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$10 off Voucher (e.g. Free Lanyard - Sold Out, Was $9.95) & Free Delivery @ Oakley


The Oakley website has a popup for a $10 voucher after you are on the site for 20 seconds or so.
Seem to have free delivery as well. Picked up a lanyard for free 😃
I found the site hard to navigate to find other bargains, the $ filter and sorts don't seem to work.

Lanyards are still in stock.

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    Awesome deal, got a face mask and lanyard. Cheers OP

  • Keeps on telling me "Failed to place the order"

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    Who the hell really would need a lanyard, even if it's free.. just put the voucher towards something you'd actually use.

    Country flag microbags $15

    • I actually do. Have a phone case with a ring for a lanyard and the old one i have is getting a bit shabby

    • I ordered one cause it'll hold my work building card well.

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        yeah that's handy then, just think most people would stuff that's free for the sake of it and never use it.
        It's still a high wastage/consuming society we live in.

        • All my keys are connected to a lanyard.

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            @cute as ducks: Ok maybe i should get one too

            • @G-rig: It just makes it easier for me to carry our my keys, especially when going for walks. It is so much harder to lose your keys this way this way too.

              I look like a big kid with a lanyard. Or I feel like at the AusOpen all year round.

              • @cute as ducks: ok nice
                of feel like you're working at JB hi-fi
                All out of stock

    • Plenty of ways to use it, imagination is a good thing mate.

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    It's deals like this that make me question humanity.

  • Got a lanyard using a credit card. $0 as per their confirmation email, but my AMEX notify me of a $1 charge pending …

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      As per comments above, people have been waiting for many weeks and still go nothing to date…. And no word on delivery either!

    • me too, I just got a pending $1 charge on my Amex too, hopefully that gets refunded and cleared in a few days.

  • feels like legal theft

    • They restocked overnight some of the items based on recent comments, including facemasks and lanyards. So I would hazard a guess they don't seem all that concerned and are fully aware of all these orders.

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      don't worry Essilor-Luxottica who own Oakley can afford it

  • I thought Oakley's went out in the 90's.. lol

    • that's why they are doing this.. help with a bit of marketing.

      • seems more like an oversight/mistake, no one is receiving. Brand was big in the early 2000's seems to be holding on.

        • Refunds then?
          Usually a waste of time and effort these things

    • +1

      nope, great cycling glasses and stuff

      • they used to be a lot more popular in everyday casual wear though.
        the ol' frogskins , etc.

        • Agree, they were awesome in the 90s.. They are a bit retro now but think they've made a bit of a comeback, like the wayferers

      • I bought a pair of the latch square at a duty free a few years back just for old times 90s sake, and they've become my go to driving sun glasses now. Very good contrast in all light levels, and the frames have put up with heap of abuse but never broken. Im talking myself in buying another pair now.

  • Tried last night, but didn't have my CC details on me. Face masks seem to be sold out now.

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    Ordered a mask using this code 3 weeks ago, still no signs of delivery.. I wonder how much this code is respected, as you can also use it multiple times for separate orders

    • What the customers support says when you emailed/called?

      • Did’nt bother to give them a call, given this is a freebie. I have received a tracking number that at the moment is ‘in transit’, gotta wait and see how long this goes

      • Received my mask today.. so it actually works!!

        • No tracking number provided? I got one from DHL.

  • Added lanyard to shopping bag. Clicked on bag to checkout. It tells me the bag is empty. Tried again and again, but still tells me bag is empty.

  • no stock for all lanyards now…

    • cheers got one too

  • Tried a couple of times last night and again this morning, couldn't really add the face mask to the bag, until I tried again just now. Happy.

    • Just got notified the order got cancelled :(

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    Cheers OP, as a person who rows a lot, Oakley makes me go 10% faster

  • +2

    Thanks got a FREE MASK

  • +3

    Order shipped (lanyard). Tracking number from DHL, item just picked up in China.

    • +1

      Same, wonder how long it will take

    • same - DHL express for a free lanyard 😫
      $10 probably not enough to cover shipping costs

    • I received two message from Dhl just now. Checked the codes on their website which were surprising valid. Had no clue about what ste shipped from dongguan by dhl… then realised they might be sent by Oakley…

    • Arrived today

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    Mask just shipped with tracking id. Shipped via Toll from Banksmeadow, NSW.

    • -1

      Same. For The mask.
      Lanyards not yet.

      • +1

        Lanyard from dongguan

  • Code doesn't work with discounted items.
    Was going to get some MX goggles…

  • Shipping information - August 12, 2021 Late

  • Shipped from China. So there goes my theory of it being old event merch.

    • My Oakley origins were as well
      Was about a week, and didn't care for half price!

  • Can't believe they are shipping DHL Express, actual Express too, for a free lanyard. This is costing them. Though I have spent thousands on Oakley glasses so I don't feel bad.

    • It is a waste for sure.
      Also got about 3 or 4 pairs of Oakleys

      • I feel like it would have been cheaper to ship a few hundred lanyards to their Australian depot and then dispense them, but whatever, I'm not paying for it.

      • What'd you order?

        Code doesn't work on discounted items already??

        • Just ordered a mask

  • Just got delivered, 3x packages DHL express from China

    Expected cancellations yet here we are, gotta be in it to win it

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    Just had my order cancelled:

    "We're sad to report that we've had to make changes to your recent order due to one or more items being sold out. Please see the updated order summary below."

  • +1

    Cancelled email just arrived as well

  • Just got an email from Oakley saying my order has been cancelled due to being out of stock….i ordered same day as deal published and a lanyard that was less popular then others

  • Order cancelled as well…

  • Face mask cancelled…

  • Order cancelled (mask)

  • Order cancelled

  • Email update - cancelled (out of stock) (mask)

  • So email received as shipped but actually not shipped (mask)?

    Edit: checking the toll tracking number, my order was actually picked up on Tuesday.

  • My face mask also cancelled "due to one or more items being sold out."

  • Brother received his Lanyard today. Mine was cancelled due to out of stock.

  • Order cancelled :(

  • Didn’t even get it what a joke!


    We're sad to report that we've had to make changes to your recent order due to one or more items being sold out. Please see the updated order summary below.

    The authorization hold on your card for the cancelled item(s) will be released within 5 business days depending on your bank.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank You!

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    Just got my lanyard from Dongguan, China, sent 2nd arrived 5th before the facemask, which was sent on the 2nd from Banksmeadow, NSW and hasn't arrived yet (and I'm in Sydney haha).

    Thanks OP, haven't used the lanyard yet, but it came bundled with a rubber band which i have put to good use 👍

    • Lot of transport and postage costs for a free thing like that lol

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    Face mask picked up by Toll at Banksmeadow on 3 August, no movement since then

  • +1

    Mine just got delivered by the DHL dude. Honestly, pretty decent lanyard.

  • this is crazy
    came from china via dhl today
    that would have cost them a fortune

    • +2

      Cost Luxxotica a fortune 😂😂😂

      Bruh, they own the entire market.

      • +1

        Not Maui Jim at least, which are far superior

  • -3

    Got 1/3 lanyards so far. The hook/clip is really good quality much better than the standard (probably just like an extra 40c per unit from the OEM).

  • -2

    2 of 4 arrived, the other two canceled. Good quality!

  • Inventory fail.

  • +3

    Still waiting for my mask to be delivered by Toll.

    Was picked up by Toll on 3rd August

  • +1

    Stuck on 'Picked Up' since 3 August..for a supposed overnight service.. wtf? Anyone contacted Toll and asked for an update yet?

    • Yeah same with mine. Haven't bothered contacting them. Might raise a ticket with them if I can

    • same here

    • Same here picked up on 3rd August. Nothing since

    • I raised a ticket online. Just got confirmation tonight that are investigating.

      Recommend raising a ticket yourself - easy to do online

      • Raised ticket this morning. Just got a response:

        "We can see that the consignment has not been delivered on the estimated delivery date and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

        To assist us in locating your item, please provide us with additional details about the item.

        What the item is (box, pallet, roll etc)
        Any identifying features of freight (colour, any unique labelling, shape)
        Contents of the freight
        Any other key descriptors
        Any photos of the freight you might have"

        Not much help really..

    • The Order Status page shows an estimated delivery date of 10 August for my mask which hasn't changed since it was shipped on 3 August. Maybe tomorrow?