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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512GB Cosmic Black $997 + Delivery ($0 to Metro) @ Officeworks (Online Only)


This is my first post.
I found this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512GB in the clearance section at officeworks website.

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        Same, have it for about a year and no complaints about battery. Phone was bigger than I anticipated but I've come to love it now.

  • Nice. Just bought a S20fe 5g for $750 though :(

    • This is a good deal, is there any more stock?

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        I got it from the Coles employee Samsung portal.
        Not sure but maybe education store is similar?

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          128gb Galaxy S20 FE 5G is $799.20 on the education store at the moment
          The 245gb variant is out of stock unfortunately

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            @boomboompower: There ya go, $50 welcome voucher and you beat me by 80c

            • @teacherer: Bought for $799. For some reason I couldn't get that $50.00 voucher.

              • @Ceejay: Takes a couple days unfortunately.
                Shame the screen is worse in the S20fe than my old s9+.
                Oh well

          • @boomboompower: Thanks guys, I bought one. My old Sony Xperia Premium has done me well the last 4 years, but it's time to upgrade lol

    • I got the 4g SD version for $544.15 earlier this month.

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    autofocus issue is not a bug that can be fixed with an update

    • I had to read that twice, it means the opposite if you missed grammar.

      So you're saying it has an issue that can never be fixed?

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        Yep, the S21 introduced laser autofocus to fix the issue.

        S20 has autofocus issues that will persist indefinitely.

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    rather do trade in and pay just a bit extra for S21 Ultra from Samsung

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    Nothing against you op, but Very bad choice for that price. This phone is 1.5 years old.

    • Yet 81 votes so far ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    For a second i thought it said S21 Ultra. I would have definitely jumped on that.

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    Exynos 990 in late 2021? Really? Accounting for thermal throttling, you're basically paying $1000 for a chip that performs similarly to the Snapdragon 855, a chip that was announced in December 2018.

    The camera is a letdown too. So what exactly are you paying for?

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      exactly, no brainer, S21 Ultra with Samsung trade in is the way to go

    • That feel when July = late 2021

    • Serious question, what do you need this processing power for in your mobile?
      I'm an old school PC guy and understand rendering on workstations, etc., but mobile?

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        It's not a question of why you "need" the processing power, but why are you paying twice as much for less processing power. This phone doesn't make sense ESPECIALLY to those after maximum processing power, as they won't find it here.

        • I agree, im using Note 10+ exynos version and have had no issues mostly using it as a phone and media device but the very occasional pubg mobile and i dont see why i would need more as it currently performs.

        • Again, what do you need the processing power for? I'm not asking about phone in general or price, just the use of phone's processing power…

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    If you buy this, then blame yourself. Not the guy who posted the deal.
    Camera is awful for a phone at this price.
    S20 fe 5g has a way better camera.

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      I guess your saying blame yourself for not doing your own research.

      • Right 👍🏼

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    Got the s21 ultra for $964

    • With trade in or a network provider?

      • with the previous s21 ultra deal

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    should be $597 to call that clearance, to be honest

  • Should be S21 ultra at this price

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    Not gonna lie, got a little hard when I saw 512gb. But the s20 got me soft again

    • got a little hard when I saw

      That's nature

  • This means S22 anytime now

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      S22 in late January/early Feb.

  • note20 ultra was same price

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    Paid less than this for a 256gb s21 ultra in the recent deal. This doesn't seem like a great deal to be honest.

  • I've had this phone since release. Perfect word to sum it up - underwhelming. My previous phone the S10 5G was a beast with a better camera etc… This felt like a downgrade.

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      Been using s105g for over 2 years now. Great phone. 512 Gb storage, great camera, headphone jack, side key button to quick launch any selected app.

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    That's a good price. IMO those looking for similar specs, the Oppo Find X2 Pro deal from JB Hi-Fi for $699 would be the better choice.

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