When Ordering Certain Takeaways, Do You Cook Your Own Rice?

Pretty much summed up in the title. Was a shower thought this evening after ordering Thai. I never order rice from a restaurant, always make my own.

What else would you guys consider a similar habit to this?

Edit 1: by cooking I mean rice cooker, stove top, microwave, whatever your personal preference

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  • I always make my own rice. Put my order in, turn on rice cooker and rice is ready when food arrives. It takes less than a minute between setup and washing, makes sense to me.

  • i just eat rice

  • Yes brown rice, tastes less so I eat less

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    Some Ozbargainers blow my mind. There is a difference between wanting a bargain and being a cheap arse. No idea how you guys have friends, because I sure as hell wouldn't want to go out to a restaurant with you.

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      When dining in, always order noodles - that's harder to do at home.

      It blows my mind that an ozbargainer would pay for boiled rice.

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        A lot of Ozbargainers are here to get better prices on larger ticket items. Not cheaping out on a $3 serving of rice.

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    My local Indian and local Thai restaurants that I use both provide free rice

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      That's such a sensible thing to do. It's like the sushi places that provide unlimited green tea. Costs them next to nothing, but it's a great service.

      Be careful with the takeaways though - if you're getting a half-serve of the dish with a half-serve of rice, you're being ripped off.

      • Yeah, it's great. Both give a full separate container. It's usually too much tbh, but it gets used.
        I agree, the little gestures, like the tea you mentioned and ramen joints that offer unlimited noodles, keep people coming back..

  • Plan white rice yes. But the local Chinese does an awesome fried rice which I can never resist.

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    I make the main, and order the rice, as I just cant get rice right,

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    Cook rice, freeze it. Reheat in microwave.

  • When ordering Malatang to be delivered, you usually get X number of ingredients. I usually cook my own noodles and sometimes vegies, so I can use the choices on meat and seafood.

  • If its one rice then i just pay. If there are multiple rice orders then i make my own.

  • Cook my own rice 100% of the time. It takes like 30 seconds to put it in the rice cooker and turn it on. Also prefer basmati over jasmine as it has a much lower GI.

    • Arent you mean to wash rinse the rice first for 3-4 times before putting into the cooker? Rinsing the rice will take 5mins

  • I started doing this recently too. Literally takes 2 minutes to put some rice in the rice cooker.

    • Arent you mean to wash rinse the rice first for 3-4 times before putting into the cooker? Rinsing the rice will take 5mins

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        You posted this comment twice, so it appears you really care. rinsing the rice takes less than 30 seconds…you don't have to rinse each grain individually haha.

        • it does not take 30secs……you're meant to rinse, drain, rinse, drain x 4 or until the water in the rice becomes transparent.

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            @Homr: I rinse twice…any more and you are really going down the path of 'diminishing returns'.

            I believe you can rinse and drain your rice (in the rice cooker bowl) twice in 30 seconds.

            It doesn't have to be four times, and it definitely doesn't have to be perfect haha.

            • @chasingstoke: hrmmm nah. The asian way is you have to rinse your rice until the water starts to become transparent

              • @Homr: I wonder whether the rice is getting such a thorough wash at the takeaway shop - another reason to cook your own if you are so exacting

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    Getting charged $14 for boiled rice for 4 people was it for me. Don't buy it any more. We do our own.

  • i didnt know rice cookers exist - 30 sec prep you say!

  • The only curries I buy "takeaway" now is usually the butter chicken from Aldi :P. And that's out of laziness that night so I usually buy the dodgy microwave packet of coconut rice too which isn't too expensive. Not when I'm in that lazy mindset.

    I haven't bought a takeaway curry/rice style dish for ages cos you get so little for the amounts my places all charge, Indian and Thai places.

    • You can really spice up the aldi curry with chilli + other herbs. Really good base for a lazy feed. I don’t mind their garlic naan as well.

  • Only Asians do this probably.

  • My husband calls it "home rice" and it's a bit of a running joke. He's used to buying it and I'm used to just popping it into the rice cooker…takes 15 minutes and you've said like 3 bucks. Maybe it's different cos I'm Asian and he's not?

  • steps:

    1. Buy quality basmati rice from Indian grocery store. Some good brands - India Gate, Kohinoor, Zerbra, Tilda, Royal - around 15-20 per 5kg bag.

    2. Buy rice cooker (e.g Kmart sells one for 13)

    3. Using cup from the rice cooker add required cups to the rice cooker bowl.

    4. add some water and drain once - to remove a bit of starch

    5. Add water to marked level corresponding to number of cups of rice you have put.

    You'll get flavorful rice, usually better than takeout and it takes only 1-2 mins to put and no other utensils required.

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    2. Buy rice cooker (e.g Kmart sells one for 13)

    3) Chuck it in the rubbish bin after it breaks down in 5 secs .

    4) Landfill

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      I don't know what you got I have been using mine for 2 years 3 days a week

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      Mine has been going for over two years and has probably been used 500+ times so I'm not sure I can support your statement.

    • Even when I had 1 break (wouldn't stay in cook mode), my dad was able to fix it. So decades of use from these cheap devices.

      I'd say you're dead wrong on that one.

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    I only order takeaway when I can't be bothered cooking or washing up dishes. So cooking my own rice defeats the purpose of takeaway for me.

    Would be interesting to see the demographic breakdown of the yes / no votes.

  • Pre-Covid, I always make the rice myself. Throw it in the rice cooker and it's ready by the time I get back with the food.

  • Yes, rice is cheap and the quality and taste of homemade rice is better than restaurant ones. So yeh I'm not gonna pay $5 for a small takeout container of rice.

  • Depends on the food.

    Because eating Honey Chicken and Rice sounds way more appealing than eating Pizza and Rice.

  • Anyone use the bowl that you add rice and water and whack in microwave? If so, is it any good?

    • It’s a bit hit and miss but I have used it.
      I use it every night for vegetables in the microwave though and kids use it to cook oats.

  • No I have never but I should, I just got thai in my area and paid $4 for rice which was a tiny serving. Total rip-off, left me thinking.. it honestly would have cost them in materials maybe, i am just guessing, 20 cents given they would buy in bulk.

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    Have to cook rice because KFC does not sell it.

    • Omg. Genius. Rice with kfc gravy :D

      Even bigger OMG. Rice with potato and gravy and then use kfc chips to dip in!

      Carbs, carbs and fat eaten with carbs. Perfection

  • I cook rice in thermomix. It steams it and all the water stays in the bottom. The water gets white and gluggy.

    I buy rice with take away. But we rarely get take away, never delivered and there’s no one home to cook the rice while I’m picking it up so the food would go cold.

  • Sometimes. If we get curries sometimes I will make bread and rice at home, and order more different curries to have some variety.

    The curries last a couple of days. Fresh naan and roti done at home are usually much better than the delivered ones.

    However they do better curries than I make, and it would take me forever to make 3 different curries.

    Plus I have Vegetarians in the house, so it's easier if I'm not cooking raw meat some times and just get a curry delivered.

  • My rice cooker has 2 legs. I must be the luckiest person?

  • And Pappadums.

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