Need Help with Dual Monitor Setup

Looking at the amount of people who posted lots of computer related stuff here, I assumed that most people here have experience in this, I am looking into setting up dual screens for work/gaming, currently using Samsung bezel-less design, I am looking to buy another same monitor or similar, question is what is everyone take on with the monitor stand?

I am looking for affordable but sturdy monitor stand, I don't mind buying 2 single arm stand or two arms stand, looking for pointers if anyone can help me with the stand.


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    get 2 singles if your desk will be very close/against the wall

    • Agreed. In general, I have found two singles a little more versatile

      • Yeah, I regret buying a double. It generally works fine but there's zero benefit to it over two singles, it wasn't much cheaper and it loses a fair bit of flexibility because there's not a whole lot of options for the position it's in and when I switch from sitting to standing desk it involves rejigging how they're setup.

        It was well reviewed but considering the price of two singles from the same brand wouldn't have been much more, I should have gone with that. That said, I've never used two single arms, might be a pain the first time it's setup.

  • I couldn't go back to one monitor, so dual (or more) is where it's at. When I had my 2 x 25" 1080p monitors a dual stand was pretty good, but as people have said it may stick out from the wall/edge of the desk more than you would like. Two singles will give you the ability to space them enough to push them back further. Another alternative is dual wall mounts.

    I upgraded my monitors to 1 x 34" @ 2440 x 1440 + 1 x 27" @2560 x 1440 (they are the same physical height and vertical resolution so work well together)… but they no longer fit on my dual arm stand because it's not built wide enough to manage the 34" monitor. Another benefit of single monitor arms over dual. While there are options for duals at over 30", it doesn't appear to be a large market.

    The one thing I did like about my dual stand is that it's not two arms on springs like this (which is what I had at work):

    But rather one central mounting point with rigid arms like this:

    **NOTE: This is just the first link google showed, not a recommendation for these particular arms or seller.

    With two independent arms you can move them around more freely, which is nice, but I was forever trying to get them to sit juuuuust right, square and at the same height. At home with the rigid arm and two identical monitors, they were always nice and level.

    So here I am with at 27" on the old dual stand and a 34" on its own stand… I really should look around and buy a couple of singles one of these days to clear up some of the clutter on my desk.

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