Recommend a Laptop for High School Use - Budget $800

Hi all, I'm after a laptop for my son who is currently in year 9. So basic office software and internet browsing. He has a gaming PC so this will be strictly for school work use. Any recommendations up to about $800? Hopefully something below that mark but hoping for it to get him through to year 12. Any deals to keep an eye out for? I'm thinking a windows laptop will be a better option than a Chromebook?


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    Lenovo/ Dell deals popping up all the time.

    IMO if you need to do actual work, go windows laptop in case he needs to install particular software. Chrome oil is awesome for media consumption/ social media.

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    Best to see what the school likes and supports best. It will either be a Windows Mac or Chromebook school. I suspect only a MacBook would make it from year 9 to 12

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      both my kids schools had a limited list of PC's/Macs you could use as they reimage them which ipssed me off as I can get Dells through work cheap but apparently the image they use wouldnt work on Dells, which sounded like manure to me. they also had a 'preferred supplier' who took off with 30+ peoples money never to be seen of again.

      • bad experience did you change schools?

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          No point but the school took no responsibility - those parents had to all find another $1500+ each kid for the laptop that never showed first time.

          • @pharkurnell: That sucks big time if school stated was their preferred supplier ( they got kickbacks etc. ) then school is part the blame for referrals?

            if the it dept of that school can't get an image to work on a dell then they are useless imo

  • Our eldest not long finished up at a public school, pretty much had to buy from the school (at a subsidized rate).
    Middle child is at a private school, had no requirements at all, which I thought was odd.

    I'd recommend Lenovo or Dell, should be able to get something half decent in that budget.

    • (at a subsidized rate)

      'Sure' it was……….

      • Obviously I'm sure I could have sourced it cheaper myself but it wasn't RRP

  • Thanks for the input all. I'll keep an eye out for a Dell or lenovo deal.

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    For $800 I would be looking at these as mandatory for a school windows based device.

    i3 cpu
    8Gb Ram
    256Gb SSD
    FHD Screen.

    The $500-800 market is littered with cheap systems that either throw a Pentium processor, 4GB ram, 64-128gb SSD, and HD screens and try to pass them off as usable. I suggest the above minimum would allow for a reasonable Windows based system.

  • Managed to get this one for $599 via the 20% off offer from Dell on eBay. Whilst heavy it seems to tick the boxes, certainly for the price. I appreciate all the input, very helpful forum.