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LG 27UL850 27” USB-C 4K Monitor $579 + Delivery (Free for Metro Areas/ $0 VIC C&C/ in-Store) @ Centre Com


Was looking for a good WFH monitor with USB-C and decent colour accuracy and came across this.

Understand it’s been a bit cheaper in the past, but if you’re looking for a 27inch 4K monitor, with height adjustable stand, decent colour accuracy AND USB-C (with 60 watt charging capability), then I think this is a pretty good option.

Also comes with 3 year warranty.

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    This LG monitor using this panel is known to have this red corner issue and surround white light issue. I had it with mine and I returned it.


    I don't think it's worth the hassle.

    • Wow, that looks terrible
      At least you get 3 years warranty, probably worth something

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      I agree.

      I purchased a factory second 32UD99 monitor and it has red corners after 1.5 years of daily use.

      It is very annoying so I decided to go cheap with 2x of Dell S2721QS.

      The new 2721QS is not as good as the old LG monitor in terms of HDR features but it cost me only 1/3 of the original one. I can buy three and be more productive compared to using just one monitor.

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        Yep, I did the same thing. And no annoying ghosting that the LG had.

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      I’ve got 4 of these, I can confirm one has the red corner issue

      • Are you going to make a warranty claim? I thought it would go away over time but it didn't it just got bigger :(.

        • It comes and goes, and it’s getting on 3yrs now. Still usable, not as bad as the Reddit posts.

          Plus I’m lazy and I’m sure it will likely be a big stuff around to do it. I buy from the cheapest stores that give the worse support, cause I’m usually too lazy to do these claims.

          • @stewface: You could just make the claim directly to LG. They'll likely send you a courier or give you a label. From my experience with other manufacturers it's just email your issue with picture of the issue, receipt and serial number and they'll reply with a label.

            Since it's a common issue they won't dispute it.

            • @Pikaloo: Thank you! You have convinced me I’ll try and dig up the details on Monday!

    • Yeah since then U series use BOE panel instead.


    • I also had this issue exactly 2 years and 1 month after purchase (just out of warranty) of an earlier model but same panel.

      LG replaced it free of charge, took about 3 days to turn around.

      Otherwise a great monitor!

    • I have 2 UK650s and after about 18 months one developed the red corner issue. Let it go for another year before finally contacting LG. They told me to take it to a repair centre about 20 kms away and then took 2 months to repair. Same unit was returned (same serial no) with just the panel being replaced. Thankfully the 2nd panel wasn't being used much otherwise it would have been a really painful experience. Would be hesitant to buy another LG screen. Pretty poor effort all round.

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    I like the idea of a USB-C 4K monitor. But for now I think a standard 4K + a good USB-C Hub or dock is the go. I’m rocking my S2721QS and it has been awesome.

    • I agree, I have both the S2721QS and the P2721Q.

      • How is the P2721Q?

        Wanted to get the U2720Q but it's out of stock :(

        • It's good, but no HDR like S2721QS and my unit at least has like a bit of IPS ghosting sometimes but it goes away after some time. Mine at least had a bit of back light bleed around the edges.

          I'd say S2721QS with a thunderbolt dock or just a normal dock would be a way better investment.

    • Yep. Just get a display port to usb c cable and it’s the same just no power (and 60w isn’t enough for my 15 MacBook anyway)

    • What dock do you use? I've been exploring this option but Thunderbolt docks seem to be incredibly expensive. Outside of those, it's sometimes hard to tell whether a dock uses DisplayLink (yuck) or USB-C DP alt mode.

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        I actually don't need a crazy good dock. I have a HDMI2.0 to USB-C into one of my M1 MacBook ports, running flawlessly [email protected] And then a USB-C Hub from Amazon in my other port on the MacBook, which has 3x USB 3.0, Ethernet, Power Delivery, Audio, and other stuff that I don't use.

  • Had this one for 8 months after having to purchase a monitor in a hurry due to a hardware failure. Its 'ok' for me. I wouldn't buy it again though nothing has gone wrong.

    Have it sitting next to my old 27" QNIX 2710 1440p korean cheapie.
    Honestly, I actually prefer the QNIX for video. Sure the 4K res gives fonts improved rendering. But I've never been able to get the black levels to a level that doesn't pale in comparison to the QNIX. And whites have always looked a bit yellow. Note, I am a bit picky but not too crazy ;)
    The QNIX is just PLS, so basically samsung's IPS of the time, so I'm surprised things have gone backwards. Its not like I am comparing IPS blacks to VA. I'll probably end up buying a calibration kit to get happier with the LG until oled monitors come down to 42".

    These days personally don't see a particular point in 4K over 1440p at 27" apart from better fonts. You can't PbP it usefully unless you move to win 10 125% font scaling from the default 150%, which is just too small for day to day use. I think at 32", there is a point. But 27", nope.

  • I've got two of these - great monitors for work, streaming tv/movies and casual gaming. The USB-C connection is really useful for working with MacBook. Think I paid about $850 each for these, so wouldn't blink to buy at this price!

  • What is the advantage of a USB monitor over a normal one?

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