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50% off Sitewide, Extra 20% off for Members @ Sheridan Outlet


50% Off + additional 20% off for VIP members!

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  • What's a CB provider account?

    • Cashback provider. So ShopBack or Cashrewards

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    the business model for Sheridan seems to be outrageous prices you would be insane to pay… and the outlet store where its discounted to marginally above everyone else.

    frankly it seems like many retailers are now adopting this business model.

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      Sheridan and Sheridan Outlet are two separate lines. Basically two different business running at different price points under the same brand.

      • So there's a big difference in terms of quality ?

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          Generally quality is the same - as per normal retail products, they vary depending on the product model/range/series.

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            @mickyb80: false. quality of outlet-only products are worse than non-outlet items.
            However, the quality of non-outlet items that have been relegated to the outlet for stock clearance are good.

            source: used to work at sheridan.

            • @waterbottled:

              However, the quality of non-outlet items that have been relegated to the outlet for stock clearance are good.

              Yeah, as I was saying earlier in reply to the sweeping statements being made.

        • Disregard this guy and read the comments here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513016

          • @Cheaplikethebird: Man, you're way overly-invested in proving your one point, never mind others having a different experience. Do you work for a competitor?

            • @mickeyjuiceman: Gotta do something while I watch load screens. Sorry for correcting your misleading posts?

              As confirmed by Waterbottled, the online Outlet stores doesn't carry items from Sheridan, that stuff goes the Outlet retail stores.

              • @Cheaplikethebird: Yeah, right: "However, the quality of non-outlet items that have been relegated to the outlet for stock clearance are good." i.e. like the stuff I've bought off them online, at an outlet store and at the regular store being the same thing.

                You seem to think that because something happens with towels it happens across all lines.

      • +1

        so completely different product made specifically for the outlet? not just last seasons styles?

        • Yep completely different range and it's been the same for years, I bought the Patterson towels from Sheridan Outlet back in 2018.

          I dont have a huge amount of experience with the two different lines but the Luxury Retreat towels I have from Sheridan are much higher quality than the Patterson towels. I guess it's sort of like a diffusion line from a luxury label, mainline offers brand+quality+design, while diffusion you're just paying for the brand status.

          • @Cheaplikethebird: I've got products from the outlet that you can get in store like Myer. Heavily discounted, like they're discontinued lines or something but same item/quality.

            • @whitelie: Not sure what lines they run in stores but the Sheridan and Sheridan Outlet websites have two completely different ranges which haven't really changed since 2018 apart from switching up some colour offerings.

            • @whitelie: If you want proof just go through old OzBargain posts, you'll never see an Outlet item posted under Sheridan.com and vice versa, going back years.

        • -1

          Same products in many cases. There is a mix of both. However, why buying from the outlet site or store, the tag says outlet to ensure you people dont try to return a discounted products to a retailer and get RRP refunds.

          I've had both 3part retail, Sheridan direct retail and outlet. Most of the time the same stuff. No issues.

          • -1

            @mickyb80: They're not. Just look at the website!

            They're different products with different GSMs you bloody numptys.

            • +1

              @Cheaplikethebird: They are - i've bought the same items in the past and seen them in both Myer and the retail shops. Same are exclusive, but not all!

              Anyways… Don't think we need to debate this one.

              Want to buy from the site at 70% of the site listed price - here is an offer and chance.

              Sheridan Outlet online offers an extensive range of quality pillows, quilts, towels, blankets, bed sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts and mattress protectors across Australia and New Zealand.

              We’re proud of our high quality products available at everyday prices, sold exclusively under the Sheridan Outlet brand.

              Our merchandise also includes out-of-season and discontinued bed linen and towels from our Sheridan retail locations, and production samples that vary slightly from Sheridan on-range designs in their fabrication, colour or trim. Our range of discounted Sheridan-branded products extends your choices to include quilt covers, quilt cover sets and accessories."

              The last paragraph states they are products from Retail outlets also. Not all retail have a stock rotation policy or return pre-season stock. They usually try to sell in-house first at a discounted price (still retaining some margin) before returning for stock rotation to a vendor. but what would I know? Never sold or supplied retailers any products before… (not that either of us knows each other's backgrounds). 😣

              • @mickyb80: Mate, I've been watching the stores for the last couple years, the lines haven't changed in years. Go search one of the lines from either stores on OzBargain and you will find they only ever show up under their respective store. What was the item you bought from one but was sold in the other?

                • +2

                  @Cheaplikethebird: Can confirm they sell out of season items in the outlet stores, but stock is hit and miss depending on individual stores and always the weird sizes or with minor defects. Rule of thumb is if they are stacked neatly on shelves with lots of colours/options to choose from, it's a made for outlet item.

                  • +1

                    @blablabla23: Yeah I'm not sure about the Outlet stores as I mentioned previously but the websites are 100% definitely completely different lines.

                    Here's a post for Sheridan Outlet in 2018, oh what's that it's all the same products back then? Guess they have a pretty extended stock rotation schedule.


                    Also read through the comments in this post - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513016

                    @waterbottled "All the towels, pillows, quilts and some sheets in the outlet stores are only for outlets. However, outlet stores also stock some non-outlet range of other products (e.g sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers) that are old season."

                    … like I've been saying.

      • Having bought the same item (linen quilt cover) from each store in the past, this change must be a new thing, as mine are identical.

        • +1

          Not sure what they stock in stores but the websites have two completely different ranges which have barely changed since 2018 when I started monitoring them somewhat regularly on my hunt to get a bargain on the ultimate towel which according to some comments in an old OzB post is Sheridan's Luxury Retreat towel (Ended up getting them for $20/each by stacking Bday promo code+EOFY sale+CR)

      • I don't know if Sheridan themselves do it but I know it's not an uncommon practice. For anyone interested in some further reading:

        • It's a common tactic across the entire clothing and textile industry. Sell quality items to rich people who have all nice things and would notice the drop in quality then sell a lower quality line to poor people who don't know the difference and are mostly after the brand status.

          • +1

            @Cheaplikethebird: that's right, just like Georgio Armani has Armani Jeans or Armani Exchange which are significantly poorer quality lines for the plebs.

  • How do you add that CB provider box under the Deal logo?

  • Last time I ordered Sheridan stuff it was in the 99 dollar sale some great bargains. Not sure when they have a new one.

  • Their RRP price went up significantly. the same product purchased in 2018 (after discount) was $9.89. now is $13.18 (after 50%+20% off)

  • +2

    I wish they'd lower their free delivery minimum though

  • +2

    It's not 50%+20%=70%

    It's 50% off original price, then 20% of the discounted price. A total of 60% discount.

    60% is basically what the sales are always at Sheridan outlet….

  • Don't forget Unidays will give you another 10% off!!!! I just completed the order

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