Kogan NBN 100/20 for $78.90 per month ongoing (not those 6 months promotional price).
I have FTTP in apartment building and currently I am with Exetel 50/20 plan. Hoping to upgrade my current plan to a faster NBN plan.
Is anyone using Kogan NBN 100/20 plan and what is your user experience so far?
Another question on my existing Exetel ZTE H268A router - will this work with Kogan NBN?

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  • ZTE H268A instructions for Kogan who use DHCP. FTTP cancellation isn't done automatically. Call Exetel to cancel.

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      Thanks mate. Does that mean I dont need to input account name and password? Sorry I am a noob in this and never switched nbn providers.

      • The ISP username and password is not used with Kogan. DHCP is automatic.

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    Should go with fliptv for $69, I've been with both and they're almost identical. Ping is a little higher at 20-35 than with superloop or ABB but you'll get that with the cheaper ISPs.

    • Would you know if fliptv uses DHCP? My only concern is how to set up my existing ZTE router with new provider.

      • FlipTV = PPPoE.

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          Thanks mate. I guess FlipTV is similar to Mate NBN where you need to input account name and password.

  • If you are in apartment checked if you can get TPG FTTB? 100/20 for $60 a month.

    • I checked but its not available to me

  • did you end up getting kogan nbn?

    any feedback?

    • I went with Flip TV NBN as they have 6 months promotion on 100/20 plan. So far so good.

      • hows your speeds , ping, dropouts etc?

        ive read really poor reviews so hesitant to change

        • I just did speed test online. Full download and upload speed. Ping is around 8-11 ms.
          I dont play online games these days so I dont pay too much attentions on ping.

          • @arctan: thats similar to my existing exetel.

            How long did it take for you to switch over? within hrs or was it more days?

            • @Philthy: 24 hours to get Flip TV nbn activated. Pretty good I think.

  • Anyone used a telstra smart modem gen2 with kogan?

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