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EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 8GB (Non LHR) Graphics Card $1399 Delivered @ Scorptec


Seems a Decent deal for evga product,
its non LHR

best of luck folks

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  • Price on title plz

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      done :)

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    Definitely hodor

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    Ridiculous price.

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    jesus, I thought I was paying too much at $999 for the xc3 ultra from ple in march

    • This card, the XC3 black, and XC3 Ultra are all the same power, don't get an increase until the FTW cards

  • Has there been any changes in prices for cards like GTX 1060. Seems like there has been no price changes to the lowers end if the market.

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    Not a deal at all. A lower end model going for $1399. There's 3070 ti's for a bit more or cheaper then this in stock/pre order at PLE.

    • Classic. Downvotes for no reason, yet people upvoting something that's clearly not a deal.

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    Next month you'll probably be able to get a pre built with a 3070 at this price. Card alone is a no go

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      you won't get a non lhr

  • Too expensive for mining - a month or so ago you could get a full dell desktop i7-11th gen 3070 build for ~$1.8k.

    If you were to start mining on this, Roi would be questionable.

    Sorta expensive for gaming too as other pointed out.

  • No deal

  • Still sold out and you wonder why retailers are jacking prices there‚Äôs always the 1% of ppl that would pay this stupid amount of money for a low end card. Lol

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    Bunch of paperhanded PC nerdz!

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