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King Bed Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress $99 + Delivery @ Kmart


Looks like Kmart have reduced the price from $299 to $99 for the King size Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress. This is really cheap.

Unfortunately, I was looking for a queen size and that price hasn't changed.

Lots of positive reviews online.

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    I do love a bargain, but there is a reason it's $99

    • Reviews give it a 5 star rating. Maybe due to the price point.

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    Now I feel silly spending $1700 on a king koil

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      I'm silly my wife payed $3200 .

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        *my silly wife paid $3200

  • “ no partner disturbance”. That’s a pretty bold claim. More like reduced partner disturbance.

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      It's because your partner will leave you if you make them sleep on this mattress

  • $80 delivery I’ll pass.

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      It’s $99 for a King mattress, for a grand total for $179 it’s a bargain. At that price who cares about an $80
      Delivery fee, you often pay more than that at a furniture store.

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    Any decent queen size mattresses out there that will last years without breaking the bank?

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      there are mattresses from ZZZ Atelier in eBay which are OZBargain favorite.

      • Which one tho? About to pull the trigger on one of those.

      • any on sale?

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        Mine sagged in 1 year. Not as good as they used to be.

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      You spend 1/3 to 1/4 of your life on a mattress, you should consider this when shopping for a mattress.

      • What do you recommend? The price difference is so wide. I don’t want to buy a cheap one only to replace it after a year or two. There are expensive ones but I’m not sure if they are worth the price difference.

        Are there any good ones that costs $500 - $1000? Or maybe wait for the expensive ones to be on sale. But just not sure which.

        • Im not going to recommend it due to its costs, but having slept on a Tempur, I've never felt the same on any other mattress. I haven't tried any of the foam mattress is a box though, not sure if they compare.

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          We bought a Giselle queen mattress from some eBay seller 2,5 years ago, still very happy with it and would buy it again. Only paid around 200$. Its medium firm pillowtop and very comfortable.

    • I just bought this queen mattress on Ebay from ZZZ Atelier for $286.12 delivered (use code PSAVE17)

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    And it's gone

  • Looking for a King mattress - traditional spring type - not many on ozbargain that don't come in a box. Any further bargains of this type strongly encouraged. Good to know a benchmark if this needs to be negotiated in store as few seem to advertise close to the price they are actually willing to sell at after chatting - more like a blind auction at the moment if I walk in.

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    it states medium feel. so probably mushy after a few days and no support.
    i need firm that will turn into medium or medium firm over time. great for the price, but it doesn't look like a good product.

    i splurge on 2 things, my bed and shoes. That's because those are the 2 things that i spend most of my life on.

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  • Don't sleep on this bargain guys!

  • Any Kmart codes to reduce ithink saw$10 off code?

  • Was looking at the kmart double eurotop but ended up buying a luxo eurotop spring mattress for around $250, was very similar in price but better quality.

  • The postage ($50) kills the deal, if I get it and don't like it and return it, I don't get the shipping money back

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    Trying to decide if my room is big enough for a King Size. Currently have a Queen Ikea one that is sagging from hell and back.. I guess anything from Ikea level would be an upgrade.. thinking of giving this one a shot..

    • Ikea ones are always the worst of the cheapest. They all sag.

  • This queen size from kmart for $179 + delivery looks like a decent deal if you are after a queen size:

  • Refunded grrrrr
    No stock apparently

    "Hi XXXXXX,
    warehouse stock not available, or
    a cancellation request.
    We're sorry for any inconvenience and hope to see you shopping with us again soon."

  • Any good recommendations on sturdy frames

  • Just got shipping confirmation, got the king
    mattress and a bed frame. Via Allied Express

    Cheap way to setup a spare guest bedroom.

    • Grrrr….mine was cancelled. When did you order?