BBQ Gas and Water Point Placement

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get some idea / confirmation on having a gas / water connection in the alfresco for a BBQ, as part of a new build plan, we asked the builder to put outdoor electricity points as well as gas / water / drain for sort of a small outdoor type kitchen, this is what the builder has gotten back to us with

Image 1

Image 2

Image 1 has PowerPoint highlighted in red
Image 2 has gas/ water and drain highlighted as blue and also the proposed BBQ / outdoor kitchen placement

Also note that we do intend to have a cemented walkway as well bect to the walls of the house

Based on the diagram, have a few questions, if anyone has experience with that

1- What is generally the best placement for placing gas/ water for BBQ?
To me this doesn't like a good spot from the builder, I was thinking to ask the builder to move it close to the power point

2- In case if it's not possible to move the gas point , what options do we have to connect the BBQ?
Piping along the brick wall? Underground?

3- Assuming that we also need to have the walkway built, and assuming if they are able to move the gas / water pipes closer to the power point
do we connect via underground pipes before the walkway is done Or do we get the walkway done and there's some other way that the pipes
can be connected to the BBQ (without the pipes running on the floor as a trip hazard)

4- This one is uncertain at the moment, but if we put in a gas heater in alfresco, is it possible to run BBQ and a gas heater both from the same gas pipe?

Any insights would be appreciated


  • unfortunately, the post has trimmed all the spaces so my drawing is now skewed, I'll try and fix it

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    Scan or take a photo of a sketch and upload it to a hosting site and post a link to it.

  • Updated , uploaded shared drive links

  • leave power in red, add more near blue

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    If it was me, I would be discussing further with my builder and probably the plumber/gas-fitter they use, as I would want the connections hidden within the outdoor kitchen.

    You would ideally want the gas/water to be where you intend to place the outdoor kitchen. If you don't do it as part of the build it's just going to cost you more later and/or be unsightly.

    Also consider getting advice from where you might source the BBQ, whether that be somewhere like Barbeques Galore, or a cabinetmaker if going for an actual outdoor kitchen.

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    I'm a bit confused where you would actually put an outdoor kitchen in that space. Normally you need a blank bit of wall to put it up against. If it's a new build, you can put anything, anywhere you would like. There's some limitations on placing gas or water near electricity, but it's not too onerous.

    You need to find an outdoor kitchen you would likely buy in the future, draw it on the plan showing location of sink, and then give all the details to the builder.

    Suggest you also choose a gas heater and choose exactly where it would go. You can use the BBQ pipe with an additional point, but it would be neater to run a separate pipe in the wall and come up at the location you want it.

  • Which way does the backyard flow? If the yard space is to the right, go for herbed location. If to the top, go for blue. Removes the BBQ from play areas.

    Also consider where the wind may come from. The blue location allows a BBQ to go either side of the corner.

    • The design that we have is based ona display home and they had the bbq in the same place that we are intending to put

      the backyard - as based on my attached image plans - opens towards the bottom
      the top side where we are intending to place it, would be right next to the boundary fence

      can't really say anything about the wind

  • I have sent an email to the builder - based on our intent on where we want to place the bbq , and to see their best option to best provide option for placement of the pipes for concealment and connectivity

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    Why would they put the water tap inside the alfresco area? If it leaks/drips, it will be all over your flooring. Should be on the external side to the covered alfresco IMO.
    Put the water on the other side of the corner to the power point (between the corner and the downpipe) or around the corner to where they want to put the gas point.

    I'd imagine they put the gas point there for a heater as there's more wall there if you wanted to wall mount it?

    Will the outdoor kitchen actually require power? Or is it just lighting? You could probably light it off the alfresco which will be a lot easier but may get annoying shadows.

    Personally, if the kitchen is going to be freestanding like you're proposing, I'd run all the services in conduit underground to where the kitchen will be. Likely be cheaper to get this done afterwards when you get the pad done for the bbq area. Run everything in conduit, lay the walkway on top then connect it up.

    • it will most likely be just the lighting - at least from the ones that we are looking at

  • So just got confirmation from the builder, they can move it to the to the other side of the alfresco, near the proposed BBQ area
    at the moment, I'm not sure how the points would actually looks like or how we can cover it with a walkway - but if we can that through the conduit under the walkway, that'd be the way to go