What Gift from The Real Estate Did You Receive after Buying/Selling Your House?

I just purchased a house and spent just over $500k. The Real Estate the whole time was quite nice and down to earth person and I felt we got along well.

When the keys were handed over to me, he gave me a small brown bag with a ribbon wrapped around the handle. They told me it was a little gift to congratulate me on purchasing the house. Excited, the real estate agent left and I went inside the house to see what was inside the bag.

I open the bag to find a candle, the agent's branded notepad and pen, a business card and a hand written card from the real estate agent.

Nothing else was left inside by the agent and I've had no deliveries from them since.

I felt a bit let down by what I received from the agent considering the commission and the real estate climate of how many houses they're turning over at the moment. I've had friends receive bottles of champagne, fruit platters, coffee cups etc.

So tell me, what did/didn't you receive when buying/selling your house? Did I get ripped off or was I expecting too much?


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      I bet you felt like a right peasant only getting the Sony.

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    Basket of baby gifts! Wife was pregnant with our 2nd child that time when we bought our place last 2018.

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    I got a $199 set of westinghouse branded pots and pans.

  • 3.2 Million dollar house sold - Nice flowers
    700k house purchased - bottle of moet and a keyring

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    Buyer here.
    Agent from a smaller firm.
    We got a lovely indoor plant from a local boutique seller. Also gave a gift card to the local coffee shop. It was very thoughtful and appreciated.

    May be important to note that we were the successful buyer at a lower price (different conditions) so we essentially lost them some commission.

    Previous purchase, years ago, of small unit received a plastic tool kit case with some basic tools (I still have them) and a bottle of wine.

    Either way - not expected but such a nice touch and felt like a celebration when you moved in.

  • I got a bottle of shit wine

  • I wouldn't expect to receive any gifts from the agent. When I bought my house they gave me a mop as a present. I really wish they hadn't.

    • LMAO!!

      • My initial excitement of a new house was immediately dashed with the responsibility of having to clean it.

  • The RE I bought my house from now sends me bi annual bills for body corporate. You should be happy.

  • we got a bottle of veuve when we exchanged contracts and then a welcome pack when we settled.

    welcome pack was a designer mug, plates, salt and pepper grinders and a cookbook of sorts.

    when we sold our place we got a bouquet of flowers and some champagne as well. can't remember the brand of champagne but probably a moet as our old house was less than the house we bought. also it was different agents

    and just for background. we sold for $1.5 and our new house was more than that

  • It might have been a welcome basket with vouchers for local businesses.

    A few years later around the anniversary a bottle of expensive champagne (can't remember brand now), which I gave to a JP (ex. SC) who helped me draft up a loan contract with relevant legal advice, when all I did was ask has him to witness something.

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    I was so surprised when we got a basket with wine, biscuits and also a dinner voucher (I can’t remember how much but I think it was at least $30). I thought that was a nice touch. $840k

  • Sorry mate, 500k is chump change. You need to spend at least $1M+ for a bottle of Moet.

  • Bought a $400k unit off the plan and agent gave us a bottle of prosecco from Aldi. He said it had been rolling around the back seat of his car for a week, like it was our fault settlement was delayed while the developer fixed defects.

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    Nothing. Oh wait, we did get the gift of dealing with an incompetent and rude estate agent though (as our place was subject to lease).

  • They told me it was a little gift

    They were honest and upfront, next time pay attention to their wording and you won't be so devastated.

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    When I bought my house the agent handed me an envelope as he was leaving. My heart was racing, I got inside to open it and there was a hand written congratulations card. I read the card and it said to look in the garage. I was on edge and as I slowly opened the garage door there was a brand new Tesla model 3. I was floored and thought there must have been a mix-up. On the bonnet was one of those giant red novelty bow ties with the keys sticky taped to it and a note that said "look in the boot". I walked around to the back of the car I opened the boot and couldn't believe what I found… 20 eneloops and a voucher for 10 bikies.

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      What a liar…. Nobody just hands out Eneloops like that.

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    Be happy, nothing you get from them is free, YOU pay for it, the better the gift the more money you have wasted.

  • If anything it's the Boomers that should be gifting, housing ripoff

  • I got a bottle of champagne from the real estate agent when I bought my house. That was ages ago, and things may have changed since.

  • I got a keychain! 😂

  • I received six glass tumbles with their logo, a key chain and a small framed photo of our house.

  • Can’t remember who sold us our house, but several agents send us a new fridge magnet calendar every year. Maybe it was multi listed?

  • one real-estate agent, once he knew i wasn't subject to finance, wouldn't let me go, showing me house after house after house.

    soon as the dotted line was signed, he disappeared like a fart in the wind, and handed me to his PA, who was a work experience kid.

    poor kid didn't know anything, and i had to chase up where the recycle bin was (turned out the previous owner took it with them - why?!)

    i would have preferred nothing than to be cast aside like that, but to be cast aside as soon as it was signed, well, i won't be going back to that real estate business again……

    • i would have preferred nothing than to be cast aside like that, but to be cast aside as soon as it was signed, well, i won't be going back to that real estate business again……

      At the end of the day, the REA doesn't work for you, they work for the sellers. They may act like nice and engaging people, but never forget that they are legally obliged to try and extract the most money out of you as possible.

      Better to just know upfront.

    • ….why take the recycle bin??? Because it does not cost money….Come on this is Ozbargain….

  • Agents send gifts to new owners?? I did not get mine :(

  • I got nothing. Didn't even know it was a thing.

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    …oh the travesty!!! I'd have expected an all expenses trip to Monaco with a $5000 credit to the local casino - not that $5000 at the casino will get you much when the buy in is $1000 per spin on roullette and the almost obligaory $200 tip to the door man to open the door for you and the $700 tip to the chaufer! Don't tell me that they did not give you caviar and crystal glasses - how pedestrian!

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    Lemon Tree - I thought, and still think it was an awesome gift.

  • 5% off my next purchase 😂

  • Haha I didn't expect anything, and find the post very rich in entitlement… but as I read gifts I'm like "damn… all I got was soap and a tea towell!"

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    What a joke, you get something completely for free and expect something more? When did you form the opinion that you are owed a luxurious gift for buying a very cheap property lol

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    I only wish that we could down vote forum topic OPs

  • Gift set-bottles of wine, nuts, chocolate, olives, pen from both of the agents :-)

  • I got a gift basket for our 1st home

    An extravagant framed mirror for a recent purchase at a pretty affluent area in Brisbane. For that one, it came out of nowhere about 6 months later. Was told they forgot to gift it at the time of the settlement. Later on one late night, the owner of the agency delivered it to me to my house on the other side of the city. The whole thing was very random.

    Finally the oddest one was a bottle of wine for placing the first bid (and my only bid) at an auction.

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    It's a selling agent.

  • 1st house we got a $100 bunnings gift card. Purchase price was $300k

    2nd house we got a wrapped wooden gift box that included some wine glasses / bottle of wine / chocolates and Byron Bay cookies and a family portrait day. Purchase price was $850k

    Got a BMW car and received a bunch of bmw merc - bottle, hats, umbrella, bag, (it's like a BMW threw up on me) scented candle. purchase price $70k dealer demo

    Got a leaking pipe underground fixed, received these cool salt and pepper grinders that are in the shape of a tap. Still use them to this day. Plumber cost was around $1k.

    I think those are the only times I received unexpected bonuses from purchasing.

  • When we built our current house, we got a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, box of chocolate and a candle. But the builder went broke 4 months after we moved in…

    • Wow you got lucky!! Hope you had no warranty issues!!

      • We had some minor issues like bathroom vanity door hinges were coming off, the top of the rangehood had a slight gap (which I covered up), TV cable wasn't connected to Opticomm box but our nextdoor neighbour just poured their slab as it went bust so they had to wait for extra 3 months before they found a replacement builder

  • A pot plant 🪴

  • A generation of morons will soon be in charge.

    Seriously, till the year 2050, no-one born after 1990 should make any important decisions that affect others.

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      luckily those of us that act all entitled are often totally useless people apart from having a huge social media presence. if the people in charge could actually just have some integrity and ignore them the damage will be minimal and the next generation after that will have it tough but will be able to pick up the slack. hopefully.

      also a little less friendly fire would help. I'm all about personal responsibility but some people take it way too far. just the other day on this very forum someone gave me the "be more responsible for yourself and stop complaining" except that all I did was call someone out for just using this site to make fun of people that get scammed instead of actually trying to leave helpful reviews and comments. which is the point of this website. but apparently that means I'm trying to avoid all responsibility.

      both sides have their zealots which make each other look bad. then there are a lot of blind followers or sheeple who just upvote everything that sounds like their side. then there is a significant portion of people who just don't care either way. so trying to end on a positive note. its really only a small percentage of people that you probably think are nuts they just shout the loudest.

      the guy i actually called out ended up trying to leave helpful comments again and I was going to upvote him but then I remembered I got chewed out and downvoted by all these random people because of him so i no longer gave a fk. so I guess I'm half sheeple myself.

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      China will have invaded and disposed of the morons by then. They won't notice until it's too late because they'll be too busy doing tiktok videos about which of the 70 genders they think they are.

  • got a bottle of wine
    not sure if its an expensive one as im not a wine person
    but frankly
    i think i would rather get 5% discount on my property and not get any free gift
    you are getting ripped off on the property price, not freebies

  • Nothing from the agent, not even an email, they left the keys with the conveyancer as they were from another city.

    My Aussie broker on the other hand sent us a Bunnings $50 gift card which was a lovely surprise but I think I guilted him into it as I gave him a bottle of Johnnie Black since he did a lot of work for us and won't receive much commission due to dumping all savings into the loan account ASAP.

  • Got some spirits.

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    I bought in 2016, got a chopping board, ice bucket, bottle of champagne, packet of biscuits, a card and a USB with all of the photos used in promotion and others. 5 years later the agent dropped off an epic gingerbread house for an anniversary gift. Obviously I was spoilt based on other replies. And my house was 340k.

  • 2 bottles of champagne or wine (I didn’t open it to check) chilled and in in a fancy oiled cooler bag wrapped in cellophane and a key ring.
    My friend just sold her house and got a box of specialty biscuits and other food products.

  • The thing I felt most ripped off about when buying a house was that I didn't get to put a "sold" sticker up. I know it is the vendor that is selling the house but I feel like there should be a sticker that goes on first that says "bought". ;)

  • First Time - Got a set of barbeque tongs, spatula etc. Quite nice actually - very happy! But never used

    Second time - Nada. But great honest agent that was just so helpful and accommodating.

    Third time - big goodie basket with gourmet stuff, wine. Happy days!

  • When we bought our apartment we got a bottle of Veuve. When we bought our house we also got a bottle of champagne, but I can't recall which brand. We cracked our own Bollinger for both anyway.

  • Bought, 3.5m

    Got a $200 hamper!!

  • +1

    First purchase: got a bottle of wine

    Second purchase (different agent): Hamper box with crackers, spreads, nuts, etc.. but really nicely wrapped/packaged.

    In all seriousness though as others have mentioned, I don't really care about the gift - if the agents treat you well/professionally throughout the process, that is worth much more to me than any token gift.

  • Work kris kingle sorted.

  • I didn't realize this was such a common thing. I bought a 700k apartment got nothing.

  • For building a house I got a candle, $100 Cole's gift card, a bottle of olive oil, and a bottle of gin.

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    I spent more than 500k. Agent gave me the keys and said "I had a bottle of Moet for you but forgot to bring it… Sorry". It's been 5 years and I'm still thirsty

    • Agent probably opened it on your behalf for the job well done and patted himself/herself on the back.

  • I received a picture frame with the house photo with a big ribbon on and a thank you note with the REA photo.

  • Received a Melbourne Foodie coffee table book from the agent upon purchasing a few years ago.

    The agency is quiet large and have one-upped themselves in recent years giving the gift of a customised Monopoly board of the suburb - big winner in the community.

    • Got a Monopoly board as well :)

      I wonder how many different City Councils/ Suburbs they have versions of

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    Bought 600k apartment, went to the RE office to collect the keys. Walked in to the reception, RE agent saw me through his glass meeting room where he was holding a meeting and just pointed at the receptionist to collect my keys in a normal white envelope.

    I wasn't expecting a gift but at least hand me the keys yourself and a handshake?

    Fk you Harcourts.

  • We bought our house about 6 years ago for 430k, we got a big gift basket that had cheeses, crackers, mixed fruit/nuts, bottle of wine, olive oil, logo embossed wood cutting board, etc. The agent has left a bottle of wine on our doorstep every year since at Christmas time (decent wine too, not crap stuff).

  • Think i got a set of 4 wine glasses, some red wine and some agency branded powerbank.

  • It was a while ago but I don't think I got anything -

    I may have picked up a promotional/branded pen with the real estate agency's name on it…. not an expensive one, that is more marketing for them.
    I think I got that at the actual agency when I was looking though, not as a reward for purchasing.
    Can't say I expected anything though

  • As Brother Ali said, we don't have barmitzvahs; we become men the first time our father hits us, and we don't open gifts up…

  • +1

    this is definitely one of those cases where a crappy gift is worse than giving nothing at all.

    yes there is no obligation to give a gift, but getting a crap one is a little insulting because its like telling them they deserve a gift, you pat yourself on the back for being nice, you get them all excited and then you give them a big fancy bag of poo equivalent.

    personally I would be totally fine receiving no gift, happy to recieve something decent like a bottle of wine and be annoyed at receiving a pen and a business card all wrapped up like its trying to pretend its not just brand marketing. a hand written note also not valuable unless its from a friend or someone you really care about.

  • Didn't get anything from the Agent and property manager never called. They said they were on the high end scale for service of selling and leasing.


  • Has varied for me,
    A couple bottles of wine and the obligatory keyring for one in the city.
    Keyring for regional city property.
    Johnny Black w/glasses, champagne w/flutes, branded caps & stubby holders from builder for a $170k reno.
    Definitely don't feel let down like OP & the one that gave us nothing was the best agent.

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    • Nice.

  • A bottle of red wine. It's still in that weird kitchen cabinet

  • +3

    I hate dealing with agents. I would prefer no gift just so I wouldnt have to see them again.

  • I was in the market last year to buy a house. Went to auction (Feb 2020) and the bidding was between two parties only (including me). I was outbid but got a bottle of wine from the agent for trying hard.

    Then I bought the house in a private sale for about $900K (July 2020), and got an agent branded local area Monopoly (a special edition), because I have kids. Kids were happy

  • If it were me, I would've preferred no present but they did an amazing job and the whole process to be transparent and stress free.

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    Landlord here.

    When I got new tenants in we always leave on the kitchen table something nice, chocos, wine, whatever.

    One month ago half of our tenants (siblings) decided to move out and their parents moved in with the other sibling, for medical reasons. We've sent a ~$100 basket of various things. They were happy.

  • first aid kit.

  • I got a photo book with pictures of the house that we sold (the one where we paid commission to the REA). We had the house staged with rented furniture as we had already moved so it wasn't really a book of pictures of our home with our stuff but probably would have been a nice memento otherwise.

    From the agent of the house we purchased we got a nice bottle of champagne.

  • You sound like the guy complaining about maccas giving healthcare workers free coffee and police missing out

  • for a keychain (with realestate agency branding), - 2016

  • I bought a 900k property and I got candle tea towel set . Don't bother mate :)

  • +1

    970k, absolutely nothing. And the agent was a prick.

  • We got a nice hamper with salt and pepper shakers, snacks etc.

    My BIL who purchased at the same time got a hamper of vouchers for local businesses and though ours was probably worth more I reckon his is a much better gift as it shows the agent is involved in the area, nice for small businesses, is good at getting you settled into the area - trying new places and take away is so welcome when your fridge is being moved. It seemed more thoughtful.

  • I dealt with their agent so they weren't there to represent me (buying)- so I got what I expected- keys to the house and that's about it.

    My mortgage broker sent me a lotto ticket and a card, which I won about $40 on.

  • +1

    I'm about halfway to saving up the deposit to buy a house. It would be ~$500k also. Honestly though, now that I've heard how shit the gift from the agent might be I'm not interested anymore. I'm going to blow it all on hookers and cocaine instead, thanks for helping me dodge that bullet OP.

    Also, I'd be demanding a coffee cup if I were you, you deserve better.

  • +1

    This thread is hilarious.

    Our real estate agent was a real dopey bastard who meant well but was just thick as bricks.

    Having said that they gave us a box with 6 mixed beers from europe, and a bottle of prosecco.

    Prob worth roughly $50 all up. $575k purchase.

    The house is now probably worth not far off double that, and they are very sure to call every 6-12 months to check if we are thinking of selling.

  • Bottle of plonk can’t remember what and hooker bear

  • Some houses located in certain upscale suburbs come with supercars as free gifts.

    • If people pay more than $2M above the market value I think it's fair to expect a $1M car as a gift.

  • Purchaser

    We got a custom Monopoly set themed with the City Council we lived in, had the surrounding suburbs and major streets etc.

    Was pretty neat.

    Someone I know got a gift basket and champagne when they bought their house from memory.

  • Cookies and a nice bottle of Victorian made gin, from the developers.

    The seller also promised two vouchers to have dinner at the restaurant owned by the same big company, but this has never happened. I met the seller again after a few weeks and said that we'd love to try the restaurant, in a friendly way. He said "yes, I owe you the vouchers…" but still hasn't happened as he probably forgot, or don't have access to the vouchers anymore. That's obviously a breach of verbal contract. 😜

  • Outrageous! You should take this to A Current Affair…

  • I got a hand soap dispenser that we never used. I didn't treat it personally, but how bloody cheap bastardo 😂

  • 350k on a build. Builder gave us a cheese board with their logo engraved into it and a set of 4 coasters, also with their logo on them. All pieces are currently used logo side down.

  • 1st house I got a $50 voucher from a furniture store

    2nd house nothing

    3rd house 3 tea towels and some jams/biscuits

    4th house a cheap bottle of wine and some biscuits. Then some flowers delivered a day later

    First house was cheap, the rest were well over 500k

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