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AmEx Explorer: 150,000 MR Points (Worth $750) + $395 Back (Offsets $395 AF) + $400 Travel Credit ($3k Min. Spend in 3 Months)


Receive 150,000 Membership Rewards Points (worth $750 or more) plus $395 back with the American Express Explorer Card, only via The Champagne Mile

Additionally, get a $400 Travel Credit to spend on flights, hotels or car hire through Amex Travel each membership year.

This limited-time offer is available exclusively via The Champagne Mile for a three-week period. It’s not available via any other channel, including the public American Express website or where you use a referral link.

To receive the 150,000 Membership Rewards Points plus $395 back, you must apply through The Champagne Mile by 24 August 2021, be approved and spend $3,000 in the first 3 months from approval. New Card Members only.

Offer inclusions:

  • 150,000 Membership Rewards Points (worth $750 in Gift Cards, 75,000 frequent flyer points/miles in airline programs including KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and Velocity) or 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points
  • $395 back (effectively cancels out the first year $395 Annual Fee)
  • $400 American Express Travel Credit each membership year
  • Earn up to 2 MR Points per $1 (uncapped)
  • Shop Small offer (Earn 3 points per $1, up to 40,000 Qantas points until March 2022)
  • Complimentary Smartphone Screen Insurance and Travel Insurances
  • Complimentary 12-month Centr app subscription (valued at $119.99). Offer ends 14 February 2022
  • Two entries each year to the Amex Lounge at Sydney and Melbourne Airports (temporarily closed)
  • Exclusive Amex entertainment and lifestyle offers
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay compatible

Need to know:

  • $395 annual fee (in the first year, this is fully offset by the $395 Credit)
  • Offer exclusive to The Champagne Mile
  • Spend criteria, T&Cs apply
  • New card members only
  • Last day to apply is 24 August 2021

Click here to learn more.

Eligibility criteria

To get this offer, you must not have held a card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. However, you are still eligible for this offer if you’re an Additional Card Member on someone else’s account.
You'll also need to:
* Be able to report a $65,000 minimum annual income
* Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or long term visa holder

UPDATE 4/8: In response to queries around eligibility criteria on this and recent Explorer offer posts, American Express has shared a few additional factors that may provide readers with a better chance of being approved for this card. You may wish to consider the following factors before deciding to apply:
Hold a min. income of $80,000 pa: While the minimum reportable annual income to apply for this card is $65,000, applicants who are able to report an annual income of $80,000 or more may have a greater success being approved.
Hold a credit score of 650 or above: To apply for this card, you should hold a good credit rating. Your credit score is calculated using many factors. This includes the types and number of loan and credit accounts you hold, account opening and closures, current credit limits, and your repayment history. In Australia, it’s easy to check your credit score. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each credit reporting body every year.

Applicants who apply for the American Express Explorer card via The Champagne Mile will not be assessed any differently when compared to other channels, including applications undertaken via American Express directly or another partner.

Reminder: This offer is available exclusively through The Champagne Mile. It isn’t accessible from the public American Express website or via a referral link. We may receive a commission if you apply for this card via our link.

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    • +19

      Indeed, this offer is 10k less points (which equates to a value of $50 less if converting to gift cards/credit to pay off account). But it still includes the full $395 statement credit and it's available for a full 3 weeks, as opposed to a 3 day flash deal, so hopefully some OzBargainers will be able to benefit from it.

    • +22

      It's beaten, simply because it's not available anymore.

  • I get this error message.

    Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/explorer-credit-card/?"

    • Hi, are you receiving this error when clicking through the link in our post? I've just had a check and I'm unable to replicate it.

      • +1

        All good chrome was playing up samsung internet worked fine. Thanks. I actually signed up an application Amex yesterday but requested to stop application to take advantage of this offer. Hopefully it works.

  • Great offer, I was lucky enough to get on the flash deal but this would be a good consolation. Hmmmm does my wife need an amex 🤔

    • same boat, same thinking but in that case wifey will need to spend another $3k in 3 months to get the benefits - its too overlapping I'm afraid for us to spend $6kish in 4 months (also due to amex not being accepted in all places)

      • I had some big bills right on time, I hit my 3k in a week

  • $750 GC or 75k Krisflyer miles?

    I know Velocity/QFF if you earn your pts stay active, what about Krisflyer? I can't use them and have 500k! I'm worried they'll expire!

    • Good question! KrisFlyer do expire after three years, however KrisFlyer been proactively extending validity of miles in blocks of six months. Given the long-term border restrictions in Australia, I'd hope they continue to provide Aussies with an opportunity to use miles (time will tell). I'm in a similar boat to you, and plan to use up a stack of my KF for Air New Zealand business class in the next 12 months (Air New Zealand business reward space has been consistently quite good before the bubble was suspended), and book in some European flights at the end of this year for late 2022 or early 2023.

      • Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be able to travel anytime soon.

        6 months blocks doesn't really help, when you'll have thousands looking for flights. They should extend it, or allow points to stay active like other airlines.

        I'm set to lose alot of pts, and everyone races on about Krisflyer.

        • Have you considered Cathay Pacific Asia Miles? There used to be a 3-year expiry in place, however, miles no longer expire, provided you register some activity every 18 months (similar to QF). This can be a great way to access Qantas flights at cheaper redemption rates than Qantas Points, so there's potential for decent domestic usage as well as waiting for international. I cover this in an article on the front page of my website (guidelines preclude me from linking here). Otherwise, gift cards might be the go.

          • @The Champagne Mile: But late now, because they're sitting in Krisflyer.

            I still have Velocity, QFF pts seperately. I just don't know what to do with the Krisflyer pts.

            When/if travel opens, it'll be a very short window to organise a holiday and find flights which is next to impossible as I'm not a business traveller.

  • To get this offer, you must not have held a card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. However, you are still eligible for this offer if you’re an Additional Card Member on someone else’s account.

    Really important people read this. Unlike banks which has 12 month cooldown period, AMEX has 18 months and also if you held ANY amex card, not the card specific to the one applying.

    I have the amex essential so i don't qualify for this :(

    • There have been some offers that I would have signed up for if they didn't have this stupid condition. Their loss for not rewarding loyalty! If it's to avoid people signing up and cancelling, they could have made this about not having applied for an AMEX in the last 18 months - but nope, they went nuclear

      • Agree, this is so stupid, they would have 2x+ more sign ups if it didn't exist…

        In any case, there's limited "edge" in AMEX without travel, they really need to rejig their value proposition

  • I've had an Amex card for 10+ years, that's a good way to reward a loyal customer.

    • I really enjoy the AMEX benefits, I generally keep it! I haven't had one for 18 months tho, so I'll probably apply.

      Any other CC recommendations? I use to have the ANZ Rewards Travel card, so I don't think I can apply for Records Black til December.

      I think NAB have a card at the moment, haven't seen much else.

  • +1

    Oooooooo… my 18 month Amex waiting parole period is up on 20 Aug might give this a go on 21 Aug!
    Thx op!

    • Is there any way to confirm the 18 months wait expiry other than keep track yourself? I know I cancelled it early last year but needed to be 100% sure. As the only reason to apply is to be eligible for those bonuses.

      • Hi, you can give Amex a call and they should be able to confirm your anniversary date for you.

        • Yep exactly what I did.. call them.
          Although I did get an email when I cancelled my last card and kept that as confirmation.

        • Thank you! What is the right number to call so I don't get bounced around?

          • @wildstone: There isn't a dedicated number to check cancellation dates.
            I recall calling the regular number and going through the options.

    • Mine basically was up a month ago!

  • with 20% interest on purchases and with 400 bucks per year they are begging to churn and dump the card! Last time I tried they refuse me but the ~800gc and all the amex offers worth the risk I guess.

  • +1

    Might be time to start a support group for Loyal Amex holders, we need a place to cry haha

  • Damn, I wish this was posted yesterday. I applied for the Citibank velocity card.

  • +1

    What’s the minimum income?

    • Hold a minimum income of $80,000 per annum: While the minimum reportable annual income to apply for this card is $65,000, applicants who are able to report an annual income of $80,000 or more may have a greater success being approved.

      • Mine is over 100k with no dependents and no mortgage, but they rejected my application last time. So who knows..

        • Same here. Maybe they like those a little more careless with their spending to income ratio

          • @AH: yep and and they don't even give a reason for rejection

            • @eatcroissants: Hi, the standard minimum income to apply is $65,000 per annum. Above and beyond this, Amex have shared with us a few factors that may provide a better chance of an applicant being approved. These are in the post on our website and I've also added them into the post above.

              • @The Champagne Mile: Might be worth mentioning which bureau for the 650 credit score as they all have their own scales

                • @El-Rhi: Hi, we don't have access to that information, unfortunately, but appreciate there are multiple bureaus. I'll pass this feedback on.

  • Does anyone know if Amazon giftcards are available to redeem with the bonus points?

  • I’ve been in my new job for only 4 months. Is this too short a period to apply?

    • +1

      Should be fine - got instantly approved for it during the last promo and I was only in my new job for a little over 1 month.

      • Interesting. I previously got knocked back with ANZ rewards black for only 2 months worth of employment. Good to know

    • Thanks mate!

  • Are you excluded from this offer if you have a corporate amex charge card?

    • Damn confirmed on chat that corporate cards count and you will not be eligible if you have one.

      • This is incorrect.. I work for a big corporate and have had amex promo bonus points many of times in my own name.

        My work card issued by Amex with my work logo on it, and my name stamped in it.
        Ie - 'MR XXX XXXX' and under it, it states 'BUSINESS NAME BLAH BLAH'

        I'm not legally liable for the balance, and am just a user.

        I think you may have the card actually in your name applied by your self, not your work doing it and attaching it to their business.

  • How long is approval normally, and how long til you receive the CC?

    I got an SMS, but no email about my application. Is that normal?

    • It stated 5-10 working days to process in the browser window.

      Interestingly I didn't get a text or an email and I've since closed the browser :(

      • +1

        I didn't either, but it was processed. Give them a call to follow up as I did, and they told me they needed more paperwork.

        • What sort of paperwork? Payslips or bank statement?

  • +1

    Interesting, first it was Point Hacks, then it is Champagne Mile. Who's next? Looks like Amex is desperately needing new card members, as there are a ton of people left the system because they cannot use all those Travel Credits to go anywhere anytime soon …….

  • -1

    When I applied 2 years ago, it was instant. Now it's we need this, we need that! I can't believe it, it's easier for me to borrow a million dollar for a home loan than a credit card :|

    My latest statement shows the last 6 months, but not the last 4 weeks so it wasnt good enough. I logged on some online portal giving them data access to my recent statements and I was approved instantly.


  • What are people spending on to meet the minimum spend? I checked all my normal bills (insurance, power etc), none seem to accept Amex ;(

    • +4

      Pay with paypal through the postbillpay website - most accept Paypal (with you amex as the primary source).

      Alternatively… Simple trick is.. if you can't meet the minimum spend and fall short a little - just pay a friend (a trusted one) via paypal and get them to transfer it back to you, suck up the 2.2% fees and you won't miss out on the points. Although bare in mind 2.2% on say $1k is $22 - so its got to be worth it.

      Or.. go to coles/woolies and stock up on coles/woolies (or other) giftcards in big denominations - its not like you are never going to go grocery shopping or let it go to waste.

      • +1

        And if you get Wish gift cards you can spend them at Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths and Woolworths Caltex servos. And Wish gift cards never run out.

        Meanwhile, Coles Group & Myer gift cards can be used at Coles, Coles Express, Myer, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor. They last four years before expiring.

        Coles and Woolies both accept AmEx, and the gift cards don't have an activation fee.

    • +1

      buy some giftcards?

    • Just timing.
      Gym membership
      I smashed my wheel on a pot-hole and unfortunately they don't make my wheels anymore. That's $1,300+, but hopefully reimbursed.

      I buy wine for my brother and my mate, that helps. I haven't flipped for a very long time and unfortunately I can't apply for ANZ Rewards Black til November.

    • Sniip

    • Pay via bpay with sniip, although there is a 1.5% fee to do this

  • Are David Jones American Express cardholders eligible for the 150k bonus points?

  • anyone who got the last round of cards, did you get any offers in the offer tab? I don't have anything but keep getting a box at the top telling me "check out blah blah offer…"

    • Can confirm offers from BP and Woolworths. Nothing great..

      • got woolworths and snip already claimed, they are only for first 20k cards who gets them saved. So i save offers which im likely to claim.

        • What's Snip? I've never heard of it.

  • Was denied despite having an 'Excellent' Equifax rating and above the eligibility annual income.

    • Same here

    • There is other criteria other than income and credit bureau score that you need to meet

  • For those who have an Amex or had an Amex within 18 months… Apply.

    With the point hacks deal I got it, even though I have an existing Qantas card.

    I just changed my address.

    Live chat confirmed that the rewards have been assigned to my account.

    • Doesn't a credit check take into account your address you put on the application…?

      I'm thinking this is instant decline if it doesn't match or worse routed to a remediation team.

      Mind you which address would you be putting and then getting the card delivered to it.

      • My other house.

        • +2

          Ahh nice..

          Although I don't think most people have another house lol.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Missed the pointhacks deal but this will do :) lodged the application and asked to upload payslip n notice of assessment. Now wait for 5-10 days as the application gets assessed, fingers crossed!

    • Got the approval this morning, yay!!

  • gotta ask, with on going covid, how does one plan to even use the travel credit?

    if trip gets cancel , do they refund the credit and extend the expiry?

    the travel credit seems almost useless / pain to redeem during these times

    • +1

      6-8 weeks for a fully refundable hotel… I did read that during the covid phase they are reinstating travel credit, although NORMALLY if you cancel a fully refundable hotel, you still loose the credit.

      • thanks for the info.

        hmm gotta weight up if its worth the hassle to get this card and use the travel credit.

    • Visit my mate in Canberra
      Use for local hotels
      Sell $250-300?

      Lots of people use it for hotels etc

  • Anyone cancelled their AMEX before the first annual fee hits?

    • Do you mean before 12 months? Plenty do.

      I really enjoy Amex, loads of benefits.

      • for me getting around $1k from a deal like this every 18 months has seemed better than holding the card.

        although this time I'm considering holding this card and asking to downgrade to platinum edge when the annual fee hits after a year

        • Amex haven't given me 1k. I'm seeing the credit boost now, but basically it's been pts only and now their a waste for the moment.

          This is a good deal, but in 18 months who knows if them give the travel credit + the annual fee credit.
          Absolutely great, however they've had recent deals like 15% off at Boozebud and I know people saved hundreds during those cashback slots.

          I'm lucky I hit the 18 months just now, and in November hopefully I'll turn over the ANZ Rewards Black.

          Only because GC rewards, unsure if it's worth turning credit cards for pts anymore with the current landscape.

  • Good credit rating and double minimum income but still rejected. Op they seem very strict compared to other credit cards as only credit card to reject despite getting higher credit card rated black cards with $15000 credit limit. Makes no sense. Not sure whether to risk applying again?

    • +1

      I doubt that's the issue.

      My mate earns 55k, works part time but lives with his parents and got approved instantly. He only asked for a $3,000 limit, and he has 100k savings. I'm not sure if they asked him about that, but approved within a few hours.

      • They accepted him with an income lower than the minimum $65k?

        • +1

          Yup 100%.

          I assume it's because he lives at home.
          If you earn 65k+, but you rent or have a mortgage you'd have far more expenses than someone on 55k living at home.

  • If you link your amex card through via applepay, can a retailer then accept that payment if they don't accept amex directly?

  • Was really sad I missed the other Amex deal, but this is a very close second. Thanks OP!

    Applied and was instantly approved. I only applied for a $6k limit given I already have ~$27k limit across my other CCs, and have credit score of 852 per CreditSavvvy.

  • Got approved and the card is on the way. Is it now safe to say that I'm eligible for bonus points and annual fee reversal?

    • It goes via application date, and you're well within the timeframe.

  • Anyone know if the Westfield giftcards are the eftpos giftcards that you can use anywhere?

  • Does the credit get added to your account after you've spent 3k?> I'm going to guess you have to pay your 3k, and your $400 fee and then they give you the bonus credit?

    • +1

      Yes, that's correct. Like the bonus points, Amex states the credit will be awarded within 8-10 weeks of meeting the minimum spend, but it could occur sooner.

  • +1

    I received my card today, the package doesn't contain any information in regards to bonus pts, or bonus credit. Is that normal?

    I think in the past, normally they send more information. The terms and conditions Pamphlet is very thick, and basically 1 booklet.

    I can't remember what I got with my last explorer card. I'll hit the minimum spend and I guess chase it all up.

    • +1

      Hi, yes, that's normal. Amex introductory packs don't usually include reference to bonus offers, as they change frequently. So long as you applied via our link, are eligible and meet the min. spend, you should be fine. For extra reassurance, you can also contact Amex directly to query the sign-up offer attached to your application and they should be able to advise.

  • i got an upgrade offer, 60k points + $200 back when I spend $3000 in 3 months. Tempted to sign up but can't find the reason to spend $3,000 anywhere lol

    • book fully refundable accommodation for your fantasy post covid holiday next year, and then maybe change your mind after you get the cash and points

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