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Huggies Newborn Nappies Size 1 (up to 5kg) 108 Count - $24 ($20.40 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Size 2 is also available at the same price

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  • Aldi nappies are cheaper and better IMO.

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      They're cheaper, I wouldn't say better…

      Depends a lot on the kid too, one of mine had rashes with ALDI but nothing with Huggies.

      • Same also every time leakage problem leads to lots of work of cleaning mainly when they poop and leak than start smells huggies better very less time had a leakage

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      Agree with aldi being the best bang for the buck, especially for larger sizes. Only other ones that work to prevent leaks overnight are Huggies ultimate. Every kid is different obv.

      Wipes however, Huggies wins easily over aldi and generic supermarket brands.

      • We use Aldi thick wipes over Huggies. Its just so much more cheaper and works just as well.

      • For wipes, we use the re-usable Cheeky wipes at home (what ever is cheapest while outside). The re-usable, water-based cheeky wipes are as good as giving the baby a bath every time. Throw them in the wash separately at 60+ degrees and they're good as new again to use.

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      IMO close but not as good as huggies….found that Aldi could not hold up to the overnight sleep…where huggies could always

      • It was the opposite for us. The sizing seems to be better on the Aldi ones for us, so there was a lot less leaks compared to the Huggies.

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      Aldi during day, Huggies for overnight sleep.

  • Just FYI, my son got rashes after using huggies, we switched to Aldi nappies and no rash, switched back to huggies and rash again. I feel the inner layer of huggies is a bit rougher than huggies and babylove.

    • same but we swapped to woolies

    • Same - swapped to babylove. Our rashes were like chemical contact burns. Awful.

    • Yeah, the Huggies' inner layer is definitely rougher than the Aldi ones. The gussets are a bit of a hit and miss on the Huggies, we found.

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