Viking Jerky Having Problems? Ordered 4 Weeks Ago and Has Not Arrived

Hi All,

Has anyone ordered from Viking Jerky?

My first order was dispatched pretty quickly, so a placed another 2 orders and they seem to have gone quiet?

IIRC this is the same way the original Geronimo Jerky went.

I'd really prefer to get the jerky than have to lodge another Paypal dispute.



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      Yep … they have responded on one order saying it would be shipped last Tuesday … no further word, tracking or delivery though.

      There has been no response to at least 3 emails about the other order though.

      Almost like they only check emails occasionally (monthly?).

      Hence my post here to see if anyone else was having issues.

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        Ring em

        Viking Jerky
        Food manufacturer
        Address: 77 Camelia Ave, Everton Hills QLD 4053
        Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM
        Phone: 0414 716 447

        • Have tried but no one answered

          See previous response … curious to hear if others have had similar issues.

  • rep hasnt been online in 4 weeks or so…

  • Yep - just got a tracking number so back on track hopefully.

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    Sounds like the same crew as Geronimo jerky under a new name. They even described flavours as similar to Geronimo. Jerky seems like a new cowboy industry new brands setting up and shutting down.

    The nature of being able to ramp up operations and cure meat on the fly as the money comes in.

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    True, it is actually the same guy as Geronimo, even though an email claimed not to be … payments also go into a family trust … don’t know if that is also a red flag.

  • Got my second order today, ordered about a month ago.

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    Hello Everyone,

    As mentioned before I own Friendly Grocers at unit 14/77 Camelia Avenue and Viking Jerky which we produce.
    It was recommended by a member of Ozbargain for me to post on here.

    I do not own or never have had any affiliation with Geronimo other then us stock their product and now producing their recipe.
    If there is any Ozbargain members in our area please feel free to drop in.

    We only had 2 issues with customers, one the customer sent to his place of employment and someone reject the parcel and the other was incorrectly address and returned some time later. It was repacked with new product and sent out. All orders are out with no backorders.

    You will see through our trust both my business's of Friendly Grocers and Viking Jerky are attached to Trust.

    I am sorry your order got messed up Chops.


    • Hi Tony,

      In the interests of full disclosure, does the owner of Geronimo Jerky work for you?

      • Hi Chops,

        Did you receive your order?

        From my understanding there where four owners one of which owned the recipes.
        The other business partners created issues and were bought out before it suddenly closed.
        He has advises us of recipes and does come in to assist and show us how the whole process works.
        He is not employed by us.


        • Yes … Mark Hoyle was who I exchanged emails with about the late orders though … wasn’t he the frontman for Geronimo? Seems contradictory.

          • @chops: P.S. my order was neither misaddressed nor sent to a business address, so why did it take more than a month?

            I just placed an order for another 10 bags … hoping delivery will be quicker this time?

  • ABN 35 508 789 569
    Entity name: The trustee for The EID Family Trust
    ABN status: Active from 01 Sep 2005
    Entity type: Discretionary Trading Trust
    Goods & Services Tax (GST): Registered from 01 Sep 2005
    Main business location:
    QLD 4053
    Business name(s)help
    Business name

  • Also we have just imported and received packing machine and printed bags.
    The packing machine gives us the ability to pack over 5000 bags a day comfortably.
    We haver also received our new packaging with over 1 million bags.

    Once this part is operational we will be able to give you even more discounts as well as speedy deliver.

    Again thank you for your feedback and sorry if you experienced any delays.

    We are improving and growing day by day and with our new flavour up for sale soon we are offering more flavours and more size options.

    Thank you,


    • Well it's good you posted. That does lend to some sincerity of a genuine business.

  • Thank you and the fact that we have run and still run a business since 2005 ;-)

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    Ordered 2 weeks ago for Father’s Day, everything was in stock as far as I could tell.

    The only update I’ve received is an “order received” email a week later.

    Tried to contact via email - no response, phoned twice - went to voicemail.

    I do think the jerky will turn up, it’s just a bit frustrating being in the dark.

    If your lead time is 4 weeks, might I suggest you put this on your site, or advise via an email after the order is placed. Something. Anything. Communication is good.

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    I had a similar email exchange with Tony last week… I have received a tracking number, after 2 false starts and about a week after claimed here. I am not so sure the concept of customer loyalty being earned, has sunk in, particularly as many of us went through similar poor communication with Mark Hoyle and Geronimo.

    • Yeah, my last dealing with Geronimo ended with a PayPal dispute / refund and I never went back.

      It’s such a shame because the product is so good lol (well, at least Geronimo was, haven’t been able to try these guys yet!).

      Bah, I will wait (I think I have up to 45 days for a PayPal dispute). Hopefully my whinge helps to set expectations for others.

      • I think PayPal has extended their dispute period, but check … things like this are pretty cut and dried [LOL) … but it will take them months to decide as PP themselves are pretty hopeless lately.

  • I am having the same issue. 17 days so far, no proper response or tracking number. I think Paypal dispute may be the only option.
    Same as you, I really liked Geronimo.

    • How did you go?

      Against my better judgement I have put another order in (yes via PayPal) … will report back when I hear from them as no confirmation yet.

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        Had to escalate via OzB, email, website and paypal but yes I did finally get it. Not sure if the taste is worth the buying experience.