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Wildspirit Seltzer 2x Cartons (24x Mango, 24x Lime 375ml Cans) $150 (Was $199.90) Delivered @ Wildspirit Distilling Co


A new deal from Wildspirit, the sister distillery of Dad & Dave's Brewing.

Includes 2 cartons of:
24 x 375ml Luscious Lime
24 x 375ml Magic Mango

Made using a hint of natural flavour – lime, mango, raspberry or passionfruit – crisp sparkling water, and our gluten free alcohol base, we’ve created a refreshing alternative to the humdrum vodka & soda.

With less than 90 calories, each can tastes dry – not sweet! Our alcoholic sparkling water is the perfect low calorie & low carb refreshment with the wild taste that you’ve been waiting for.

Best served from the can to your lips.

375ml @ 3.5% ALC/VOL

BB Mango is 15/04/22
BB Lime is 15/04/22

Thank you everyone who took advantage of our Black IPA offer.

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    I have no idea if this is a bargain or not but omg why is seltzer generally so expensive? Seems expensive for what essentially is mineral water with dabs of juice and vodka?
    Is the process of making seltzer expensive? I mean there is no aging process in oak casks etc and it’s got so little alcohol I don’t think the tax would be super high ?

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      Alcopop tax :(

      • -1


        The producers of Seltzer's generally "brew" the alcohol unless they just add vodka so a significantly lower beer excise applies rather than the higher spirits excise

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          Hah, I love that you are correcting the guy that actually makes this. Check the title - distilling co. Seltzers on a beer base are quite different to ones that use a neutral spirit and sparkling water. Some people can get the seltzer beer base done fairly well - but you can absolutely tell the difference. Spirit based seltzers are way cleaner.

          But they also attract insane taxes. A superior product, though. I prefer vodka seltzers than beer base. Crisper.

        • We don't use a beer base because it tastes bad. We use vodka.

          • @jamesdumay: Why do you say something different on your website????

            • +1

              @timmy2000: What we use isn't "vodka", so I am not claiming it is as per Food Standards guidelines.

              • @jamesdumay: This guy just can't accept that he has got this wrong and needs to call it a day. So persistent.

          • @jamesdumay: Yep. This kid thinks he's Matlock.

            I've had a whole bunch of seltzers and most beer base ones I have had are slightly rank. Not too bad if the flavour is strong, but they all try to get away with nice mild flavouring and you can taste the yeasty beer tinge. No thanks.

            Nomad's 'salute' isn't too bad - but it doesn't pretend to be a seltzer but a light fruity beer 'for your health' (what?).

            • +1

              @krunchymoses: Wayward's is the best that's made from a brew base in my experience.

              • @jamesdumay: Yeah but they charge as much as a spirit based one! (Not wrong though, they are good. Partner has had a fair spread of seltzers since they started being a thing.)

      • -2

        Just realised you are actually lying about the tax on your product.

        Ozbargain take note!!!

        • +1

          You're confidently wrong on this one. Pipe down, clown.

          • -2

            @krunchymoses: You probably run this dodgy brewery and try and tell people you need to charge exorbitant prices because of the alcopop tax!!!!

        • We use food grade alcohol so our Excise falls under Tariff Item 2. We pay $87.68 per pure litre of alcohol.


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            @jamesdumay: The tax system on that needs a swift kick in the arse.

          • -2

            @jamesdumay: Good. Not much really given your product only has 3.5 percent

          • +1

            @jamesdumay: 24 x 375 ml = 9liters
            3.5% of 9ltr = 315ml
            315ml of $87.68 = $27.62 of tax per case
            So it’s kinda substantial Timmy. I didn’t neg u btw
            Ok… so if ur selling a case at rrp it’s almost $100 and in this special is $75 a case.

            Yeah I agree, alcopop tax is stupid. Instead of fixing the root of the problem, they ruined it for everyone.

  • +1

    Looks pretty good, still a bit too expensive for me considering the alcohol %.

  • Two birds are doing cartons of seltzer for $50


    Not tried them personally

    • +2

      I had the watermelon one (a four pack) and it was absolutely foul. Can't speak to the mango. They use a beer base - wildspirit use a vodka base. Which is why it's so expensive. Wildspirit is alcopop taxed.

      But wildspirit doesn't taste foul so that's nice.

      • Ah, that makes sense on the price diff.

        Thanks for the heads up on taste haha

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    James mate first you need to teach ozbargainers about craft beer and now you have to teach them the different excise on beer base and neutral spirit based seltzers.

    You're earning your sales here mate.

    • +1

      Thanks krunchy!

  • Considering you can make hard seltzer with just water, dextrose, yeast and nutrients with some flavourings the pricing for hard seltzer is shocking, much cheaper than beer to make. Considering it doesn't need grain or hops too.
    Yeah there seltzer made from sprits or ethanol but you can make similar for so much cheaper.

    • This has been discussed in the thread, at length, already. There's a ton of brewed seltzers out there. A lot of them suck. You can get a 4 pack of beer base seltzers from ALDI for like $7. But they are absolutely disgusting.

      These are neutral spirit and sparkling water which is a much more pleasant experience and subject to outrageous alcopop taxes that shouldn't exist.

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