Apple Trade-in Program

Hi, I would appreciate anyone's experience with Apple trade-in program run by Brightstar.

We've got a Gen 6 iPad with a failing battery and have considered a battery service, but given it's 32Gb and already short on space a 64/128Gb option will be better so I'm looking at a 128Gb iPad through the education store.

I'm considering Apple's trade-in program; it's offering $235 for our existing iPad. But I've read some horror stories from overseas where Brightstar quote $X but then significantly reduce that value for no apparent reason. Any good or bad stories re trade-in here? Thanks in advance.

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    I’d say you are always going to be better off selling privately as all they are going to do is clean it up and do that too.

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      I can see where you’re coming from. I checked sold listings on eBay over the last few days, and it appears as though that the average sale price of an iPad 6th Gen 32GB is $300. To be fair, these iPads don’t have failing batteries (or at least, their listings don’t mention failing batteries).

      However, it depends on whether the OP thinks that the hassle of selling an iPad privately is worth the extra $65 (assuming OP’s iPad can actually fetch $300).

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    I traded in my 2015 MBP (entry model), they quoted $610 and I got a $610 gift card.
    Took 1 week from pickup to gift card being issued, no problems at all.

    I'd say, describe your iPad as exactly as possible - they ask about scratches, swelling, … .
    Edit: Also, make sure you clean your iPad before you send it in :P


      Thanks. It's in perfect condition, apart from the battery being unreliable so in theory we should get exactly what they quote. I've just read stories of people sending in properly functioning devices and getting quoted zero value with no explanation given. I guess taking photos & videos of it working before returning would help.

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        my battery was down from an initial 6 hours with my usage to maybe 2.5 … They don't seem to care about battery health and also didn't ask any question about it (besides swelling)

        I didn't take any photos / videos.

        But I also read on Whirlpool that they sent a device back to the customer because they had issues with it.


      Just wondering, I was quoted the same amount, would selling it through Apple for $610 be worth it for this model?
      I've looked around on gumtree and people are offering approximately the same amount.
      I was looking to sell the pro 2015 and buy the new M1 Air when there's a good deal.

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    Selling something with a flakey battery isn't going to get you much. Who would want to buy that? Just trade it in and see.

    Other options are Mobile Monster or Mazuma.

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    Had the exact same issue with a flakey battery on a 2016 ipad pro, quote was around $200, and it processed just fine. The questionnaire only asked if it turns on which it did, exterior was near new condition. I think if you're honest with the answers it will be no fuss.

    If they want to lower the value they'll contact you to offer that and you can just ask for it back if you're not happy with the lower price.