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eufy Security Smart Lock Touch $229 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I believe this is the cheapest. Good deal if you want a non-wifi smart lock.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What’s the advantage of the wifi model?

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      It can be unlocked from Beijing, Moscow or Pyongyang

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        Lol well said.

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        whilst the US has no need to break in the NSA/CIA already have everything they need through your smartphones and google homes ;)

        • They just ask the local fixated persons unit to open the door for them.

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  • Keen on a few reviews of local folks on this one. WiFi not a need for us so no biggie.

  • Amazing price for a great lock.

    Been using one for 6months now. Can't fault it.

    Software is good.
    Great build quality.
    Remote access.

    Going key less is the most underrated qol improvement ever. I only drive a few times a week so most times the only thing I take with me when I leave the house is my phone. #feelsgood

    Edit: nvm this is the non WiFi. Everything above is for the WiFi version. While most points apply, the WiFi for me is very important.

    • My combination of Smart lock, Tesla and Google Pay allows me to skip keys and wallet which is surprisingly awesome.

      • be careful driving the tesla out of cellular range, you can't unlock it with your phone iirc

    • is there any advantange of the wifi version apart from remote access? it does seem more vulnerable to a hack as mentioned above and i would think pin/fingerprint might be preferable as it is also keyless?

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        Unless someone hacks your WiFi, id be more concerned if someone gets into your eufy app as would allow full aceess. This weak link exists with all models of this lock.

        Edit: the weakest link are your windows haha. If anyone is going to bother "hacking" your lock to get in, they'll just break a window and get in. People's concern about hacking a lock is really unfounded given the real purpose for a lock is to stop crimes of opportunity. If someone wants to get in, they will, and it won't be hacking your smart lock via your wifi/Bluetooth.

        That said, the app has 2fa so shouldn't be that easy.

        I like knowing when the lock is opened to see when my wife gets home and vice versa. It's a nice peace of mind qol.

        Also it has proven very useful one time when we had to give access to the house to a friend when we were a few hours away.

    • What's the fail-safe for these kinds of locks? Like conventional locks can be picked as a last resort.

      • Has a regular key hole if needed.

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    Comes up as $299

  • Showing me $299.. Any special voucher to apply here?

    Was at Officeworks for the same price but shows out of stock online. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/eufy-secur...

  • So the smartness is the fingerprint access?

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      It also has bluetooth

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    Has the lock picking lawyer tested this one yet? Haha
    NFC would be nice feature if it has that option, I think i'd like the wifi option myself kinda figure anyone with the tech know-how will be able to bypass the Bluetooth/keylock just as easily as remote lock anyway, 99% of residential locks can be beaten by any sophisticated attack anyway.
    Thanks OP

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      “This is the lock picking lawyer, and today we’re going to talk about a potential issue with the eufy Security Smart Lock Touch. Unfortunately for this smart lock and many others like it, it comes with a keyhole which I will now demonstrate how to pick. OK that’s all I have for you today. If you have any questions or comments, please put them below. If you liked this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe. And as always, have a nice day. Thank you.”

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        Click out of 1, nothing on 2…..

        • 3 is binding

  • Interested in Wifi model, any links to the wifi model on sale?

  • is eufy durable than Schlage? I had Schlage connect (from Amazon US). Last 3 years only. Common problem with Schlage.

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    Check the Lockwood Zigbee lock. $300 at bunnings but $106 here:

    Zigbee, so a true smart-lock, integrates with you home automation.
    No fingerprint, so not as good as a standalone (dumb) electronic lock.

    But can use smarts to open it however you want, e.g. unlock when you car or phone comes near, auto-lock at night or when you leave home.

    • Thanks for the heads up, looks like the lockwood one works well with homeassistant and a zigbee controller +zigbee2mqtt. Bit the bullet and ordered one.

      • I use ZHA + Sonoff bridge, works well so far.

  • Appears the deal is back at $229

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      Awesome, Price matched @ JB and was able to get it shipped overnight.. Happy Days!

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