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[VIC, ACT, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 Day 1 Edition $19.97 in-Store @ Costco Docklands & Canberra (Membership Required)


Cheapest price ever for PS4 for Cyberpunk 2077. Free PS5 update when its released.

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  • @Chchnu which Costco store?

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      From the position of the sun through that skylight, the tint on the exit sign and the slight curve in the price tag, I'd say I have absolutely no idea.

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        Best one liner I read today. Gold star.

      • Thought you were able to pull a zinger along the lines of "The layout is the same at every costco so you're s hit outta luck."

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      Looks like docklands 🤔

      • How can you tell? All stores look the same

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          Docklands has had the same layout for years. Costco stores always stay the same lol

          • @smr23: Not true.
            Costco dock lands and Moorabbin are somewhat different.
            At docklands toiletries are to the right of cashiers as you checkout but in Moorabbin they are to the left of cashiers etc etc

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        Winner winner.

      • I agree. Docklands have the enormous wall of stuff against the food court.

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    $1.99 and I'm in.

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      The game went from $100 to $20 real fast… I wont get that game unless I get paid as it is utter garbage

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        Think it's basically heading this way for the title..

        • You couldn't even get enough printed copies to fill a landfill, you'd have to throw out the entire download Steam servers.

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        Dude, chill. It's still a middling-decent game. Yikes, the toxicity for this game makes everyone so irrational.

        • Yes, it has great graphics, but that's all it offers. Terrible gameplay, storyline, very uninteresting. I have played it and I wish I could travel back in time to not play it. Overhyped underdelivered game lol

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      Free on Epic Games Store and I'm in

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    I feel like this game can get around $5.

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      That's where it's headed. Nothing like a $5 lemon coaster

  • What about xbox?

  • Get the Xbox edition for $26.97 one month ago

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    Not sure you'd be wanting the Day 1 Edition..

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      How can they make it sound like its selling point, it just speaks "Experiance the disappointment of0 what everyone else who was there felt like."

    • On the contrary, there's a great money glitch that's nowadays only available on the disc installed versions. Use it to build up a couple of hundred thousand eddies earlyish in the game, save and then update to the latest version and keep playing.

  • I imagine that when played on a PS5, performance will be alright. But what about the bugs? Have they been fixed by now?

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      Nope. I'm just pretending it was delayed and wait for the next-gen update

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      I played through on the PS5 version on release and it was buggy, but still an incredible game. Good enough that the bugs didn't bother me.

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        Still disappointed on the way you start your characters. No matter the updates this part is shite.

      • That is surprising. I sunk 20 hours into it on release (PS5) and it was unplayable in my experience. The game would glitch and crash regularly.
        The game play and story were largely forgettable and I have no desire to get back into it no matter how many times it is patched.
        Not my kind of game I guess!

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    still too much comment

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    I’m waiting until they pay me to take it.

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    hold hold hooooold

    how low can you go

    I will wait for epic free giveaway lol

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    Tempting for the dream boat Keanu factor ..

  • Any way to buy online?

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    Yeah on ps4 not even worth it jus get it on pc

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    As someone that was beyond disappointed at launch, you will get $20 of value out of this.

    Edit: Take that back. Didnt realise this was for last gen.

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    I think I'll wait another 5 years till they fix the bugs

    • They're well past the point of throwing good money after bad. They couldnt do what Watchdogs 1 did, seriously why bother.

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        They didn't have any other big games in production, they where intending for this to keep them profitable for 5 years like the Witcher 3 did while they worked on the next one.

        Investors sued over this botched launch.

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    Platniumed this on PS5 this month. Was well worth $20. Wouldn't bother on PS4.

    • Is it a really good game?

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        I enjoyed it. Great campaign. Well paced. Still crashed a few times. But I went in with low expectations and was very surprised.

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        It has a pretty good story and gameplay. Not quite the hype everyone wanted, but plays well on PS5 and you'll get 50 hours out of it completing all the different endings which was great. Maybe 70'ish to platinum. Worth $20.

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        Think of it in terms of a B grade ubisoft game.

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    Think a lot of the negativity around Cyberpunk stemmed from the stupid amounts of hype around the game (which is always stupid IMO because nothing can ever live up to the hype).

    FWIW, I think it's a pretty good game. No, it won't go down as one of the best games ever made (as some expected), but it's got a good story that's easy to get into, the graphics are genuinely fantastic and the missions are good.

    As much as everyone likes to poke fun at the bugs, I personally never encountered any bugs. I'm sure they're there if you look for them, but they're not a deal breaker IMO.

    One of the biggest mistakes IMO was branding Cyberpunk as this RPG-style open-world game where you can explore everything, interact with everyone…etc. - it's really not that sort of game, it's more of an action-adventure game made up of a series of missions that, if you stick to, makes it a much better game than just running around aimlessly to explore.

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      To be fair it was in development for 9 (going on 10) years by one of the biggest and most respected gaming companies.

      One of the biggest mistakes IMO was branding Cyberpunk as this RPG-style open-world game where you can explore everything, interact with everyone…etc. - it's really not that sort of game,

      Yeah they changed the genre from rpg to action adventure really close to launch, so i think it justifies a lot of the backlash. I know i certainly expected more of my decisions to carry weight in game.

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        I wasn't in development for over 9 years as they started real development after Blood and Wine for the Witcher 3 (May 2016).

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          Ok "consultation" began 9 years ago and the game was in development for about 4 + to date. Still to quote wikipedia "over 500 people worked on the game" and on a budget of over $400 million, i think the end result regardless of the hype is a disappointment.

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        Yeah they changed the genre from rpg to action adventure really close to launch, so i think it justifies a lot of the backlash.

        I don't think so - the backlash was simply from all of the people who bought into the hype and pre-ordered for like $99.95 or whatever the pre-order price was and felt ripped off. It was practically impossible for anyone who bought into the hype to really come to an opinion on the game based on the actual game itself.

        It's why nobody should ever pre-order software. It's not like software can go out of stock…

        • Just seems to be a common complaint ive heard. I know for me it certainly lacked the depth i expected.

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    given the time since launch and their lack of released work on this game (excluding all their dramas), it feels like abandonware.
    There's major bugs, but they don't effect everyone.
    Overall, the game is pretty good. It looks beautiful. The city has some very immersive areas.
    I play it on PC on a RTX 3080. with RTX on it chugs pretty hard on ultra 2k res @ about 50fps.

    I play it sporadically here and there atm, awaiting patches/dlc.

    • Same GPU here. If you haven't tried it yet, plug your PC into a large TV, preferably OLED or high end LCD. Your eyes will thank you.

      Obviously, jumping from a PC monitor to high end TV will improve the experience of any game with a more cinematic focus, but most games don't have the scope and visual design of Cyberpunk imo.

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    Joke’s on you! I paid $430 for the Collectors Edition back in June ‘19, when we all thought this game wouldn’t be trash.

    • What?

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    This game is CDPR's version of Anthem. An empty world hyped to all hell and so desperate to get in on the MMO cash that they cut/delayed content to focus on multiplayer possibly. Pair pushing it out of development at least 1-2 years too early and you are left with a game (even after the patches) thats still buggy on the consoles it was supposedly contemporary with (remember this was meant to released and "ran suprisingly well" on PS4/XB1).

    As one of the many disappointed owners of this title on PS4, I would say you could buy the console version at $20 with the understanding that it won't ever be fixed for PS4/XB1 consoles. As long as you are cool with that then sure, its worth $20 (though it is likely to get even cheaper).

    • At least CD Projekt has the brains to just let it be a disappointment and fizzle out, and not try to desperately save face and keep the dumpster fire going like EA did with Anthem. They gave everyone hope "We will remake the game, we won't give up! BELIEVE!"

      I remember the reddit post of the guy who said he believed and 6 literal hours later EA announced it was cancelled for good.

      • True, 'Bioware Magic' has not aged well as a catchphrase.

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    Great game. Still has the occasional glitch but they're few and far between, and the game is fun. Don't play it on base PS4 though.

  • Did that add AI yet or are there still no car chases, cops spawn in the middle of the desert if you kill someone etc?

    I never finished it. Maybe I should watch the cutscenes on YouTube.

  • Decent game, still has quite a few bugs, didn't live up to the hype but this is a great price for the game. Definitely better than some recent deals on some boring mediocre PS games (cough star wars cough)

  • O, how the (mighty)punk have fallen….

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    I watched all the night city wire videos in the build up to release and foolishly bought into the hype. Putting aside all the bugs, the promised features and experience isn’t there. For example, life path makes almost no difference to the story, there are no genuine gang conflicts and the conversation choices you make have little impact. There’s no way to ‘fix’ things like this, it will never be close to what CDPR advertised it as being.

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    The game is worth the 20 bux. I played it through on a 2013 Xbox One - crashes and all - and I'm tempted to double dip knowing the upgrade to PS5 is free.

    Even if you buy it at this price and don't touch it for another 3 months, the game is worth it given there's good stuff coming and they'll release the new gen version at some silly new game price.

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    You could upgrade this to the PS5 ver. for free, right?

  • Oof. I almost paid $79 for iron Xbox last night, on the Xbox 'sale'

    The cheapest I can find a digital code is $50, and $40 for a disc version. Fingers cross it's goes on deep sale again soon.

    And @fda2020 pretty sure is a free upgrade, but it's mainly fps and stability that come with it.

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    Can i buy this and just sit it until the PS5 update arrives? Essentially i get this game for $20?

  • Shit, now I feel bad that I paid 35 for it from Harvey Norman.

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    Canberra Costco also had it for 20$, They're located on a table near the watches and jewlery

  • My membership ran out, if anyone in Adelaide is buying a copy I'll give you $20 to grab one for me too! Hit me up! Thank you!

    • So this is what they call false optimism.

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    PS4 Day 1 edition, uh oh

  • Just came back from Costco Canberra. Haven't seen this or ANY games on the shelves. Just consoles being sold. Not sure where they are..

    • Melbourne

    • There is a little table near the Watches and Jewelry which Cyberpunk sits on (CBR store). I think they're phasing out videogames

  • Playing torrent copy on PC at the moment. It's an ok game, basically GTA in the future.

    Try before you buy imo.

    • GTA without the life and atmosphere ;)

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    Dont forget if you buy it, you wont be able to play for another 48hrs as it needs around 500GB of patches

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      Get the vaccine to boost your 5G and you can play it in around 30mins.

      • lmfao

  • Trash.
    refunded day one edition more like it.

    • You mean refund edition

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    I paid full price at launch. Not even mad. All the bugs I experienced were minor and I enjoyed it.