Interesting PayPal Case - Claims Denied in Favor of The Vendor When The Items Delivered Totally Different

I logged a case with Paypal as an well-known Online Shop had delivered Items totally different to what I ordered. But the Claim has been declined as follows:

———"The case was closed in the seller's favour as the item wasn't damaged, different or missing any parts as described by you."—-

First of all, Why the Paypal support team can not understand the simple fact that,

Would a client go further effort in filing a case with their Resolution center and consequently submitting evidences, photos etc at Paypal requests if it not worth a trouble ?

or Do they think we are so bored at Lock-downs ?

or The Clients are so dumb to see the difference in items ordered to what delivered ?

The most funny things is that Paypal has all my Items in their invoice with description including Part-No, but still they are not competent to go through the evidence I sent through their portal to spot the difference.

I am not sure if I can show my evidence in this Forum, but I believe it is really worth to show my frustration in case as it is so simple to understand the difference even with the list.

P.S: I am not sure what the Vendor has communicated with Paypal, but they have responded to my recent query stating that my order is still being prepared (ordered in June) and no comments on the Items delivered. The agent who advised that my Order shipped, has not been responded so far. Apparently, It is a mix-up at the Store. But where the PayPal stands in !!!!

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    You have obviously not described the issues very well, PayPal will side with the buyer 99 times out of 100, even with little to no evidence. Pick up the phone and call them.

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      1800 PAY PAL

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      Op is the buyer.

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        I'm well aware? Where did I say he wasn't?

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          You said they will side with the buyer 99 out 100 times, this could be the 1 out of 100 time when the buyer was not sided with.

          Why would calling them change anything.

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            @garetz: They sided with the seller for a missing item for me. I called them and explained that I was in Perth, and that the last tracking point of the item was in Sydney. Only then did they go "oh, that doesn't look right".
            I explained that in the initial claim too, I doubt they spend too much time examining them.

    • I am not sure I can share the messages here. but you will laugh with the comments and excuses given.

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      This is bang on, I used to manage a hotel group, we used to accept PayPal as payment.

      We had a couple of cases where the guest stayed after paying PayPal and then disputed the payment after checking out. We had copies of their passport, signed check in forms, everything possible to show they stayed and PayPal would refund them. I would escalate after escalate and could never win or get told what evidence would actually allow us to win.

      We stopped accepting PayPal

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    I've found in the past that phoning PayPal often gets better results than other methods when I've had an issue.

    It bypasses the drones who often don't even read your messages properly before sending out an auto reply

    Ph1800 073 263

    • I haven't tried it this time but previously it was a long queue.

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    Just curious. What did you buy? And what did you get?

    • I bought some clothes for my family but I got delivered some XL size clothes and the Delivery Slip inside the package had a different name and address. So it was a mixup. But funny when PayPal just decided that I have received the exact same items after I submitted all the proofs.

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    So instead of first contacting the seller you logged a PayPal claim?

    • No I have been communicating with the Seller for not receiving the Item in estimated time and then all of sudden I received the wrong package but Seller did not comment of the wrong package when queried. So I then raised the claim with Paypal.

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    I recently had something similar happen to me with PayPal.

    Ordered 16 items from a big retailer but Recieved only 1!

    No response from the retailer for 3 weeks so I lodged a case with paypal with all details and explanation including retailers packing slip that showed only 1 item was included rest 15 unavailable. Attached all my emails to the retailer also.
    PayPal took a while and then denied my claim stating delivery was complete!

    Thankfully retailer replied a week later and processed refund.

    I've stopped using PayPal now.

    • Thanks for sharing same experience. Thats what very disappointing here. PayPal should do fair investigation. We spent lot of time to provide evidence and response and they just throw the case away. Now I am wondering why I should use PayPal at all ?

    • I had a problem last year with AliExpress. Similar thing wrongs items delivered. I was advised by others in this forum that AliExpress uses an automated complaints process to resolve issues. Anyway, that process doesn’t work properly. It may be that PayPal have now gone to an automated process as well and this is the results we are seeing where the process is not correct and has bugs and people are being denied refunds. OP should pick up the phone, first to the retailer and then also to PayPal to explain to both what has happened. PayPal can’t fix it if they aren’t aware of the issues.

      • Yes i think they might be as i never use to have problems with paypal disputes …i put in a disputer where i ordered 3 things from a seller but 2 at the same time 1 separate well in both packs only 1 item came , it was a charger and 2 iphone cables well 1 cable was missing so put in dispute after seller said no they sent it , well paypal refused my claim and said both packages arrived but i was disputing that . So i appealed it and then won my claim but before that i think they just see proof of delivery n dont read about misding items

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    I've had similar experience when paypal denied a dispute over missing two $5 cotton towels in my order when they sided with the merchant as they tracking number as evidence only. As what some others above mentioned, if you call them to explain they should credit you back.

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    I understand your frustration from your point of view, that you are telling the truth, and Paypal is not believing you.

    But, looking at things from Paypal's point of view, they only have your word that you were sent the wrong items.

    And, yes, there are quite a few people out there who would file a fraudulent claim with Paypal to avoid having to pay the vendor.

    Online shopping is reasonably safe, but the risk of something going wrong and losing one's money by getting a wrong or defective item will always be present.

    The only way to remove this risk is to either avoid online shopping, or to stick with very reputable merchants like Amazon.

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      Thats the only reason I use PayPal instead of my CC. But now Paypal quickly close their claim and force me to take it up with the Credit card provider !!!

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    Ebay / Paypal will always defend scammers because they create revenue for them.
    Years ago i got caught with a scammer selling fake usb memory sticks. Ebay was no help and Paypal claimed at that time that they were not subject of Australian financial regulations and were not interested.
    I lodged a complaint with the banking or financial services ombudsman and had my refund in 2 days.
    Op.. if you paid by cc then get a chargeback.
    Alternatively there are consumer protection agencies you can approach for assistance.
    Make sure you report it to scamwatch.

    • Thanks for it. But this was not scam and the seller was reputable company I feel they are having some trouble with their operation. Sorry I am not sure I can disclose the seller or the issue I had with PayPal looks giving up us so easily now. this was the second time they did it to me.

  • Had basically the same problem.
    I ordered a "kit" that was two related items.
    When it finally arrived, only one item had been packed and sent.
    The vendor (China) asked me to take a picture of the missing item, so they could assist me with resolution.
    Because I did not supply a picture, PayPal sided with the seller.
    I was quite angry.

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      Take a picture of the missing item ???

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      very typical of both paypals intellect and their total unwillingness to be of assistance.

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    Remember, your dealing with paypal. I say it that way as their increadably bad reputation is well deserved. I recently had my account closed with no warning and no explanation.. There was no suspect activity, excessive claims, { NO claims to be exact} . Multiple emails were ignored as were most phone calls. When I did speak to somone
    I recorded the converstaion, advising them that I was doing so { I will post at some point} but basically they said that they were closing my account and would not say why. They reffered me to their terms of service which I went through closely and there was absolutely no trangressions.

    • PP are teaming up with a group online in the US who scan where PP members names match usernames on other sites, then PP do a sweep of users & you get booted out of their system. It's only recently started here in Oz. One of the big four banks has been doing the same thing. Have to be vague about what their looking for but it's do with social media comments basically.

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        Yep, it's called totalitarian censorship. - they have teamed up with the adl.

  • Seek a review and fully describe the "differences" in what you thought, by the "sellers description" you were purchasing, compared to what you actually received.

    There are laws regarding this very activity… "Pig on a Poke".

    I sold a set of expensive Studio Quality earphones… buyer's ears could not accept the quality - so it was a "SUBJECTIVE" opinion, not objective… but eBay still viewed in his favour.

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    I went through pretty much the same about a year ago. I sent photos and scans of invoices and the evidence was irrefutable. Still PayPal sided with the buyer and I was left with a very low cost item instead of the item I had purchased.
    So, I closed my PayPal account and ordered a debit card not linked to any account but which I top up as required and selected that if an order comes through with not enough funds on the card it is rejected to stop the card being abused.

  • If the item shows as delivered then it is simply case closed. Any evidence uploaded to PayPal can always be faked and they would need to go and contact the seller involved to provide their copy of the evidence and side of the story. Can you imagine how much time and effort this would involve for all the orders that are disputed? PayPal isn't responsible for packing or delivering orders, they aren't going to devote resources to this, apart from checking a delivery tracking ID. They are not going to chase up the seller to see if your story matches up, or doesn't match rather, and they can provide false docs or statements too.

    If it was a card chargeback then PayPal would listen to and do whatever the bank says, they are required to do so.

    What I would do is get on the phone to PayPal and speak to someone rather than deal with messaging and chat. Explain the situation and that you've tried communicating with the seller, and if you have no history / record of doing this kind of thing before than you may receive a "one-time" goodwill refund from PayPal. It has happened for me before. Won't hurt to try, otherwise it's a dead end unfortunately.

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      Thanks for the reply. Then my real question Why PayPal ? I was under assumption I get more protection on online purchases through Paypal over other financial methods. if they cannot provide what they have been advertising , just correct it so people will know the risk.

  • People really need to learn how to deal with PayPal. It can be a pain in the ass, but I have never had a resolution I wasn't happy with in the end.

  • GAB will soon be launching a universal payment system. It will be called GABPAY. In addition to almost certainly being more user friendly it wont use termination of services to harrass anyone they don't agree with.