Which Luxury SUV Will You Buy. Reliable, Comfy, Value, Performance

I am looking for a new luxury SUV under $120k. Fairly disappointed with Land Rover Defender test drive. Other cars on my list are Lexus RX, Land Rover Evoque and Mercedes.
I need something with good reliability, comfort, safety and performance. Doesn't need to be a 4WD or for towing. 5 seater is enough. I already have a Prado Kakadu for 4WD and towing, etc.
Thank you in advance!
Location: Victoria

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        • Sorry, I was saying GLE450 is a good option for luxury SUV.

  • Suggested BMW Alpina D3

    Alpine D3 - BMW with increased level of luxury

    • I think you mean Alpina

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    Suggested Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model X?

    EV tax will hurt being Vic though

    • +3

      Thats been out of production for 6 months now, and then new version won't arrive her till 2023, plus, it is way above the OP's budget.

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    Hold on, hold on. New evidence has come to light. You live in Point Cook
    and you want a $120k SUV? Mate get your priorities straight.

    Point Cook is a reasonably low SES area, don't take on debt to have a flashy car, spend it on your capital gains tax free asset which appreciates. I agree with Spaceback. Get a Camry.

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    • +9

      Peak flexing with a $120k SUV in point cook

    • I agree with Spaceback. Get a Camry.

      Besides the typo, I'm quoting those 2 points for posterity 😂

    • Sorry, I don't know Victoria well. In Sydney terms, are we talking Campbelltown SES or Claymore/Mt Druitt here?

      • -2

        You're talking about a new outer suburb that was fields 10 years ago. It's not a desirable place to live.

        • -2

          Im not sure you know Victoria that well……we arent talking Truganina here…

          • @JuryWheel: You pretty much are. They are almost next to each other. I'm afraid you don't know Melbourne very well. I remember when these suburbs were just fields. I remember when Werribee was a country town. And I know that the median house price for a house in Point Cook is $695k, which is almost half the Melbourne median. Not very desirable.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser100949: That's more than I paid for my house and I'm 12km from the Brisbane CBD mwahahaha.

          • @JuryWheel: Narre Warren?

    • +1

      Since when is point cook considered low SES

      • -2

        It's well below the median house price. It might technically not be low SES, but it's not close to median or high. Hence the term 'reasonably low SES'.

  • If the missus wanted a Range Rover as a fashion accessory then just get one. Reliability is overrated and drive your Prado when you need reliability.

  • -2

    None! I already have one!
    AMG GLC!

    The end…

    GLE too big, GLA too small - GLC Just right!

    • +4

      Anyone who says AMG GLC doesn't have a proper AMG GLC (63S). They have a GLC43 AMG, which they know is not a proper AMG.

      • -5

        hahahhahah - aways makes me crack up!

        If you say so… Not confirming either way… No need to swing one di(4 here with what is parked in the garage and what is not… 1, 2, or more rides… Not relevant to the OP's question. But good to see the "Baby AMG" / "Real AMG" story still exists, well, until they are all gone that is…

        For those that have a C43 anything, forget about the drama of those that want to compare the two. "Real AMG or not", "Hand built engine" etc. has always been a funny term. Both engines have an engine builder involved to a degree and machinery assisting also.

        It's always worth checking the 0-100 times 43 v 63. Properly launch a 43 and bog down a 63 (which most owners do as they either incorrectly use launch control), and you will often find the 43 is at 100 sooner. We are in AU and last time I checked, all roads were now speed limited in this country regardless of what any of us drive.



        Learning how to drive and handle a car properly is far greater and important than having 4, 6, 8, or 12 pistons firing up and down…

        If one wants a real SUV/4x4 AMG then get a G.
        If one is worried about 0-100 times then get a GT! or in the SUV range - hate to say it… The Tesla Model X…
        For the money, GLA and save a few coins… :)

        I've always had more fun in the GLA 35 and 45 than anything else, and for the money, if you can live with the interior, IMO it's the best bang for buck.

        If I could, i'd have taken a GLC 350D, to be honest! That's where the 'value' is at IMO. Such a shame D's are not being further developed and no longer coming to AU…

        and… so miss my FPV R-Spec… Much more fun than that of the Merc…

        • +3

          Yep, so it's a 43. Not an AMG.

          • @DisabledUser100949: In the case of the OP's $120k budget, if they can get a discounted C43, then yes, it's going to be a 43.
            It still has an AMG badge on it, and the client/OP will be treated as an AMG owner by MBAU. So story over really…

            • +2

              @mickyb80: Yeah, A BMW 330 M Sport has an M badge on it. Also not an M.

              And 'treated as an AMG owner', they really got you hook, line and sinker.

      • But they say they have an 'M' BMW! :). On a side note, the C63AMG was one of the worst handling cars amongst the dozens I ever had on the track. 63, 53 or 43; soon it may not really matter anymore with the demise of ICE.

    • +3

      Which one? The 63? The 43 doesn't count.

      • For the purpose of the OP's question - it's going to be a 43 if they can find one cheap enough. $120k isn't going to get them a 63 now, is it (if new). They will struggle for a new 43 at $120k too.

        • +2

          Yea, no. If OP is spending that coin, don't buy a wannabe 'AMG' that isn't a real one. A C200 can have AMG badges too. It doesn't mean anything.

          I LOVE Mercs. I would LOVE to have a 63 AMG one day I can comfortably afford it, but I'm not buying a fake one in the meantime.

          • -2

            @Hybroid: 🤦‍♂️ regardless of it having an AMG badge or not, the C43 is still a very good band for the buck. Baby AMG, or half an AMG, compare the price and inclusions with the Biturbo 6 to the 300 plus options, it's pretty good value.
            BTW - if the OP is looking at $120k +/- why would they bother with a 200? That's assuming they would look at the wagon version and not the coupe… No 200 in the coupe or 250(p) or d anymore.

            Wagon - GLC C200, GLC C300, GLC C300e, C43 and C63.
            Coupe - CLG Coupe C300, C43, C63.

            Hybroid, you might want to take a 'proper' look into this and take a look at the car for product sake, and not just the badge! lol…
            Good to see there are AMG 8 fans still out there!

            • @mickyb80: To be fair, the GLC43 is as quick as a Macan Turbo though it doesn't steer like one.

              • @mini2: There you go. Big fan of the 43 if I'm honest.
                Bonus of being as quick as the Macan is, regardless if it steers better or not, the fact it's a Merc and NOT a Porsche wins for me! lmao.
                I really didn't want to buy another Merc this year, after having them many over the past 10 yrs. But I just couldn't find anything that felt as happy with. Sadly the Audi just didn't do it, BMW cough, Jag just came with driving a Jag, Porsche was way too busy in the cabin and both dealers I went to were [email protected] Loved the Volvo, really wanted to save the money and buy the Volvo but it just didn't drive the way I wanted (front bias). Tesla X is just ugly…
                Despite asking for a 'real' quote on the Jag and Porsche and being told if I didn't like RRP then maybe I needed to consider something cheaper and couldn't afford it! LMFAO. Some dealers are that far up their own @rses it's not funny!
                Oh well. Ended up with the Merc again.
                Hopefully next one will be something different…

                Time for me to jump out of this thread I think…

              • @mini2: It's not as quick as a Macan Turbo. It's not slow, but its not AMG fast.

      • Genuinely curious… why arent the 43 and 35 not real AMGs?

        • +1

          'Real' AMGs have outlandishly large and powerful engines with acceleration/speed to match. They're meant to be bonkers, over the top and unnecessarily extreme top end versions of their cars. Generally fantastic exhaust notes and driving dynamics intended to thrill and keep a smile on your face. The steering and suspension setup is completely upgraded too among other components.

          The 63 (and super rare 65) fit that bill for the larger cars, the 45 to an extent for the smaller A-class platform cars too.

          The 43 is not a true AMG as it's not handcrafted by one person like the 63 is, it's also not an extreme anything version and is essentially a rebadged '450' (e.g. C450 is now C43) that's catering to wannabes that think they've got an AMG.

          A 3L V6 doesn't get a vote of approval as a true AMG from anyone that knows cars. In the same way how a 340i with M badges doesn't make it an M3.

          Of course, to each their own.

          • +1

            @Hybroid: What he said, but to simplify. AMG used to be the ultimate performance version, now they’ve diluted the brand and include models that are just a body kit and wheels mod.

            Some would say the latest iteration is like putting a Chevy badge on your lowered commodore.

          • @Hybroid: Thank you very much @hybroid @Euphemistic.

            Also found it very confusing with the AMG-line variants of regular production models and AMG badged models.

            Merc could have simple done product differentiation like Audi did with the RS (true AMG equivalents I'm guessing) vs S vs regular variants.

  • +2
    Suggested Volvo XC90

    Volvo make excellent cars

    • +5

      Volvo Geely make excellent cars


      • At least the XC90 is still Sweden made. I was a little surprised the XC60's are now purely Chinese made.

        • -1

          Volvo has manufacturing plants in Belgium, Sweden, China and South Carolina so there's that. I haven't seen any news/reports saying Volvo cars manufactured in China has any reliability issue?

          • @Elin2946: If brand affinity (Merc, BMW ) or a sports SUV (frankly i don't get the point of buying an AMG version of an SUV) isn't high on the list. Volvo is the way to go. They are very well built, miles ahead in tech and more luxurious than any of the 3 German makes in the same range.
            on the downside, the current xc90 is also on its way out, so if latest and greatest is key, might as well wait for the new model, if not, good bargains can be had on the current model.

  • +3

    Model Y.

  • It will be interesting to see the depreciation when the replacement electric models come out and ICE models are no longer sold.

  • +3

    The Evoque is a toy. You can only fit toy camping gear in it. I thought you said you were considering luxury?

    • +1

      Some people purely consider luxury by price tag. Ie costs more, must be better.

    • Perhaps they're too "luxurious" to go camping? More glamping….in which case, they won't need any gear, it will all be on site, already set up. Or in cabin form lol

    • Evoque is a car on high heels designed for VicB.

  • +4
    Suggested VW Touareg

    Check out the VW Touareg. Won 2021 Caradvice best large luxury SUV. Heaps of YouTube car reviews on it.

    • I second this, I have a 5 year old Touareg and it still feels like new.
      You can really tell the chassis is shared with Porsche, Audi, Bentley and I don't know who else.
      It steers and drives like a sedan, it brakes incredibly! Interior is nice and comfy.

  • +2

    From that list Lexus for me. Just lesser hassles.

    • Less headache. Definitely Lexus

  • +2

    NX 300 2litre turbo seats r very comfortable nice n compact

    • Great fuel consumption at 7.7 litre per 100km

  • -2

    Toyota Camry hahahhahahaha

  • +1
    Suggested Tesla Cybertruck

    Tesla Cybertruck

  • +1

    We have had a Velar for 6 months now. Engine is great, luxury features are great. Dash, screens, seats etc are great. It’s great. And I love driving it. The options list is huge and adds up pretty
    quick though..

    Don’t get an Evoque, drive both and you will never look back

    If Jeremy Clarkson can’t say a bad thing, then it must be good.

    • +2

      Jeremy is very biased towards British cars. Don't be fooled.

    • It's a very small car for the money. It's basically the same price as a Range Rover Sport for a lot less car physically, and mechanically. It's an F Pace in drag, and the F Pace never got great reviews with a Jag badge on the front.

      • We looked at the F-Pace and drove it a couple times, and same with the Velar. Wife enjoyed driving velar more so went with that option.

        Didn’t want a big car/suv so ticked the boxes. We bought dealer used so depreciation had started. Made sure there was an extended warranty

  • stopped reading title at "which" and selected toyota camry as option :thumbsup

  • +2

    I have an Audi Q7 2018, it awesome. Huge boot and seating capacity, engine is smooth. We got it for super cheap because of the stop sale they had at the time. Would i spend the 130k at RRP, absolutely not. I would look at the GV80, for 110k you have everything inside and only get desiel engine when choosing any car. (or electric). The torque is much better and mileage is excellent.

    I didnt like the Volvo at all, felt like a car that was jacked up. The BMW X5 is excellent but again, expect 120k. Merc, same price as BMW, nice in side but not sure on drive. Do not go anything Range Rover.

  • Suggested Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander

    Very luxuriously specced, got a bit more reliability going on than the Euros, but not the Euro brand power.

  • If you're not looking to spend the whole budget I'd say the Peugot 3/5008 seems nice. I don't personally own one but the interior looks incredibly slick and it looks decent all round. The 3 is the smaller variant and the 5 is the larger version. Here's a video. Best of luck!

  • We’ve owned a cayenne and a Range Rover sport and I’d think either of them should be at the top of your list

    Only issue with the Range Rover is that a new one is meant to arrive next year so you’d only have a year of owning it as the current gen

    We were given the disco as a loan car numerous times and it feels cheap and plasticky compared to the sport.

    Also not sure why there’s so much hate for range rovers. They’re very reliable now and have great service should you need any warranty work. We put 80,000km on ours and the only warranty stuff was for very minor stuff.

    • I like Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports, but I've seen too many brand new ones on the back of a recovery truck, (and that's not an exaggeration).

      • that might be because Jaguar Land Rover policy is for a loan car to be driven to you if you have a check engine light. The tech waits with your car for a tow truck

        With my cayenne you just get told to drive it to the dealership. So there’s less of them on tow trucks even though the issues might be the same as the Land Rover products

        • Even Volkswagens are more reliable than Land Rovers.

  • +1

    I know too many (profanity) with Range Rovers and now despise anything with that badge… so get the Jaguar instead.
    VW Touareg's and Audi Q's are nice cars too.

  • At the 120k mark, anything Porche is impossible especially Macan Turbo. I bought a GLA45S, true blue AMG hand built engine and the works in terms of trim.

  • +1

    SUV - Half of the list are not SUV.

  • -1

    My suggestion is to save some coin and go with a Hyundai Palisade Highlander. Equally if not better luxury than the options you've listed along with reliability/decent performance as well.

  • Not in Australia but would love to have a Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Tahoe

  • Suggested Kia Sorento Sport Plus

    I was looking at SUV's before but no way in that price range. One that caught my attention was the Kia Sorento, it's really jam packed with all the bells and whistles, but still way out of my price range, however I feel like it's a worthy option for you to look at. It's probably on par with the Genesis GV line up as well. Genesis is from Hyundai anyways.

    Anyways all the best. I would suggest you breakdown must haves and nice to haves like:

    • Does servicing and part cost matter to you
    • Fuel efficiency
    • Infotainment and other high tech features - This I feel like Korean cars have a competitive advantage as they go beyond what's standard these days.

    If this is an out right purchase or on a loan from your own money then kudos to you for your abilities, but don't just slap a budget and think that gets you the best, sometimes the most expensive cars probably get you less aside from the prestige.

    If this is like a novated lease then I guess I can see why you're trying to maximise and just go high value, but still, not sure if it's worth it.

  • +1

    Camry all the way,

  • +1

    In order of preference
    1. Porsche Cayenne/Macan
    2. Audi Q7/Q5
    4. Range Rover Velar
    3. Mercedes GLS/GLE

    Else if a Brand isn't an issue

    Kia Sorento all the way.

  • +1

    At this point would it not be better to wait for Electric SUV's?

  • Land Rover Discovery, FIL has a fully loaded version and it is an absolutely beauty. MIL has a fully loaded Volvo which is fantastic also, depends which sized vehicle you need.

    I have a Discovery Sport and I also think it is great.

  • Suggested Hyundai Palisade

    If you've already got a Prado Kakadu do you really need another new SUV? I like the look of the Palisade if you need something large and really comfortable.

    As a second car, I'd be tempted by the most upmarket Camry you can get if you really wanted new and save the rest of the money for something else… It would still be a great car in 10 years and some of the other choices here would need some serious servicing to hang on to them long term.

  • Suggested Ssangyong Rexton

    The new Rexton. Just a suggestion

  • -1

    Haval Jolion.

  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    I'm looking at the moment as well and not that I drove the Alfa, everything else is a bit boring and common.

  • luxury SUV

    more cents than sense

  • +1
    Suggested Cayenne Turbo GT

    The Defender isn't a luxury SUV lol. Cayenne Turbo GT. Its an SUV. Its a Porsche. It drives like an actual Porsche while still being a stupid SUV

    • Like a Porsche that’s stacked on the covid kilos and hasn’t been to the gym for months.

      • Still makes the other cars bar the Tesla model X which is a bit hit and miss on the luxury look like Stupid Utility Vehicles. Why an SUV. Buy a nice E class

  • Landcruiser 200 or 300 series, whichever is available.

  • A used Audi Q8. If it needs to be a new car off the showroom floor then it’s Roulette table and a new RSQ8

  • -1
    Suggested Lexus LX570


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