[Unobtainable Deal] adidas Mens Shoes $0 Delivered @ adidas eBay

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Price dropped heavily so posting separately


Original Coupon Deal

Mod: adidas appear to have cancelled all orders due to stock issues. Moved to forums.

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    free shoes?

  • Thanks Op grabbed a free pair of the run falcons hope its not cancelled?

  • No coupon limit?

    • 50 redemptions per person 🤪

      • 50 free pairs of shoes?????????

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      The coupon is meant to be $10 to $70 off select items. Not 100% off the item.

      This is the Ozbargain link to about the coupon.


    • To avoid refunding universal coupons, they learnt from last time.

  • Free ?

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    Coupon not working for me ?

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    Add to the queue behind my 4 pairs of $10 Sketchers…

    • Where are $10 sketchers?

      • Was last year. I think I'm on to wearing the second pair by now.

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          Make sure you take a Jab.. so can use rest of 2 as well..:)

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    Only 1, God's watching us! :)

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      You commented twice, so 1 or 2 :)

      • I commented once, not sure where did the other one come from, as I said there is someone watching us and driving things :P

        • is that the divine intervention?

  • Grabbed a second pair for free appears code can be used unlimited prepare to be oz bargained and then cancelled?

  • That the price I like Bud :)

    • Seems a bit steep, would have been better if they paid us instead lol :D

  • Got a pair, thx OP

  • WTF is this all about?

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    I hope I get the size right for once. I would hate to have to return my free shoes.

  • OOS

  • Surely these will be cancelled. Someone could just order 50 pairs of free shoes.

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      They would have to order 50 separate times as the voucher applies (applied) once per order.

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        yes but this is Ozbargain, people be doin that

  • Lol they just changed everything to OOS. I managed to get 2 pairs

  • no reasonable sizes left lol

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    Now I have to pick up skateboarding. Thanks Op

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    Yep prepare for cancellations

  • Yassss got in!

  • And all Gone!

  • Got in late but there was still a pair of 14's for the skate shoes. Not often that a shoe deal will have my size, let alone a free pair.

    • I spoke too soon.

  • Pretty sure eBay wear these coupons, so mayyyyy not be cancelled haha
    Grabbed two. All OOS now, that was quick.

    • I hope you are right

    • Nope, last time Adidas did the same and cancelled with generic "Issues with buyer's shipping address".

      So no, eBay doesn't wear these coupon.

  • Party is over

  • That was quick….

  • LOL…. People would have bought at $30 - $40, but ok…

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    OOS in 13 minutes since post.
    Is this a record?

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      May I introduce you to the PS5.

    • Was about 10 mins from posting. Not OOS as such, more so that they just removed all the listings. Appears to be a pricing error.

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    SOLD hahaha damn that was fast

  • Damn I needed a pair. Would have happily like paid $10 for them…

  • had time to grab one. thanks OP

  • -3

    I reckon this is an error in the discount coupon applying to these certain items. I don't think they were meaning to give a full amount off these items.

    The coupon is $10 to $70 off select items. Not 100% off.

    • Nah, similar things have happened before on eBay and been delivered.

  • -3

    Not happy i paid $30 for my first two pair of shoes…

    only way to lower the cost was to buy more. NEG AWAY FOLKS!

    • I did the same. feelsbadman

    • U can return them

      • will wait and see if my "Free shoes" will be fulfilled first before returning. I won't even be mad to pay for return postage costs if it does get fulfilled.

  • Man clicked in just before they all sold out. Well and truly ozbargained! Well done people.

    eBay are probably burning at the moment!

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    Check other items guys there might be something else with a glitch and PM me tks ?

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    Order confirmed should be able to get it soon

  • Couldn't even log into eBay fast enough - missed.

  • Anybody think they will restock? Because the coupon still applies to the shoes

    • Until they realise the glitch.

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    good luck with order fulfillment. Adidas ebay is known for cancelling orders, happened to me on more than once occasion with these ozb 'deals'

    • Looking at their pathetic feedback tells the story .

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    Back in stock again.

    • -1

      Shhhhh got another round of 3 :)

      • So you got 21 pairs total? ..

        I didn't get any, but I bought a heap of Adidas shoes at the start of the year (including ultraboosts and other top end models). Returned them all but the Energy Falcons. I thought they were by far the best. Not sure if they are the same. Shoot me a pm if you have a spare pair of 11 or 11.5's.

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    Interesting.. I did pay $30 for a pair.. now I just ordered a pair for $0

    I like this now lol I do have my bets down they will cancel the free orders and I'll get my $30 set

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      just got cancelled email :/

      Guess I'll just get the one pair lol

  • Got a pair. Thanks OP

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    The ultimate bait and switch to get people to sign up to eBay plus

    • You could be right

    • What if we all get some free shoes?

  • No more right size for me

  • Are these shoes size AU or US?

  • Aaaaaaaand they are gone

  • OOS again

  • Go one thank you

  • People will get cancelled :/ . I got cancelled last time as a normal purchase as well

    • the seller knew what they were doing, you were baited to get ebay plus.

      • Oh no. This was a normal clearance item last year.

  • Hahahaha

  • -1

    Need the 3rd round really ready this time :)

  • Thanks order let see.. how it goes.. said order confirmed..

  • Curious to know if they cancel. Looks like seller has updated.

  • Seems to be OOS for me.