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Voxelab Aquila X2 3D Printer $216 (AU$295) & Free Shipping @ Flashforge3DP


A new discount from Reddit.
8% OFF coupon: FVREDDIT.
Pretty good (further) discounts on Flashforge3DP.com.

Voxelab Aquila X2 is an Ender 3 V2 clone. A filament runout sensor Is added on Aquila X2.

Check the deep review from 3DPrintSOS:

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    No real advantage to getting this over the original Aquila which is also discounted.


      What's the difference between the 2?
      I bought the Aquila from this post

      • +2 votes

        From memory: Screen orientation, filament runout sensor, handle.

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          Ye not much difference, I would just get the original aquila and spend the ~$70 on filaments and bmg clone extruder


        Yeah, don't consider this an upgrade or a 'sequel' to the original Aquila. If that was version 1, this would be V1.1. Fixes a few very minor quality of life things from the original model (see below), but nothing you couldn't do on your own through modding.

        If they were both the same price (or even $10-$20 difference), this new model would be a no-brainer. My guess is that this model was design to be a replacement for the old model, but they have too much stock of the old model in the warehouse to discount it too heavily.

        That said, the Aquila is a great value printer for the money. Mine has worked brilliantly out-of-the-box from day one. I just wish I had more useful things to print with it, instead of goofy little plastic trinkets, but for a hobby/toy, it's a lot of fun.


    Do they make these big enough to print a car?


      Yeah - Plastic toy ones.


    I got mine last week original Aquila from eBay deal, the extruder wouldn't heat up.. i am still to get a response from support. It's a shame the X2 is on sale this much.


      Had same problem, you need to open up motherboard and manually tighten the screw for the heating element.


    I got the news that the original Aquila would be discontinued in Australia. Only 10 more units of Aquila on Amazon. Good luck :)