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Ozito 680W Pendulum Jigsaw $24.99 (Was $39.98) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Pendulum Cutting Action
Tool-Free Blade Change
0-45 degree bevel cuts
Sure Grip Handle
Variable Speed Control
This Pendulum Jigsaw will help you tackle everything from intricate, curved cuts to fast rip cuts in timber or steel. The pendulum action selector with 4 different settings, allows faster cutting when you need it and ultimately helps to extend the blade life.

The adjustable steel base plate allows you to create bevel cuts up to 45°, while the parallel guide fence helps you to easily achieve quick straight cuts.

Bunnings Website Displays $29.98 but drops to $24.99 upon check out.
Proof of Purchase @ $24.99

Saw a couple of other Ozito tool posts appearing, so figured I would add this.

Suspect this price drop is ahead of ALDI's corded jigsaw going on sale on Saturday. . - 800W @ $29.99.

Stores may still have the price tag at $39.98 on the display model.
Purchased at Maribyrnong store on Saturday (31/07) morning.
Same store also had a $29.89 price tag on the shelf.

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    $29.89 at my local Bunnings according to Bunnings' website. FYI.

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    "Pendulum Jigsaw" - 👍 Dexter Morgan

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    I have this jigsaw, works well the blade that comes with this is useless.

    I bought the ALDI steel blades, it often come on sale for 6.99 is good with this jigsaw.

  • Any benefit for the occasional hobbyist for waiting for the Aldi 800watt one, vs this 680watt? Apart from the additional $5 and the early morning rush to get to Aldi, of course.

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      I have this one and it gets the job done. Get good blades and use the right type for the job.

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    Have to be honest, I choose jigsaws based on the picture and how interesting and detailed it is. This looks like a really boring one.

    • Doh. I'll change it to something a little fancier now. =]

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      You can make your own jigsaw using this.

  • I bought this a few weeks ago. Love the quick release to change blades rather than using an Allen key.

    Overall, good for the odd job around the house. I used it to cut a 7 inch diameter aluminum chimney flue down to size with the supplied metal blade and worked without a bother.


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    Well at least the description is correct. Had one of these and it literally cuts like a pendulum - good luck trying to get any cut straight!!

  • How many pieces is this jigsaw? I prefer 2000+.

  • My Bunnings website (NSW) shows $24.99

  • Now do I return the Makita 450watt jigsaw I bought last week for $70 on clearance from Total Tools and get this instead? :/

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      Don't do it. I have an ozito jigsaw (not this model admittedly) and it's junk. The sled flexes, it kept in place with a single Alun key, as you go round corners the angle changes. I bought it to replace a lower powered Bosch that I had as a hand me down, and regretted it.

      • Thanks for the reply. I guess with this particular jigsaw the poor man pays twice.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • ScoMo certified essential item.

    Also, thanks Aldi for the competition, even though I don't need this particular thing.

    • You'll use it one day 😉

      • after have an argument with spouse?

  • Which one has better quality, Aldi or Bunnings?

    • I bought the Aldi one last year because the sled is more solid compared to this ones pressed steel. Also the Aldi one has a light shining down on where you are cutting. Am very happy with it but then it was replacing a 20 year old GMC!

  • Is this deal still working?

    • Expired. Appears it prices have reverted back to normal at $38.98

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